A very sad and shameful week of racist incidents at football not only on social media but at the stadiums.
In Italy last week, Juventus striker Moise Kean, who is black, was subjected to racist abuse by Calgary fans but amazingly was then criticized by one of his own teammates, as well as his manager, who blamed him for provoking the taunts?

It’s clear that racism is more ingrained in society in mainland Europe when people in the game have the confidence to say such ridiculous statements in public.

Just hours before, the president of UEFA, European soccer’s governing body, had told an equality conference in London that his organization would speak with referees and encourage them “not to be afraid to act” if they heard racist abuse from the crowd, but we are all aware of the complicit nature of UEFA and FIFA in dealing with incidents across Europe and further afield with there petty fines and inaction, if strong action and direction doesn’t come from the top what hope is there for this disease to have a chance of being eradicated?

Yes, the problem is not as bad in the UK, but other recent instances we have spoken about before were highlighted again this weekend, ranging from vile racist abuse on social media and in the stadiums as was the case at Brentford’s game versus Derby and at Wigan.


Differing ideas have been spoken on how to tackle it, like just stopping the game and walking off the field of play,
But former Watford striker Danny Webber believes that could have only a limited impact and says education offers the best long-term solution.

He stated “I agree with walking off the pitch. That’s the first point, everybody making a stand and making everybody aware. But if it continues into the next week then it’s not really made much of a difference.
“I think you’ve got to get a think tank of people together – that’s from schools, nurseries, the football industry, other industries, men, women and people from every background – to try and think of a way to tackle it because it is about education. Because I don’t believe anyone is born racist.

But social media racial abuse is clearly just as damaging to a player as it is on the pitch, it’s sinister and a coward’s way of inflicting hatred on someone, a faceless platform that gives these people confidence to say what they like, although people are getting tracked down and charged for these offences the damage has already been done, is their more these platforms like Twitter can do? make it harder to open up accounts and that more personal information has to be given about yourself before being allowed to have an account?

These recent tweets have been highlighted by Wilfred Zaha who has targetted himself over the weekend.



How many people get trolled online whether racially or just plain hatred and bullying? These faceless trolls need to be stopped.

People may say it’s not an issue in UK football and these are isolated incidents that happen in everyday life, but that clearly doesn’t make it right, one incident is one too many, but we shouldn’t forget that the majority of football fans are not racist at all,

Also another issue is political groups on the far left who have now started to use these incidents to push their agendas and accuse all and sundry who have ever dared to speak out against them and have made the term racist or fascist worthless with them calling every person to the right of John McDonnell such names and just alienate good people who are willing to fight this cancer that is racism.

We have seen groups like ‘stand up to racism’ who we all know are a political pawn for the labour party, you know the party riddled with antisemitism? who have been using activists at football stadiums and campaigns to tarnish the people like us who have sussed their game out, and now we see another far-left momentum led group called Labour against racism and fascism (LARAF) handing leaflets at grounds, a group who accuse the DFLA of politicising football!!!!

Niroshan Sirisena, a recently elected Labour councillor in Croydon and a Momentum organiser, said he and others set up Labour Against Racism and Fascism weeks ago as part of an attempt to develop the party’s anti-racism policies at a constituency level. this is one of the men behind the slanderous open letters to crystal palace FC.

We all know SUTR, LARAF, Socialist Workers Party (SWP) are all the same people and as SUTR have been rumbled and exposed as liars with video evidence of them claiming Mr T Robins*n is nothing to do with the DFLA but they still hand out leaflets saying the complete opposite!


So they just start a new group up with a different name just like how the disgraced SWP morphed into SUTR!

This momentum led campaign in Croydon is the same as the recent one in Newham attacking the good people of Westham DFLA, its totally disgusting behaviour from these political bullies who sacrifice the anti-racist cause for a political foothold.

These people are the same people who blame brexit for the rise in incidents, which yet again is a ridiculous statement and another political tool that has hijacked the fight against racism,

Get your politics out of the fight against racism stop playing identity politics and dividing our societies and then we might see a stronger collective group working together and curtailing this apparent rise before it gets any worse.