The grieving relatives of victims from the London Bridge terror attack have not received a penny in legal aid in their quest for justice.

The inquest into the eight who were killed starts tomorrow, 06/05/19 and is expected to expose serious failings by the security services.

The families had their claim rejected because their terrorism experts were not on an approved legal-aid list. So the families are currently appealing against the decision.

The Government insists that there is no right to legal aid at inquests because they are not considered ‘adversarial’, even though it is paying around £1million to lawyers to avoid blame for the killings.

John Frade, whose wife Aysha was killed in the Westminster attack, said: ‘I have now lost faith in the system.


Mr Frade, 43, described the legal aid process as ‘incredibly intrusive’ and said he was forced to put down the value of his wife’s wedding ring.

It is incredible that someone who supports terrorism like Shamima Begum can be granted legal aid, but the victims of terrorism are forgotten. That is not the action of a normal civilised country.’

Sadly this type of story is nothing new as we have seen the families of the victims killed in the Birmingham pub bombings by the IRA in 1972 have been denied legal aid time and time again and are still raising money through their justice for the 21 campaign.

The prime suspect in the 1982 IRA Hyde Park bombing was given £50,000 by the Legal Aid Agency to defend himself at his 2014 trial, which later collapsed due to government blunders.

John Downey;

But when the families of the victims asked for legal aid to pursue a civil claim against the suspected bomber John Downey they was refused with the LLA claiming it is “not in the public interest”.

Some other beneficiaries of legal aid in recent years include hate preacher,

Anjem Choudary;

who received £140,000 in legal aid, and two of the people he is believed to inspired Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebiwolaw who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby, the pair who were jailed for life, received £250,000 in legal aid to fund their defences.

Back in 2016 Six murderers who got £380,000 in legal had killed 14 victims between them,

they were all awarded huge sums in taxpayers’ cash before getting “whole life” sentences.

Paedophile GARY GLITTER was given more than £21,000 to fight child sex charges – despite earning £300,000 a year in royalties.

Tomas Mair, who murdered MP Jo Cox got more than £75,000 as well, we could go on and on with examples and this clearly suggests the current system is in urgent need of review and reform, although while we agree some of the accused should get some help in proving their innocence, its the fact that many of the victims and their families are the ones who are neglected and ultimately suffer, how is this right?

It flies in the face of the government’s so-called concerns for victims of terrorist attacks.

It’s not only our political system that needs a drastic change, our judicial system also needs a complete overhaul as well.