The Chameleonic nature and racism of momentum

You may remember that in January SUTR were calling a Demo for a General Election.
The DFLA launched a blistering counter. We showed in detail how SUTR were simply a front for the Rape Party that are the SWP.
We further showed how Corbyn had been advised by Momentum and SWP to use a street movement in a cynical attempt to gain votes, what better than to use racism to fool people into voting for Labour?
It was also shown in detail, with quotes direct from members how even FLAF were nothing more than an attempt to win votes.
SUTR and FLAF were both infested with SWP and Momentum parasites.
We countered SUTR and the cynical exploitation of racism so effectively that SUTR changed the name of its Demo. They were no longer calling for a General Election.
However, Momentum changed tactics and headed a new group called “The people’s Assembly”
It was now the new group who were using the call for “A general election now! “
What was interesting however was the subtle use of the Palestinian colours on their poster, the women wearing the Keffiyeh. Momentum using anti-semitism that they had sewn before.
Once again, the sordid exploiters of Momentum and Rapists of SWP were involved in the formation of the “People’s Assembly”.
Like cockroaches, as soon as the light is shone upon them, they scuttle for the cover of darkness.

If it ain’t broke, Why fix it?

Whilst it cannot be denied that the fight against racism is an honourable crusade, it must also be admitted that to exploit the fight against racism in order to win votes is an abhorrent type of racism in itself.
Kevin Jackson wrote about this. In his book “Race Pimping” he explains in detail how race is used to earn millions and win votes.
If you read his works you will see Labour and Momentum exposed for what they are, real racists. Just as black people were used to work plantations, so today momentum and Labour use black people to get votes.


In a stinging rebuke against his own party, MP Chuka Umunna claimed that the Labour Party were institutionally racist.
Meanwhile, Trevor Phillips said, “It doesn’t help that one of our great parties, the one I belong to, is led by antisemites and racists who basically want to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them.”
There can be no doubt that just as SWP are guilty of the cover of rape and threats of violence against rape victims, that Labour and Momentum are guilty of cover-ups over racism.
It all happens behind closed doors and it soon becomes apparent that the authoritarian Momentum movement is more threatening than given credit for.


There is enough now in the public domain to warn the public about Corbyn and his anti-semitic nature, the very real and anti-semitic nature of Momentum and Labour’s Allies.
In fact, one supporter of Labour claims, “Zionism is not just another form of Nationalism. On the contrary, it is a monolithic and uniquely evil ideology, pro-imperialist in nature, inherently racist (if not outright Fascist)  and necessarily genocidal.
However, the racism of Labour and Momentum goes deeper and is more entrenched.


In the 1920s and the 1930s, Hitler relied on the Brown Shirts for organisation and muscle. With Labour, Momentum and SWP fulfil these two roles.
Little known is known about how Momentum work, how they organise, but they do operate on the same levels as the SA. Just as the SA pushed the cult of Hitler, so Momentum push the cult of Corbyn.
Just as the SA attacked or intimidated anyone deemed hostile to the Nazi agenda, including uncooperative editors, professors, politicians, other local officials and businessmen, so Momentum goes after people who spoke out against Corbyn or the Labour Party. Fiona Bruce has become the latest victim and target of Momentums ire for the way Diane Abbott was made to look what she is, a fool.
“Fiona Bruce was advised to remove herself from the electoral roll and shun all social media when she took the Question Time role because of the threat from Momentum and other hardline groups”
Even Rachel Riley from countdown fell foul of the Labour trolls, one telling her:
“I liked you because you’re attractive, good on countdown and seemed pretty inoffensive!! Unfortunately, I see you constant slandering Corbyn and I have to question your integrity! Are you really that scared of socialism and paying more taxes, for the sake of a fairer society?”
Rachel Riley herself states:
“The markers of the red Labour rose coupled with the Palestinian flag, and the hashtag of Get The Tories Out and Jeremy Corbyn For PM along with the standard claim to be against racism in all forms are their signature giveaways.”
Just like the SA under Röhm, Momentum can be seen taking the side of workers in strikes and other such working disputes, supporting picket lines and stirring up support for them. SA intimidation contributed to the rise of the Nazis and the violent suppression of other parties during the electoral campaign, just as Momentum have done in Greenwich and other places lately.


Cast your mind back to the Boris Johnson affair, the claim of bin liners etc….
There followed a much hushed up row over racism, that if it had been any other party it would have been all over the media, yet the pro-Corbyn media hushed it all up and hoped it would go away.
Then the DFLA were told by insiders about the affair.
In response to the words of Boris Johnson Momentum released a video titled, “THIS IS WHAT BORIS JOHNSON’S’ RACISM FUELS! “
It showed a black security guard in Macdonalds asking a Muslim woman to remove her hijab.
A group of black activists complained as the incident happened before Boris Johnson’s speech. They complained, “In the video, one of the examples we are shown is of a security guard in Macdonalds. The implication of the video clearly implies black people are influenced by Boris Johnson.”
They further add that the incident in Macdonalds took place before the speech by Johnson.
Further saying:
“There is deep confusion amongst the British left about Racism.”
The group further pointed out,
“Momentum lacks Afro and Caribbean representation on a national level. There is a clear existence of a white-dominated hierarchy of oppression that exists within Momentum”
The group made up of BARAC (Black Activists Against Cuts) And Black Labour was told that their concerns were not relevant.
They explained:
“It is a level of disrespect British Black organisations are used to from the right wing, however, it was with great sadness, shock, and a little anger that we soon realised this is precisely how we were viewed by Momentum”


Labour and Momentum could not give a shit about racism. They pimp it mercilessly just to get votes, just to get money.
If Labour were so determined against racism why use groups like SUTR to call for a General Election rather than to fight against racism?
If Labour were truly against Racism why would they tolerate and allow virulent anti-semitism to thrive in their ranks?
If Labour and Momentum were truly against racism why would they treat black groups with such contempt?
Indeed why would Chuka Umunna and Trevor Philips both come out and claim that they are members of a racist party?


Recently Momentum has been involved with a lot of projects. Any time a council makes a statement against racism, Momentum are there, recently defending Kirklees Council and the Paedophiles in Huddersfield.
They are against any anti-rape protests. They are against any anti-terrorist protests (involving the IRA and Isis)
They defend Corbyn and his silence over paedophiles operating a Hollywood style
industry in his constituency.
We have to draw a very serious conclusion though.
30th June to the 2nd of July 1934.


Hitler had the Leadership of the SA put to death.
Many were also sent to concentration camps or prison and executed later.
So we have seen how Hitler dealt with the SA.
How will Corbyn and Momentum deal with their black members when they no longer need them?
It’s an ominous future if Corbyn gets into power.