This week on Saturday 19th October Stand up to racism (SUTR) are holding their yearly International conference against racism, fascism, Islamophobia & antisemitism.

You can get your tickets here;

Now we must point out for those that are going to attend that although SUTR mention anti-Semitism ‘once’ it appears it is attributed to Donald Trump and no mention of the Labour party?

Ok, we all know SUTR is just a political pawn for the labour party and the far-left and are just a front to push a political agenda, and anyone seen criticising them is immediately classed as racist, which from an outsider is a fair assumption because let’s be honest, any group who stands up to racists takes the moral high ground and is seen as an honourable cause, BUT, the sheer hypocrisy of SUTR is stunning it shows the clear selective nature of which types of racism it does actually stand up to, don’t even get me started on their silence about the persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslim sect by other mainstream Muslim groups, its utterly shocking!


The line up is quite staggering, you would think they would avoid booking speakers who have been embroiled in racism scandals and allegations of antisemitism or links to terror groups or just complete liars but they have really excelled themselves this time.

Diane Abbott,

The president of SUTR will be taking to the stage, someone who has been more than once caught up in anti-white rhetoric over the years;

In 2010, in defending her decision to send her son to a private school, she asserted that;

“West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children”,

Prompting criticism about this perceived slight on white mothers.

Then we had the comment;

“White people love playing ‘divide and rule’

Next up,

Labour MP Richard Bergow

Now we could dedicate a whole article to this man, but here are just 3 scandals of many that have shown him up for what he is;

He denied saying

“Zionism is the enemy of peace”.

Along with some other very concerning views, and this video shows him to be either a liar or just having a very bad memory, I’ll let you decide;

He also seems to be rather unlucky in speaking at events where people with antisemitic views are in attendance;

Surely he was aware of the people in the front row?;

I could go on about his partner who you can see him pictured here next to a statue of Karl Marx;

Ok if I must, Miss Asquith, vice-president of welfare for the National Union of Students, has campaigned against the Government’s drive to stop young Muslims being radicalised in colleges, describing it as ‘racist’ and a restriction on free speech.

She said: ‘The Government has defined extremism… as vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, which is breaking the rule of law.

Well, I think there are some laws that should be broken.’


Emma dent coad MP

Emma likes to throw around the occasional racist remark tinged with a bit of hatred for the working class.

She referred to Shaun Bailey, a promising politician and Tory candidate for London Mayor as a “Token Ghetto boy”.


Mark, the general secretary for the PCS union has been accused of being an apologist and a conspiracy theorist regarding the issues with antisemitism, sadly he is one of many in the Labour party.

Dame Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside, said: “For major trade union leaders to not only smear the Jewish community and Jewish people for speaking out against anti-Semitism but then trying to blame them for it, I think we are entering into very dangerous waters.

“They are playing with fire and I call on them to withdraw those appalling statements.”

And as I write this article, Dame Louise has just announced she is leaving the Labour party,


Mr Kearns from the Communication and Workers Union is another one to be accused of holding antisemitic conspiracy theory views;


Anas the founder of the Cordoba Foundation which has been described as,

“A political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a global movement with political parties in many Middle Eastern countries which aims to implement sharia law.

Mr Altikriti, who set up the Cordoba Foundation, is a supporter of Palestinian terror group Hamas who once said:

“If you are occupied you need to fight back.”

He has called for Muslim groups to boycott Holocaust Memorial Day, claiming it’s backed by a;

“pro-Zionist lobby”.

Altikriti’s UK bank accounts were closed by HSBC in August 2014 along with those of a number of Muslim organizations, including the Cordoba Foundation. According to the BBC,

“the bank said it was applying a programme of strategic assessments to all of its businesses after a $1.9bn fine in 2012 over poor money-laundering controls.”

Altikriti welcomed labour MP Ms Emily Thornberry to a Cordoba foundation meeting where she opened her speech with;

“I stand here before you tonight as a representative of the British Labour Party and I bring you greetings from Jeremy Corbyn.


Mohammed Kozbar is a trustee and general secretary of the Finsbury Park mosque. He is also the vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain.

The Daily Telegraph wrote an article on Mr Kozbar about his connections to Hamas but after they were taken to court the Media Group gave up the full court fight and agreed to pay Mr Kozbar £30,000 in damages, and took the article down from its website.

Using lawfare to silence critics is a very low tactic. It can also be effective. A media outlet facing a defamation claim may simply settle to avoid a costly court process, even if the story in question is accurate and fair.

This appears to be just what happened in the case of the Telegraph Media Group and Mohammed Kozbar, the chairman of the Finsbury Park Mosque.

Kozbar claimed an article published in the Sunday Telegraph in 2016 was defamatory. The newspaper rejected the claims.

This article gives an in-depth analysis on why Mr Kozbar still has questions to answer,

And these pictures tend to back up the Telegraph’s claims;

I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.


Mr Gayle, A Guardian journalist was accused of advocating riots in response to a news story about how police wouldn’t be able to cope with a new wave of civil unrest in the United Kingdom.

It followed claims by Dave Thompson, chief constable of West Midlands police, that major incidents had laid bare the strains faced by cash-strapped police forces.

A Guardian News & Media spokesperson said Gayle had been spoken to by senior management and added: “We consider his comments entirely inappropriate.”


Mr Bennett is a rape apologist who helped cover up the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) rape scandal.

In 2013 the SWP became politically radioactive, even on the left, when it disgraced itself by the way it handled a rape allegation. A 17-year-old female member complained that a senior party official, referred to in reports as “Comrade Delta”, had raped her.

Rather than referring the matter to the police, the SWP let its own Disputes Committee hold a hearing to handle it internally. (kangaroo court)

Comrade Delta was supplied with details of the complainant’s case weeks in advance but she was not allowed to see his evidence beforehand, and the committee members — who included colleagues of Delta’s, old and new — asked her questions about her drinking habits and sexual past. [The young woman] left the room in tears, saying that they thought she was a “slut who asked for it”.

The Disputes Committee announced its verdict — not guilty — at the SWP national conference.

Weyman has also been caught on camera shouting in one of his numbing speeches that Theresa May should shoot herself, this was in front of the onlooking John Mcdonnel who didn’t seem that concerned…



This is the man behind a letter sent to all  football clubs in the country asking them to condemn the DFLA for being a far-right, Islamophobic hate-filled racist group and accused us of spreading hate in stadiums by purposely recruiting new members, which is a complete and utter lie, our open letter covers the matter;


It is very clear that SUTR is NOT what it says on the tin, they masquerade as some upstanding social justice warrior type organisation, they have the backing of politicians, Unions and journalists who are all cut from the same cloth and have the same political agendas, it gives them power to destroy all who dare accuse them of what they are, this consortium of far-left extremists, bully, slander and steamroll over anyone in there way, this was highlighted recently when Harringay SUTR took upon themselves to start a petition to stop a brewery giving a publicans license to one of our own by throwing the race card at him because of his affiliation to the DFLA and false accusation of our ties to Tommy Robbinson, which they know is not true.

David Lammy soon jumped on board by retweeting the hate campaign against our man, a man who hasn’t got a racist bone in his body a man who is well respected in Tottenham by his friends of all colours and creeds,  As expected the brewery succumbed to the pressure and revoked the application, as the race card always works.

You really have to ask yourself why would they do this? why do this to a working-class family man and deny him an income?

Why do this to a man of proud Jewish heritage?



Don’t forget to book your tickets for the conference this Saturday 👍