There was once an article on the old DFLA Facebook page that spoke out against the evils of rape and the silence of the Left and Right on the subject.

There was mentioned, an excellent article by Julia Downes about rape amongst the left and how it was all covered up and treated with contempt.

You can read the full article here:


I have often wondered why many people stay silent on rape, why it is dismissed so casually. Even those of us who were victims stay silent.

Do you think that the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) covered up 3 rapes for Comrade Delta? There were more, according to Linda Rogers, Edinburgh SWP, there were 9.

In fact, a brave girl, Ciara Squires from the SWP said, ‘I’ve left the SWP but in absolute tears. So absolutely gutted. Gonna drink wine till I don’t care about anything.’

What drives a young girl, full of ideal and political passion into such a state? How can such a young life be driven to such a condition? The response from those looking into the case was ‘slut who asked for it’ (How would you feel if they said that about your daughter?)

Do you know why SWP did not allow the police to get involved?

Because they did not believe in the Bourgeoisie British Justice system.

Can this truly be the case though, why do the Left cover up rape, why did Julia Downes write her article? Why do the Left stand against protestations of rape, why do the Left try to silence victims of their own bestial lusts?

Maybe the Silence should tell you everything.


Recently I watched a film called “A woman in Berlin”. It was a frightening film regards the rape and brutality by Russian soldiers toward women of Germany. Shockingly over 2 million women and 800,000 boys were victims of an all-conquering Socialist army.

I have said Socialist and will stick with it, a colleague is writing an article regards this to counter a new Nazi theory so I will not give anything away.

However, it is clear that this true story was largely ignored by those on the Left and Right.

We have the self-proclaimed historian and women’s history expert “Dr”, (excuse me whilst I laugh) Louise Raw who remained vastly silent on the subject.

She claims to be a feminist and specialist in women’s history, yet stays silent on the subject of historical rape by Socialists.

We have so-called “Historian” Michael Stuchbery, who likes to ban “Banter” and troll people at home. Michael Stuchbery is the dung beetle of historical knowledge, what greater historians digest and shit out he rolls around the vast plains of his empty brain.

Yet even he stays silent on this. The highly mobile and virulent Owen Jones, the anti-semitic yet anti-semitic lover of the left (oh I dare you, Owen, to come back on that I will show you for the hypocrite you are.) stays silent.

Jeremy Corbyn the man who spoke about our divided society today remains silent on rape. He must think rape does not divide people, only Brexit. This is the man who sang on stage when rape figures were released. The man who stopped investigations into child rape, even though it was real.

Then we have pop-eye Nick Griffin who votes Labour, who can only moan about Rape of White Girls by Muslims thus totally ignoring figures of reality.

We have the NF who remain silent on the rape of 10,000 black girls and 30,000 Asian girls.

But why has everyone remained quiet?

Is rape OK as long as the girl is not the same colour as you?

Rather horrifically we then have Rape no Hope. (Hope not Hate) who fail to mention this totally. According to them the working class only complain if the rape victim is white. (Ignore the fact British working class are white, black and Asian). They refer to incidences as “alleged rape”

They would rather push it as a political agenda than a human agenda. Nice to see they are sponsored by the Labour Party.

Hope not Hate involved in politics? ……. Hang on, ain’t Hope not Hate a charity? I thought charities are not meant to get involved in politics?

                   A MODERN SOCIETY:

We shall look at the reality of rape in a modern society in England and Wales:

Rape Crisis England & Wales headline statistics 2017-18:

Rape Crisis Centres across our network responded to over 179,000 helpline calls during the year.

Rape Crisis specialist services were accessed by 78,461 individuals – an increase of 17% from 2016-17.

Rape Crisis Centres provided in excess of 650,000 sessions of specialist support, including advocacy, emotional support and counselling – an increase of 44% since 2016-17.

Three-quarters of all adult service users contacted Rape Crisis Centres about sexual violence that took place at least 12 months earlier. 42% were adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

The largest group that contact Rape Crisis Centres, over half of service users, are those who prefer to self-refer. This pattern has remained consistent over the past seven years and continues to demonstrate the necessity for funded independent services.

93 per cent of service users were female.

Where age is known, 3,236 were aged 15 or under, an increase of 22% on last year. Those aged under 25 represented 27% of service users.

Where ethnicity is known, 23% of service users identified as Black or Minority Ethnic.

29% of all service users identified as Disabled. (Not just a “White thing” as claimed by hope not hate) FUCK YOU RAPE NOT HOPE!

The Rape Crisis England & Wales website received over 12 million hits during the year – an increase of a third on 2016-17 – and an average of 46,850 unique visitors per month, a 43% rise from the previous year.

These figures are from the Rape Crisis Web page and I would ask all who read this to make a donation to the organisation and salute the brave volunteers who operate the lines.



Figures from “Statisca”:

Reported Rapes on Women in the UK.

2010/11: 15892

2011/12: 16038

2012/13: 16374

2013/14: 20751

2014/15: 29300

2015/16: 35798

2016/17: 41150

2017/18: 53977

The fact, that since 2011 rape has increased 123%

Whilst rapes have increased conviction rapes are way behind, they have only gone up by 11%.

Rape is now one of the safest crimes to commit.

What about child rape, how has that gone? Well in 2011 there were 5878 reported cases of child rapes. In 2016 there were 11947. In 2017 according to official police figures, this was 30000. This means that one child is raped every 3 hours. (do the math).

Would Hope not Hate like to advise them and those victims above it is only alleged rape? Get to it lads and lasses, show your true colours.

According to the Office of National Statistics:

The CSEW estimated that 20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16, equivalent to an estimated 3.4 million female victims and 631,000 male victims. (compare that to 2 million German women and men raped in 1945.)

An estimated 3.1% of women (510,000) and 0.8% of men (138,000) aged 16 to 59 experienced sexual assault in the last year, according to the year ending March 2017.


So we drop back to the past.

An article written by a former female member of the SWP questions why the left not only ignores rape today but ignores it on a historical level:


In the comments section one Left-wing intellectual replies:

“I’m sure as hell not going to be ashamed of something I’ve never done. I obviously don’t have enough guilt or self-hatred to be part of the modern “left”. Fine by me.”

Yet the same person will try and make modern people feel guilty about slavery. The hypocrisy is stunning.

This is the reality you are up against when you talk about rape, when you demand something be done about it.

You see the rape-apologist Left or Right will not see the point or reality.

They ignore the reality of life, they ignore the reality of rape.

They will only say what their political masters tell them.


The socialists raped over 2 million women in Europe on 1944-45?

Left Wing: The Nazis are bad!


The Nazis destroyed entire cities and were racist?

The Jews are evil!

Are you not fed up with the lies and bollox from both sides?

What happened to a decent society where women were respected and rapists and peadophiles were hated for their acts?

What happened to law and order where right was right and wrong was wrong?

Look at the facts and figures above.

All you will see is that we have sacrificed wrong for political correctness whilst bowing to those who want to keep things silent for diversity.

The apoplectic racism from those in power is grotesque in the extreme. “Remember those who are of different skin colour cannot be accused of anything!”

Why not?

“Well they are sensitive and a different skin colour and it’s racist!”

Hang on, are they not human and capable of the same human emotions as me?


Those on left and right will justify rape without thinking of the victims.

Rape is a political subject, an abstract subject where the perpetrators are forgotten, the victims denied justice.

Is that how it should be, rape is just a political subject, victims forgotten for political point scoring?

What has become of humankind where sadness and empathy have just become political memes?

We need to get back to reality.

Left or Right, you’ve lost the plot.