“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
John Steinbeck.
On the 16th of March 2019 49 people lost their lives. Regardless of what you believe or have heard, I ask you to forget it. I ask you to forget religion, politics, skin colour. Forget the media, forget Left forget Right. Forget racism, forget prejudice. Just remember one thing. Just remember they were human.
Like so many others killed for a label, a belief , killed by a fanatical will blind to all reason and passion. They were human.
These people had lives, hopes, fears. They laughed, cried, cheered danced and sang.
They were killed as pawns in a game.
This is tragic.
You only know that something has happened once you are told about it. As the saying goes, no news is good news. Ignorance is bliss.
Maybe the media are onto something.
On the morning of 04/03/2019 in Benue State, Northern Nigeria, 4 villages were attacked by Muslim Fulani terrorists. 24 christians were killed by gunshot and hacked to death with Machetes. This was not a one off either, in January this year 70 Christians were attacked and killed by the same terrorist group in the same region.
In Kirkuk, Iraq January this year, 27 people were killed, and 16 were wounded as a suicide Bomber blew himself and other Muslims up.
On 14th February this year Jaish-e-Mohammad, an Islamic terror group said they carried out a Suicide Bombing killing 40 Indian troops in Srinagar, Kashmir.
Media outlets remained silent on the Issues, there were no offers of prayers, minutes of silence. There were no world leaders condemning the attacks. No calls for “Not to divide us” etc… No cries of extremist, supremacist or calls for gun control. No emotional pleas, no cries of racism or condemnation. Innocent people were killed for being Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu.
Why is one reported and the other not? Why is one considered newsworthy, yet the other is not?
Why are Muslims singled out for pity when all groups are being killed?
Why this nauseating patronising pandering tone from the media toward the Muslim community?
Martin Luther King claimed we will only be at peace when we see man as man.
So why do politicians and the media divide us?
These questions need asking. It is these questions that need answers.
The media are manipulating your feelings for a political agenda. There can be no argument against this. The reasoning behind that agenda is up for debate, however, it is clear that you are being manipulated.
To make it clear, in all recent Surveys from Swedish Economists to Harvard University, England has been classed as one of the least racist countries in the world. In all honesty any racism is too much, however it is something to be proud of that this country suffers the least in racism. Also in all serious studies England has the least far right activity or threat. These undeniable facts are ignored by the media and by our Government. Instead we hear constant talk about far right threats, we hear talk of “Far Right” political parties. In a recent report “Hope Not Hate” (Nope not Hope) stated that the bogeyman of the far right, The National Front had 30 members. To say that the far right threat in England is over exaggerated would be an understatement. Yet we hear it every day. You would be forgiven if you thought that the far right were goose stepping en masse everywhere.
Anything wrong with your day? Blame the far right. Cashier at Tesco not smiling at you, she is a Nazi, electric bill not correct? Fascist electric company! (A load of lefties did actually confuse EDF with the EDL once and complain about a demo they had stating they would not buy Crypto-Fascist energy anymore) Bus late? Its racist. You cannot make this up because it is based on true complaints.
It is rather hilarious because on mainland Europe racism and far right are on the rise. Yet the Labour and many politicians want us to be part of this cesspit of corruption and violence.
Something’s not quite right.
England today is one of the most diverse and tolerant countries in the world. Study after study is written that proves this. Yet our politicians and those on the left do not want you to know this.
Again and again when an atrocity takes place there are demonstrations against murder and terror. The left say this is racism. They call demos to say that racism must not divide us. Claims that people are protesting against terrorism because they are racist is a blatant lie. The media run with it. It is no lie to say that protests against acts of terror receive more condemnation than the acts of terror themselves.
So the people on the street demanding an end to terror are racist. This means that acts of terror are in fact an act of anti-racist. They must be according to SUTR logic, who side with terrorists.
The Left must be pro-terror as you are not allowed to condemn terror.
The media however will use every trick in the book to manipulate your emotions against a particular group of people.
Let us take a look at a BBC headline as an example:
“Israeli police shoot dead three Palestinians”
This was the headline that greeted members of the public before complaints on accuracy and bias made the BBC change the headline.
Many people would have read the headline and no more. However, if you read further down at the small print you would have found that the 3 palestinians had stabbed to death a 23 year old police woman. The police then opened fire.
Majority of people would not have read the story, just the headlines. The damage has been done. (How many who started the article are still here?)
It is not just the media who opt for this method of manipulation.
We are now seeing this with SUTR who used the Christchurch massacre to further their agenda, we saw Diane Abbott use the death of a child to curry votes for her ailing party. If you look at the facts you will notice they do not match up with the emotional pleadings of groups like SUTR.
The DFLA protest against factual events.
SUTR use emotional responses.
Responding to facts is rational.
Responding to imagined ills is irrational. (DFLA are not racist).
SUTR are raceophobic and realophobic. Their fears are irrational. No scholarly study backs up the claims of this irrational mob.
Diversity is created by a society of different cultures and languages. SUTR prey upon these differences. They are racist, using race to fit their agenda. Their message is: Only SUTR and Labour know the truth. It’s the DFLA who cause division.
This is nonsense of course yet as it agrees with the Left biased media and Euro-Agenda then the sheep will rebleat it. (Are there any tech wizards out there, we can make a media platform for all the Labour members called “Bleater home for sheep”) It is encouraged and feted as a noble, aspirational even. So in all reality it suits SUTR to cause division.
United we stand, divided, we shall fall. The Left and media know this.
Racism is a good tool to keep us all divided.
According to psychologists there are 14 ways the media manipulate you.
1: Home Court Advantage.
Psychologically you are week at home. The TV is part of your home. The lies are soaked up via the news, all run the same agenda. TV shows create a safe and secure bubble away from the world outside. TV is your opiate.
2: Let you have a false opinion.
They do this by using emotive reporting. Your opinion is not based on fact, but based on emotion triggered within and fired at you from your TV or newspaper.
3: Manipulation of facts.
This is very clever as it is very subtle. Given the example of above, the headline, “Three palestinians shot dead by police”
Yes it was a fact, but not the response, not the instigator.
4: Overwhelm you with facts and statistics.
Although good to know facts they only give one side of the facts whilst ignoring others. Brexit is a prime example of this.
5:Overwhelm you with procedure and red tape.
Again we can see this in the reporting on Brexit. Borders, new laws threatening food and medical supplies, new treaties etc…..
All have to be done if we leave. Its too much trouble surely?
6: Rise of voice, negative emotions.
We see this with terrorist attacks. Every time there is a terrorist attack the protests against the people grow, accusing those who protest against such acts as racist, Nazi, Fascist, etc… We are accused of irrational (Negative) fears, we are accused of violent attacks, (see latest incidents) etc….
7: Negative Surprise.
Again this has been seen in Brexit, you can’t make Sandwiches, you can’t go to Europe etc….
8: Giving you no space to decide.
If you watch the news you will notice how quick reports drift into one another, seamless and constant wave of items hit you. You have no time to form a correct opinion.
9: Negative views to dig at you.
Again an example of this is Brexit.
You voted leave? Racist, rise in hate crime, rise in homophobic, rise in unemployment. This is your fault, you voted Brexit.
10:Judgement critical of your decision making.
Protest against Suicide Bombing or rape? You are racist. Protest against government handling of Brexit? You did not know what you were voting for, you were lied to.
11: Silence.
This is easy to explain, your views are under represented or not aired. Whilst everyone has a say, your views are ignored and considered not meeting with validity. (surveys and studies on racism in England, rape figures are examples)
12: Pretence of ignorance.
We saw this from Mr Sweeney recently in regards to the Panodrama documentary. He pretended to be ignorant of factual evidence. BBC do this with Brexit. SUTR, Hope Not Hate do this. Example the National Front have 30 members (isis have more members in UK) yet treated as a major threat to UK society.
13: Guilt tapping.
A prime example of this is the protest against rape.To protest against rape or incompetent Khan “you are racist, racism causes division! “
Forget the rapes or child victims. Concentrate on racism.
14: Victimhood.
The victim status is called into question. Accusations of false claims. Use of victims to promote race agenda etc…..
I dare you to watch news with pen and paper and tick these off.
There is no doubt or argument that the Christchurch massacre was a truly horrendous massacre and terrorist act. I am sure all DFLA will roundly condemn such atrocity.
Yet surely, we must see the killings of 93 Christians in Africa, 40 Hindu and Sikh in Kashmir and 27 Muslims in Iraq as equally appalling?
Why are the media silent?