A minority religious group in Waltham Forest says it is suffering discrimination and has accused the council and local Labour MP Ms Creasy of not doing enough to help.

Ahmadi-Muslims say they have been excluded from representation on Waltham Forest Faith Communities Forum.

If you’ve not heard of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect you would have probably seen them out around remembrance day selling poppies and their sense of community, respect and loyalty to the UK put the behaviour of many who follow either of the two main strands of Islam to shame.

we can’t recall any examples of extremists, hate preachers or terrorists coming from the Ahmadiyya community,

A former counter-extremism co-ordinator at Waltham Forest Council has spoken out to support the claims, Charlotte Littlewood, who believed her role was to stop the council involving itself with groups that went against its values, says she raised concerns with her former employers at the council about the conduct of the forum.

She was later dismissed from her counter-extremism role after facing a disciplinary hearing on allegations that she had breached her obligations of confidentiality.

All four of the dominant Muslim membership of the forum vetoed the appointment, while other faith representatives voted in favour or abstained.

Following her dismissal from the council, Charlotte Littlewood has accused the authority of “colluding in sectarianism” for its failure to act on the Ahmadiyya community’s concerns – a criticism the council has denied and labelled “inaccurate and misleading”.

Ahmadi, Mr Khan said: “We are discriminated against around the world. It was really disappointing and very shocking to feel discriminated against in that environment, with people from so many faiths and backgrounds, and even some people who know what it feels like to be discriminated against.”He added: “Slowly this kind of hatred is coming to the UK. Our elders came here to have a better life and to be able to live with the religious freedom we were promised. He says attitudes from Pakistan and India have come to the UK and that the most extreme version of this thinking led to the religiously-motivated murder of shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow in 2016.

“But now, I’m seeing how people are being influenced to persecute us, even here in East London.

There you have it. “Islamophobia” practised by Muslims.

We think this is a clear case of Labour MP Ms Creasy and other labour councillors ignoring the issue as to not upset Sunni Muslims who are her guaranteed voter base in her constituency.

Will “stand up to racism” act on this as it’s clear persecution of a certain group and you could even go as far to accuse the four dominant Muslim leaders who voted against the Ahmadi-Muslims of being Islamaphobic.