What the hell is the difference between the Right wing and Left wing?


The fundamental differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies centre around the rights of individuals vs. the power of the government. Left-wing beliefs are liberal in that they believe society is best served with an expanded role for the government. People on the Right believe that the best outcome for society is achieved when individual rights and civil liberties are paramount and the role — and especially the power — of the government is minimized.


Apart from the fact that it is opposed to the Left wing, what is so bad about the Right wing? It would appear to this author that we are all being fed lies by the media in order to push us toward a socialist state.


As has been discussed before and conclusively proved, Socialism is a Left-wing ideal.
Socialism comes from Marx, who stole the ideas from French revolutionary groups. He explained that Socialism is motivated by class identity. A devotee of his, and also a socialist Giovanni Gentile said that Marx was wrong it was motivated by National Identity, not class identity.
Hence the term “National Socialism” or Fascism.
Gentile said that National Socialism was the only true Democratic and Workable form of Socialism.
According to Gentile, there were two forms of democracy. The first was the American style Government that was caught up in individual rights and liberty. Gentile said such a society could not function properly as it was too selfish. The other form of Government was National Socialism.
In a Socialist State, everything is decided by the government. They say what education is taught, what is produced etc… As such everything is political, the people are political. The State is all.
This works well for people who like to be told what to do, how to do it etc….. You do not have to think so much.
In this, the Socialist state is very much like Islam.
In Islam everything belongs to Allah, nothing exists outside Allah, to go against Allah is to go against the Islamic State etc….
The two are exactly the same except in Socialism it is the state, in Islam it is Allah.


This stems from the days of the French Revolution. It was based on where you sat in relation to the King of France.
Those who were traditionalists and more sympathetic to the Royal cause sat on the right, they were called the Girondists.

The Girondists resisted the French Revolution but also had the idea of military expansion. They were not a political party per se but rather a collection of individuals that loosely supported the Royal Family (to an extent).

Those who sat on the Left were more radical and wanted an end to the royalty and to encourage revolution. They were called the Montagnards.
So as we can see, those on the right were more traditionalist and those on the Left were all for revolution and change.


Looking at the above we can see that in all reality that racism is not a product of the Right. For thousands of years, there has been movement of people, from one country to another, there have been black people for instance in England for thousands of years. Trade meant that people would always meet people of different skin colours. For example, Tin from Cornwall was traded around the Mediterranean as early as 2000 BC. Part of the Mediterranean coast is north Africa. The Romans had black legionnaires and they would have mixed freely with Europeans. In fact, the Jorvik museum in York has remains of black Vikings who lived in England. So really races and people were mixing all the time. In the 1700’s England had black poets, playwrights, and Shakespearean actors. There was very little mention of Racism although it had been there but not in today’s complex interpretation and manipulation.


According to the Encyclopedia Britannica “Since the late 20th century the notion of biological race has been recognized as a cultural invention, entirely without scientific basis.”
So although we are aware it is a cultural invention we need to look back and see where racism stems from.
There is scientific thought Racism has always existed.
It states that from man’s earliest time that clans or tribes would hate outsiders as a threat to their life and would drive them away in order to preserve their wealth.
Now this in itself is not racism in my mind. Lions defend their territory from other lions, apes from apes, wild dogs from wild dogs, ants from ants. So we can see that in all situations science may be wrong in claims of racism. They are all the same race, same species.
We also need to look at the fact that before the arrival of Europeans, North American Plains Indians regularly attacked and killed each other. They hated each other with passion and although the same colour and race would attempt to drive each away it cannot be considered racist. Nor can various European tribes, African tribes etc…… The same system existed in Africa, Asia and Europe.
Even slavery itself cannot be considered racist in the true sense. There were slaves in all races, religions and all colours. Black slaves were sold into slavery in Africa by black and Muslim Slavers. White people were sent abroad by white people to be slaves.
So can slavery be considered racist?
I understand that many looking at this page will be screaming “Yes you Moron!”
But when looked at it becomes apparent that it is not racist in the strictest sense. People may have believed they owned slaves because of their racial superiority, but those buying slaves were doing business deals with those of different races. Sometimes their own. But was racism a factor?
Before black slaves in Europe, there had been white slaves.
You cannot have the rule that white slavery is not racist, black slavery is.
So racism is a cultural invention.


When everything is considered it must be acknowledged that the first real “Racist” Government in Europe was the NSDAP. Or the National Socialist German Workers Party.
As proven, they were Left-wing and operated according to Left-wing principals.

The ideas of superiority of one race over another found favour with Hitler and his cronies, despite the fact that Jesse Owens proved Hitler wrong not once, but 4 times shows that superiority of one race over another is nothing more than a cultural belief rather than a reality.

If we consider that Socialism in all forms is an economic-political system, it does not necessarily mean that it is racist. Therefore it must follow that Right Wing is not necessarily racist either.
So Racism is a social construct that has been invented to motivate and divide.

It was really a combination of factors that created the concept of racism as we know it today and these all began in the mid 18th century.


To really understand racism and its insidious nature we need to understand that it has more than one source that creates the Gordion Knot that is racism.

In the mid 18th century it was a time of great change throughout Europe. Darwin and his theory of evolution was strongly coming to the fore. Socialism was being touted as the next best thing, Dialectic Materialism of Hegelian persuasion was the undercurrent driving all in its path as philosophers struggled with the new wave of thinking.
What was the new thought?

Darwin had argued that life did not need a creator. That it had all begun quite naturally and that we had all come from the Ape family.
This sent shock waves around Europe. We now had rational thought in the sense, free from religion. We were no longer bound by divine judgement etc… We were our own masters.
Of course, with Darwin came the idea of natural selection. It did not take long for the idea of natural selection to jump from animals to humans.
Although it has to be pointed out that Social Darwinism has very little to do with the theory of evolution, it still borrowed many concepts and applied them to human nature. It was easy to see how this could be the case:
Some humans survived longer or were more powerful because their race made them more superior, it was, after all, natural selection. It was argued with many peoples around the world that they had ceased to exist because of their weakness. The Aztecs, The Mayans etc…. It was argued the same with the North Americans plains Indians. What was happening in America was simply the Superior White Man taking land from inferior Natives. Rather bizarrely it became readily accepted that being white was a divine right and there was a mass of Christian Missionaries now heading out all over to educate the “inferior” races. (This shows how bleeding between ideologies can take place).
So the idea that Europeans were superior and could take from other people as they wished really came into being. (Land grabs had of course taken place before this, Evolution provided a new pretext as opposed to imperialism).
We then had the concept of Eugenics. This was first used by Sir Francis Galston, who was of the opinion that humans could be made better by selective breeding, not allowing those to breed who were off inferior stock etc.


Both Marx and Darwin exchanged letters. Marx came to see Socialism as the height of evolutionary political thought. That it was to be sought after by any means, that survival of the fittest was by violence, therefore socialism could only be arrived at by violence (Revolution). Marx also concluded that as religion was an outmoded form of control it followed that mankind would only be free if it emancipated itself from the Jews. (Jesus was a jew). (Hitler called this the final solution and tried to kill all the Jews to make man free). Lenin later came to say that “Religion was the opiate of the people”.
It became more and more pronounced that race was thought to be the deciding factor in everything and that selective breeding would create a superior race.
This Culminated in the empire of the 3rd Reich and the insane desires of the National Socialist party under Adolf Hitler.
Hitler took his ideas not just from political reasoning but also Social Darwinism, Dialectic Materialism, Eugenics, amongst others.
Thus racism became a cultural concept tinged with pseudoscience and people knowing how to exploit a situation or theory to suit their own needs.

However, you can never remove the right of a human being to be an arsehole and such we have people who still believe that one race is superior to another, that the colour of your skin denotes how good you are at something. Such people think from their mighty depth of reckoning rather than their shallow pool of knowledge.


What really divides us is not skin colour or countries. What really divides us is the way we think.
For a while now the way we think has been cleverly manipulated in order to suit current political needs.

Racism is used in great detail here: it tries to manipulate how you think and feel.
The way this is done lately is with immigration.
What we are not told is that immigration is only one face of a complex system. We have immigration, we have asylum seekers, we have refugees, we have stateless persons.
So although politicians only speak of immigration, this does not cover the other 3 categories.

Whilst it must be stated that whilst immigration is part of a healthy and tolerant society we cannot have unlimited immigration, we do need borders we do need control.
This can be argued logically with mathematics and proven beyond doubt. That is not racism.
If a bus has a capacity for 52 people regardless of race, colour or religion, you will not get 55 on, at least, not without making the prescribed number uncomfortable.
That is mathematics, not racial.
We had 128,000 homeless children at Christmas, a shortfall of around 78,461 Council homes being built.
I know Labour will claim that they will build more houses etc. This will not keep pace with unlimited immigration, it is not possible.
However, they will use emotion to make you think otherwise.
In this, “Racism” is a fantastic weapon to beat you into submission with.
No one wants to be accused of something they are not: racist, bigot, Fascist, Nazi…
They will say you are a fool, an idiot etc..
Manipulation of emotions to make you think as you do.


Money is not in infinite supply, even if you borrow it, you still have to give it back.

So let me say I have £10:00.
If one person asks for help I can give them £10:00.
If two people £5:00. If 4 2:50 if 5 £2:00. As you will see, it gets smaller and smaller the amount that come looking for help.

It will get to the point that if I have 1000 people I will only be able to give them 1p each. This causes dissatisfied people, anger, violence and social unrest.

This is not just, nor is it sustainable.


The reality of life is that we do not have infinite resources, we do not have unlimited space.
It is ironic that the recent extinction protests will not acknowledge that we live in one of the most wildlife depleted countries in Europe. We have approximately 66 million people in the UK right now and the office of national statistics say that we will have 73 million by 2041. We have a current shortfall of 78,461 houses, what will it be with 7 million more people?
Further to this the GFN (Global Footprint Network claim that England uses three times more renewable resources than the land can provide currently.

To see how critical the situation is, look here:


It soon becomes apparent that we are all being fooled.
In reality, racism is a cultural concept, a false belief that one race is superior to another. We know that it is not real.
Yet we have people who believe they are racially superior.
We have people who wrongly believe that other people really are racists when all they are doing is believing a lie.

Racism is a synergy that divides people. The whole situation is going out of control.
People who believe in a lie.
Those who believe in those who believe in the lie.
Those who perpetuate the lie, those who manipulate the lie, those who have a self-serving interest in using the lie. Race pimps.

If we conclude as logical human beings that there is no lower form of human life.
If we conclude, as logical human beings that none of us chooses to be born in a country or choose the colour of our skin.
If we conclude that all that really divides us is the way we think.
If we conclude that our wealth and our natural resources are not infinite.

Maybe then we can understand life a bit better.

Stop believing the dividing lie.