During the 23/26 May 2019, it is proposed that the UK take part in the European Elections.
We have a scenario where around 750 MEPs will be voted in to represent approximately 514 million people from 28 states.

In between, we face a crisis of uncertainty and whether you voted Leave or Remain you have to acknowledge that we only have our current crop of politicians to blame.

We are not sure when or if or how we are leaving. This has a knock-on effect on our community in that people are frustrated and our anger grows and we turn on each other thus causing division. We have accurate and inaccurate reports of racism, we have stupidity in claims that some people cannot be racist (why they not human?) Our politicians willfully ignore the people, concerned for their own egos and interests.
Democracy is mocked, both Remain and Leave if honest will acknowledge the truth of this.
Contradictions in newspaper articles, massive bias from the BBC for Remain, business losing money daily because of our politician’s indecisions. European leaders seeing us as an object of derision. Their insults, like those of Tusk, may be educationally ignorant, (misquoting Dante’s Inferno!) yet still it shows how low our politicians have gone and how lower still they have dragged us in the eyes not just of Europe but the world.


In addition to this, we have the court case going on, that the Government’s extension of article 50 was illegal and as such we have already left the EU.
This then causes the whole of the MEP elections to become a farce. The result is that once again Democracy is mocked, dragged like a victim of abuse to the altar of ego that our politicians prostrate themselves so that they can sacrifice.
Do you have a suspicion we are like rats in a laboratory?


It doesn’t matter who you voted for in the elections of the past. It doesn’t matter who you want to vote for now.
You have to acknowledge one thing.
We are in the state we are in because of those in power today.
You voted for Conservatives? They make cuts. You voted for Labour? They agree and vote for the cuts in Parliament that the Tories propose. You voted Greens, Lib Dems, DUP?
They all voted with the Tories for cuts, how else do the proposals get through?
Don’t think for one moment that if your party gets in everything will be reversed and we will live in a happy paradise of your parties choice. This will not happen. Accept that as a truth. A universal truth. Things will continue as they are.


There are rumours going around that we should not vote in the upcoming MEP elections. The arguments are varied, from the simple “We are not members of the EU and should not vote” over to the more complex issues of “if you vote you are entering a contract stating that you are a citizen of the EU.”
You can believe one or the other, or you can believe both, or you can believe neither. The choice is yours.
However, I often look around Leftist pages and see what they are up to. I like to observe so I can rationalise against.
One worrying trend has emerged: They are not talking about not voting. They are talking about voting, putting Labour as our voice in Europe.


The Labour Party in the past year alone has had 863 reported cases of racism. Black groups sent an open letter to Momentum, saying they felt a level of hostility from them that they normally get from racist parties, that Momentum lacked black members, that it was a white-dominated group that ignored the needs and concerns of black groups.
We have the fact that Jeremy Corbyn appears on Iranian TV and hints at Israeli terrorism carried out by Isis. He claims Hezbollah, backed by Iran as his friends, the same Hezbollah who run a concentration camp at Madaya

We have Jeremy Corbyn who claims that Hezbollah are his friends, yet Hezbollah run a drug smuggling campaign in South America

Lebanon Is Protecting Hezbollah’s Cocaine Trade in Latin America

We have Jeremy Corbyn, Friend of Sandy Marks, a Paedophile from a group called “Fallen Angels”

Jeremy Corbyn is said to have known about paedophile groups but did nothing. Yet he demanded the investigation stop and a public apology is made for the investigations:

We then have the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is receiving praise from the KKK:

How do supporters of Corbyn react to this?


Whilst you toy with the idea of voting in the Euro Elections, have a real think.
Why are we the only ones being told not to vote?
Where did Farage come from?
Things are not adding up.
Convince us not to vote and split the remaining vote?
Ever had the feeling that you’re being had?

The Alternative to us, not voting is to allow Labour to become our voice in Europe. Your lack of voting sends the wrong signal, it will make the Remainers appear stronger. It will bring about the end of Brexit as it shows support has stopped. You will have, in the heart of Europe, a party that does not represent your views, a party that does not give a damn about you or your views.
Your inactivity will mean your approval to be silenced.
If not sorted by then a Remainer win will trigger a second referendum as the politicians put it, “The win for a pro-European party shows the people of England have reconsidered their decision to leave Europe”
They may not even run a second referendum, they will just scrap Brexit due to the popular vote for remaining.
If you say that you will not vote you are effectively allowing Labour into the centre of Europe. You are giving the most despicable man in British political history the grounds to destroy our hopes and our country.

You cannot sit back and decide not to vote. Regardless of your views, we have left, we have not, we are in we are out.
You cannot do nothing. As the saying goes, “Evil will triumph when good people do nothing”
Do you want to do nothing?
Your forefathers fought against dictators who wanted to remove your democracy.
You just want to undo all they have done?
The EU is a Nazi ideal. They want you to lose your Democratic freedom.
Do not surrender to those who want to succumb to the failing system that the EU is.
Look at the party that will become your voice if the elections go ahead. Look at the man who will be controlling them.

You really want this man to be the voice of Britain?
You want this Labour party, Nazis in waiting to become the representative body of our proud country?
David Lammy, John Macdonell, Diane Abbott, Tom Watson.
You think these people are the ones you should allow to get into Europe? Look at their insanity, look at their stupidity. You want that to represent you?

Vote, vote for anyone you want. Just make sure you vote against Labour.

“When people pay no attention to public affairs, they are destined to be ruled by evil leaders.”