Do not rejoice in his defeat you men
For though the world stood up and stopped the bastard
The bitch that bore him is in heat again.
Berthold Brecht.

Alex Braithwaite,

you may not know the name, but let me tell you about this ill-informed racist and her group of followers who want to restage Kristallnacht.


The night of broken glass took place on the 9th of November in 1938. This was the German response to the assassination of the German Embassy Clerk in Paris, Ernst Eduard Von Rath by the German-born Jew Herschel Grynszpan.
The reason Herschel shot Von Rath was because on the 27th October 1938 the Germans began to round up Jews of Polish descent and force them back to Poland. In the trial of Adolf Eichmann Sendel Grynszpan explained, “Then they took us in police trucks, in prisoners’ lorries, about 20 men in each truck, and they took us to the railway station. The streets were full of people shouting: “Juden Raus! Raus nach Palästina!” (“Out with the Jews! Off to Palestine!”).
They were transported to the border where they were forced to March 2 miles to the Polish border town of Zbąszyń or Bentschen, in German.
The Polish Authorities refused to accept those they considered German, the Germans refused to take those they considered Polish Jews. There then followed a state of Limbo for these Jews who were forced to stay in no man’s land. A Red Cross nurse who was caring for them wrote: “I found thousands crowded together in pigsties. The old, the sick and children herded together in the most inhumane conditions.” People tried to escape and she explained, “that some actually tried to escape back to Germany and were shot”.
With his family so cruelly treated and in sheer desperation Herschel Grynszpan shot Von Rath.
There then followed Kristallnacht, Jewish schools, shops, houses and synagogues were looted and destroyed. More than 90 Jews were killed and 260 synagogues burnt down. Around 30,000 Jews were detained and sent to concentration camps. Modern historians put the death toll higher, in the hundreds though the full figures will never be known.


Alex Braithwaite, Labour Council candidate for Brighton tweeted that the recent anti-semitism rows were nothing more than an Israeli led smear campaign against Corbyn.

The stupidity of her thinking in all its glory was exposed as she herself tweeted that the Rothschilds were Satanic Jews. She also tweeted that “Israel is giving African migrants 90 days to leave the country so they don’t affect the Israeli bloodline. They must leave or they will be jailed or murdered.”
As if her dereliction of intelligence and arrogant racism could be excused she said, “I don’t agree with it, I tweeted it and it’s up for people to make up their own minds, I’m not advocating anything to anyone.”
She added “It feels as if I am under attack unjustly”
As if to justify herself she stated, “I’m a black person so I also face abuse.”
Have her parents never taught her two wrongs don’t make a right?
Incidentally one has to wonder what kind of Monsters Labour are looking for in Brighton as another Labour Councillor tweeted that he loved gang rape. Daniel Gray apologised for his sexist tweets.
In response to her Blatant racism, she was kicked out from the party.


Enter into the arena, Amanda Bishop.

Amanda felt that racism was perfectly alright as believing herself to be the modern day Joan of Arc she snarled, “This was the flimsiest reason for suspension I’ve ever seen… I’m so angry and upset.”

She went on to say “we need to march about this to the synagogue in Hove, all of us members in Brighton… why are we continuing to accept this bullshit? Why aren’t we defending ourselves?”

This sounds sneakily like pitchforks and torches being handed out to a mob to storm the castle of Dr Frankenstein.
She was joined by Jon Rogers, chairman of the Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party, who said, “I have written today, on behalf of the LCF (Local Campaign Forum), to ask that the suspension is lifted immediately. The LCF approved Alex as a candidate and I remain convinced that this was an excellent decision.”
So Jon Rogers himself seems to think that Racism is perfectly acceptable for Labour MP’s and approving racists is an excellent decision. Banning racists is not a good decision according to Jon.
Marching to the synagogue is just the exact thing the Nazis did on Kristallnacht. Amanda’s call for all Labour supporters in Brighton to join her in this pogrom is very reminiscent of 1938.
Why she would want to March to the Synagogue is not really clear, an act of revenge, an incitement to violence perhaps?

Imagine if UKIP or DFLA had called for a march to the synagogue. The press would be all over it instantly and no doubt those who called for it would be arrested with 6 am raids.


We will address the lies raised by Ms Braithwaite in this section.

Lie number 1: “Anti-semitism rows within the Labour Party are nothing more than an Israeli led smear campaign against Corbyn.”

The Truth: apart from Naz Shah who said that all Jews should be deported from Israel, there have been 863 accounts of racism in the past year alone within the Labour Party. This is a hefty amount of cases and include things such as members posting comments of “Heil Hitler”, “Jews are the problem”, “Fuck The Jews” and “Hitler should have gassed more” a member stating two Jewish MPs should be disciplined for being “shit-stirring cum buckets in the pay of Israel”
On page 12 of her report into antisemitism in the Labour Party Rita Chakrabarti explained, “Zionist is often used synonymously for Jew”.
Margaret Hodge said, “The scale of the abuse, the depth of the hatred and the total lack of action by the Labour Party is astonishing” (Sounds like the Nazi Party eh?)
The Sunday Times reported:
“Of 863 complaints overall, 454 (53%) are unresolved, including 249 where the party has not started an investigation. There are 176 ongoing probes. Just 29 cases have been referred to the body authorised to expel individuals. Of 409 cases where a decision was reached, 191 members faced no further action and 145 received a formal warning — which has no impact on membership or ability to stand as a party candidate. Fewer than 30 were expelled; the rest left the party of their own accord.
Of those 30 expelled many have been taken back.”

So in all reality, the Israelis need do nothing. Labour are managing to be racist enough on their own.

Lie Number 2: The Rothschilds are Satanic Jews controlling the worlds banks.

The Truth: Firstly it has to be said that the Rothschilds do not control the worlds banks. An example of this is that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the biggest of the Fed’s 12 banks) has nothing to do with the Rothschilds, nor do those banks which are members the Fed itself.
The original and most powerful Rothschild conspiracy theory was the subject of a film made in 1940 by Joseph Goebbels called “Die Rothschilds Aktien auf Waterloo” it was based on a pamphlet written under the name “Satan” in 1846. It looks at Nathan Rothschild, the man who opened the London branch of the bank and son of the originator of the bank, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
The lie stated that Nathan ran from the battlefield in 1815 to import the news to his father that great profits had been made in the battle of Waterloo.
Other accounts had him running from the battlefield of the Somme (Dead by then) or that he was in London and telephoned his father in Israel, (In 1815?) or that he told his father in London or Belgium or France. Each theory more bizarre than the last. We can see that the pamphlet was allegedly written by Satan and so Ms Braithwaite calls the Rothschilds Satanic Jews, not for one minute aware of her stupidity. To top it all off Professors in history from Harvard University, Cambridge, Oxford and even Nazi researchers have been unable to find any article in any paper at any time in History where the pamphlet claims to get its information from. Brian Cathcart, professor of journalism at Kingston University and author of “News From Waterloo: The Race To Tell Britain of Wellington’s Victory” explained, “The market was not sufficiently buoyant to have allowed him [Nathan Rothschild] to make gains on anywhere near the scale alleged, nor did he do as well as rival investors who had previously purchased huge numbers of government securities, rivals who were not Jewish”
We also have the absurd claim that they took over the bank of England in 1825. The Rothschilds loaned money to the Bank of England and that debt was repaid. There was no takeover.
Again we have Nathan being quoted as saying, “The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply” This quote was actually made in 1939 by Senate Committee member on Banking and Currency, Robert L Owen.
I think for me the most offensive theory is that they funded the Holocaust. The only truth in this bastard of a lie is that the Nazis seized the Austrian Rothschilds’ assets, effectively holding the head of the family, Baron Louis, a prisoner for several months and stole his money.
Another stupid claim about the Rothschilds was by Washington DC Councillor Trayon White Sr.:
“It just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation, that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.”
As if there has never been Snow in February before.
It’s Winter!
The best part is yet to come:
The Rothschilds have produced hundreds of descendants and there is no longer any centralized family wealth, nor does the family have the clout it did in the 18th and 19th centuries. With no monolithic house, the Rothschild name has connections to a number of independent business ventures and have investments in mining, energy, farming, real estate and winemaking. It has also largely married out and the Jewish line is now a minority.
As the Financial Times once put it, “The family empire is divided among a web of descendants and a few external shareholders. The ownership structure is opaque, which makes it hard to estimate the family wealth, although it is one of the richest in the world.”

Lie 3: “Israel is giving African migrants 90 days to leave the country so they don’t affect the Israeli bloodline.”

The Truth:
Israel has a sizeable portion of Ethiopian Jews who they consider highly skilled and intelligent. Yosef Haldane, chief Rabbi, Sharon Shalom, Lecturer in Jewish Tradition and Rabbi are black.
Adisu Massala Israeli politician, Shlomo Molla Israeli politician, Shimon Solomon, Israeli politician are black.
Israel is tipped as a country to have a black prime minister before England.
There are also 4 major posts in the IDF held by Ethiopian Jews and over 19 cultural figures.
For a group of only 200,000, the Ethiopians are reaching above and beyond, proving to be a very real asset to Israeli society. This, of course, flies into the face of claims of apartheid and racism that Ms Braithwaite and her cohorts claim. It also hits her square between the eyes that Israel has black Jews. So what was that about the bloodline, Ms Braithwaite?
What Israel has done is advise illegal immigrants that they are going to removed from the country and if they do not leave or hand themselves in they will be arrested. There will not be murders as the spitefully lying Ms Braithwaite claims.
Ironically Alex Braithwaite said she gets abuse because she is black yet here she is agreeing to the forced deportation of Black people, as Naz Shah suggested, who are hugely successful and contributing massively to Israel. She must agree as she has not spoken out against Naz Shah.
How loving of lies and unfounded rumours must you be in order to be in the Labour Party?
Labour say they are fighting antisemitism all the way, yet call for mobs to march on the local synagogue.
This is the Labour Party, who say on their Labour net web page, “The suspensions and witch hunt in the Labour Party have nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism”
This, of course, had nothing to do with Labour Councillor Aysegul Gurbuz, who said, “Hitler was the greatest man ever” and called him “My man” she also tweeted she hoped “Iran would build a nuclear weapon and wipe it [Israel] off the map” she also claimed:
“Ed Miliband is Jewish. He will never become prime minister of Britain” (Wait, if the Jews were conquering the world there would be Jewish prime ministers all over the place).
So even the Labour Party are lying to themselves.
Not convinced?


(Taken from Spectator Magazine)

1. Corbyn came to the defence of Sheikh Raed Salah, who revived the medieval anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’ slur that Jews cook with children’s blood. Salah was arrested by British police in 2011 when he was due to speak at an event in the House of Commons – alongside Corbyn. In 2012 Corbyn called Salah ‘a very honoured citizen’.

2. Labour Students at Oxford University Labour Club mocked the Jewish victims of the Paris kosher supermarket attack, called Auschwitz a ‘cash cow’, and used the Neo-Nazi slur ‘Zio’, according to extensive testimony from Jewish students. After months of obfuscation, including an NEC decision to not publish a party report that concluded there had been ‘some incidents’ of anti-Semitic behaviour, Labour’s NEC decided not to discipline the key perpetrators.

3. A Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, was sent a 1,000-word death threat from a Corbyn-supporter calling her a ‘Yid Cun’’. The threat followed Smeeth’s decision to walk out of a meeting outlining Labour’s response to anti-semitism because she was accused of working ‘hand in hand with the right-wing media to attack Jeremy’. Smeeth then received 20,000 abusive messages and has since questioned whether Labour is still ‘a safe space for British Jews’.

4. A Labour council candidate in Peterborough, Alan Bull, shared anti-Semitic material online which claimed that the Holocaust was a ‘hoax’. The Labour party was made aware of the posts in 2017 but only suspended the candidate when contacted by the Jewish Chronicle in March 2018. Bull says he has never denied the Holocaust and re-posted the article in question to find out what his friends thought of it.

5. Jeremy Corbyn was an active member of an ‘anti-Semitic’ Facebook group, ‘Palestine Live’. The group included Holocaust denial, 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic slurs. He said he did not see the offensive posts and left in 2015.

6. A former Labour parliamentary candidate in Witham, John Clarke, shared a Neo-Nazi meme saying the Rothschild family has used money lending and Israel to ‘take over the world’. He said the meme ‘contained a great deal of truth’ and was later suspended.

7. Jeremy Corbyn had a ten-year association with a group which denied the Holocaust. Mr Corbyn was a ‘stalwart’ supporter of Deir Yassin Remembered, attending events in 2013, with the group’s founder, Paul Eisen, a self-professed Holocaust denier.

8. Jackie Walker, formerly vice-chair of Momentum, said Jews were the ‘chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade’, criticised security for Jewish schools, and said Holocaust Memorial Day was not ‘inclusive’ enough. After the comments were made and widely condemned, Corbyn shared a platform and campaigned alongside Walker.

9. Jeremy Corbyn hosted an Islamic cleric in Parliament in 2009, who in 2006 wrote that ‘Europe has made political correctness, the cult of the Holocaust and Jew-worshipping its alternative religion’.

10. Nasreen Khan, a Labour council candidate subsequently barred from standing, asked: ‘What have the Jews done good in this world?’. She said schools were ‘brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler’ and said ‘Jews have reaped the rewards of playing victims’.

11. A Labour councillor in Birmingham, Zafar Iqbal, shared a David Duke video on Facebook entitled ‘CNN Goldman Sachs and the Zio Matrix’. The Labour party accepted Mr Iqbal’s apology and claim that he had have no recollection of sharing this video’ – no disciplinary proceedings were enacted.

12. Two Jewish Labour councillors in Haringey resigned, saying it is impossible to be a Jewish Labour councillor due to overwhelming anti-Semitic abuse. Joe Goldberg and Natan Doron reported that ‘many members have repeated to me assertions about Jews having big noses, controlling the media and being wealthy’, and that a fellow councillor accused Goldberg of ‘bagel-barrel politics’. On his resignation, a Haringey Momentum activist tweeted to Goldberg: ‘At least [you] will have more time to count your money.’ Mr Goldberg said complaints he made to party officials were dismissed.

13. Andrew Slack, a councillor in Chesterfield, was suspended after sharing an anti-Semitic meme of a blood-smeared, hook-nosed Israeli soldier. The meme said ‘Israel was created by the Rothschilds’.

14. Bethany Barker, a student activist who introduced Jeremy Corbyn at a 2017 local elections campaign event, described a Kippah as a ‘Jew cap’ and said Anders Breivik, the Norwegian far-right terrorist, should ‘get forced to live in a synagogue’.

15. Pam Bromley, a Labour Councillor in Lancashire, posted links to an antisemitic article entitled ‘World War 3: Trump Begins Paying His Homage to Rothschilds,’ commenting ‘we must remember that Rothschilds are a powerful financial family (like the Medicis) and represent capitalism and big business’. Bromley is still a Labour councillor and no disciplinary action has been taken.

16. Ken Livingstone reportedly said a Jewish journalist was ‘just like a concentration camp guard’, that Jews vote Tory because they are rich and that Hitler supported Zionism. Despite his attempt to draw a parallel between those who fought for Jewish freedom and those who perpetrated a Jewish genocide, Livingstone was only given a temporary suspension from a party disciplinary panel – a decision Corbyn supported, despite 100 Labour MPs calling for Livingstone’s expulsion.

17. Terence Flanagan, a member of Hampstead and Kilburn CLP, compared a Jewish councillor to Josef Goebbels and, when calling for his expulsion, referred to former Labour donor Michael Foster allegedly as ‘the Jewish millionaire’. Flanagan was suspended but then readmitted to the party after formal written warning.

18. Tim Lezard was offered a job to work at Labour’s Southside HQ, despite tweeting ‘I’m thinking of setting up another new campaign group. Either Conservative Friends of Nazis, or Nazi Friends of Israel.’ When his tweets were revealed the job offer was rescinded.

19. Labour Party member and Momentum Teesside activist Bob Campbell has shared an image of a rat marked with a Star of David and claimed Israel controls ISIS. Campbell denied to the press that he had been suspended by the party.

20. Mike Sivier, the author of the far-left Vox Political blog, has claimed there is a ‘conspiracy’ between Jews and those who defend them in the UK, saying: ‘We are being told that agents of a foreign country have infiltrated our institutions’. He was due to stand as a Labour candidate in council elections in 2017 but was suspended before the ballot took place.