There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind right now that things are not looking good for Alex Salmond. Having been charged with two accounts of rape and at least 10 accounts of sexual assault we can be in no doubt that despite his 2.2 million fortune and pension of £8000.00 per month, you would not want to be him right now.


One thing has always baffled me and that is, according to the left, sometimes it is OK to be racist.
If we take BREXIT, for example, England wants to be independent of the EU, to make our own laws and have control of our borders.
This is racist.
The SNP wants Scotland to be independent of England, to make their own laws and have control of their own borders.
This is NOT racist.

I really do not understand this.

It is like the time I heard a black guy say to an Iranian, “You should fuck off back to where you come from!”

Now if I had said that I would be deemed racist. Yet according to Operation Black Vote, “It is clear in political perspective that Black People cannot be racist in Britain”
Remarks like that are comforting for me as it confirms my belief that Black or White, idiots are available in all colours.


We are in an environment today where the term “Nazi” or “Fascist” is used by the left against anyone or anything. Often the ones who are accusing others of being Nazis or fascists are the ones with the most to hide.

So is it racist to be a nationalist?
If you want independence from the EU then yes, you are racist.

If you want independence from England, no, you are not racist.

I have found as always, that this is a smokescreen.


Does the name Arthur Donaldson mean anything to you?

Does the name Vidkun Quisling mean anything to you?

Well, they should.

In WW2 Oswald Mosley was touted as the man to lead England should the Nazis have succeeded in an invasion of England. Hitler had stated that he would put Mosely in charge.

This model was already in place in Norway. One Vidkun Quisling was in put in charge of the “Nasjonal Samling” (National Union). Party. Hitler had placed him in power, a puppet government so to speak.

This is where Arthur Donaldson came in. Arthur Donaldson was a Member of the Scottish National Party and would have followed Moseley and Quisling had the Germans invaded England. He would have been the puppet government for Hitler. Indeed another SNP member Andrew Dewar Gibb would often quote Hitler in his speeches, and whilst Donaldson had photos taken with members of the Hitler youth Gibb would clearly state, “I don’t care who wins, but people know of our distinct Fascist leanings”

Dr Catriona Macdonald, of Glasgow University, said: “Gibb was clearly sympathetic to Nazism as a bulwark against communism (or at least as the lesser of two evils), and shared its anti-Semitic anxieties, even if he did not support its approach to dealing with them.”
Discussing the war against Hitler’s Germany, Young once wrote: “The SNP must not be thirled to democracy in case democracy should be the wrong camp.”
So according to the SNP, the war against Hitler may have been wrong?


The SNP are in good company. Just like the SUTR Group, can boast a bonafide woman beater, step forward Steve Hedley, so can the SNP. Bill Walker, the SNP member for wife-beater Central. He was sent to prison in 2013. In, Billy makes Steve look amateurish he beat 3 of his past wives and his stepdaughter. BILLY denied 23 charges of assault and one breach of the peace but was found guilty of all charges at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, the judge advising him that he was in extreme denial.
However, just as Rapist Martin Smith was defended by Weyman Bennet,

Billy boy was defended by Douglas Chapman who explained wife-beating being a criminal offence as being understandable, “They had different codes then” he adds helpfully.

Following the recent revelations we can see that in rape and wife-beating SNP, SUTR and SWP share similar hobbies.

Last year in March there was an anti-racist march in Scotland, SNP teamed up with SUTR against racism.
Scottish Friends of Israel were forcibly refused to allow to join the march.

So now we have SUTR and SNP saying who can be against racism, who cannot be against racism.
To the website “Workers Liberty” The reason for this could not be more clear:

“For absolute anti-Zionism, Zionism is not just another nationalism. On the contrary, it is a monolithic and uniquely evil ideology, pro-imperialist by nature, inherently racist (if not outright fascist), and necessarily genocidal.”

This statement flies in the face of rational thought, fact and reality. It is also in its very essence, racist.

Saudi Arabia, for example, was set up for a homeland for Muslims. So was Jordan, and Iraq, and Iran amongst others. All countries persecute Christians, homosexuals and political opponents.

You cannot become a citizen of these countries if you are not a Muslim.
Currently, two things you absolutely have to fulfil in order to be a Saudi citizen for example are:
You must be a Muslim, or willing to convert to Islam.
You must not hold the citizenship of any other country, or must be willing to relinquish that citizenship.

You or I cannot claim asylum or refugee status there.


In Gaza Friar, Jorge Hernandez states, “When one looks for work here, the first thing they ask is if you are a Muslim. If you are, then they ask if you support Hamas or Fatah. If neither, they ask which mosque you go to because they want to know who you’re loyal to. But if you’re a Christian, you won’t get asked those questions because you won’t get the job. No store or school or bank will give them a job, so they come to the church asking for help.”

Many Arabs in Israel can and do work for Jewish companies. Israelis work in Arab companies.
They use the same busses, they use the same pubs, clubs, beaches, cinemas, restaurants etc…..

If there is any apartheid in Israel it is from the Quran that states:

O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide people who are unjust. (Quran 5:51)

However, the Muslims are allowed to show kindness to you if you let them have what they want:

“As for such [of the unbelievers] as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verily, God loves those who act equitably. (Quran 60:8)”

Now I can show kindness to anyone who shows kindness to me.

However, SUTR, SNP, SWP, and Labour all set the boundaries for racism and what it is.

It is not racist to say that Jews and Zionists are evil.
But you cannot criticise Islam, that makes you racist.
You cannot demand independence from the EU.
That is racist.
But Scotland can demand independence from England. That is not racist.

You can have members who supported Hitler in WW2, who claim fighting against Hitler was wrong that is OK.
But Jews fighting for a homeland is evil and racist.

It’s amazing where the real fascists are and how they hide. They distract the world accusing you of being the Nazis, of being Fascist. Yet it is they who are the Nazis and the fascists.

Time after Time the media team of the DFLA have put up articles of factual evidence against those who slander us, and each time it has been backed with factual evidence and historical truth.

The message is simple, you want fact, the DFLA provide it. You want lies and falsehoods, read what the left have to say.