Momentum is a political party within a political party and is rotting Labour from the inside out under the full view of a supportive far-left front bench led by Corbyn and Mcdonnel.

“No smoke without fire”

This proverb has never been truer especially when you hear the group Momentum is involved, the grassroots peoples movement who are known as Corbyns brown shirts have grown in strength alongside Corbyns tenure as the leader of the Labour party.

Although to say there is no smoke without out fire is probably an understatement, the labour party is a fire that is out of control, engulfed in flames from the top to bottom, spreading like a wildfire being pushed by a strong wind, old Labour values and traditions are left smouldering and the ashes of the northern working-class communities are brushed aside, a fire that bullies good MPs and councillors out of the way and replaces with people fuelled with antisemitism and anti-British views and values, a fire lapping into every nook cranny and crevice being fanned by the arsonists that are Momentum,

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn is in charge not even Red Adair would tackle this inferno.

Momentums influence was again brought to the fore over the weekend when hundreds of people gathered to vote and select there new parliamentary candidate,

Aspana Begum, who was backed by the Left-wing group Momentum, was nominated from the women-only list and unsurprisingly won the vote.

Ms Begum was elected to stand for the Poplar and Limehouse seat, despite having previously accused Tony Blair of peddling “Zionist propaganda” and accusing the Saudi leadership of being “inspired by Zionist masters” (despite their country not recognising Israel as a state).

To say that long-standing members of Tower Hamlets Labour Party are furious about Momentum’s fun and games at their expense is a gross understatement.

Many are seething that a political non-entity such as Apsana Begum should be handed a safe seat on a plate when they have been hitting the doorsteps in all weathers and campaigning hard for years is rightly regarded as a kick in the teeth for them.

It seems Apsana was a self-styled ‘Personal Assistant’ to ex-Mayor, Lutfur Rahman and ex-Councillor Ohid Ahmed in the Mayor’s Office during 2012,

Lutfur Rahman, for those who don’t know, is Bangladesh-born British former solicitor and politician, who was the first directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, and the first directly elected mayor to be removed having been found guilty of electoral fraud. Hmm?


At the location of the vote in  East London, things soon turned ugly and police were called to the Labour Party selection ballot amid scenes of:

“total chaos”

that witnesses said left female voters feeling intimidated.

Party members described it was:

“hostile and dangerous”

and others said they left without casting a vote.

A 34-year-old female party member told the Standard:

“It was a very intimidating environment for any women or people with disabilities.

The majority was men. I saw people telling others who to vote for.

“A skirmish almost broke out when a man tried to take his wife’s ballot and fill it out but she opposed.”

Another party member added:

“It was a chaotic crowd made up of men arguing with each other and pushing.

“This intimidated women especially. People turned away because they felt they couldn’t deal with the hostile atmosphere. It was total chaos.”

Suzy Stride, a member of Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party, said she had serious concerns about the process and added:

“The party needs to learn lessons from this debacle. Some members clearly felt intimidated.

Alas, this is far from an isolated occurrence. The race to succeed Stephen Pound in Ealing North would be comical were it not so serious. One councillor, Sitarah Anjum, was removed from the shortlist after a tweet was uncovered attacking gay marriage as “a mockery of sacred union of man & women”. Another candidate, councillor Aysha Raza, could follow suit after it emerged she had defended the notorious racist East London mural depicting hook-nosed bankers controlling the world and said she was “traumatised” after spending hours inside a “Zionist shop”.

This pattern has been repeated in seats across the country. Luke Cresswell was removed from Labour’s shortlist for South Suffolk after anti-racism campaign group ‘GnasherJew’ discovered one of his Facebook posts stating

“Israel is evil. Long live Palestine”

accompanied by an Israeli flag with blood dripping down the Star of David. Across the blue stripes of the flag reads the caption:

“The genocidal murderers of innocent women and children – Moses must be proud of you”.

Among the most egregious cases of Labour’s radicalisation is the recent rehabilitation of Salma Yaqoob, formerly the leader of George Galloway’s ironically titled Respect Party.

Respect, arguably the most obnoxious new party in 21st century British politics outside the neofascist far-right, combined advocates of far-left and Islamic identity politics in an alliance that was both grim and inherently temporary.

Despite having run against Labour candidates multiple times for Respect she has not only been given a party card but is now on the shortlist to become Labour’s candidate for the West Midlands mayoralty, and has the backing of Momentum boss Jon Landsman, now that is a surprise 🙄

Bradford West MP Naz Shah, who defeated Yaqoob then a Respect  candidate in 2017, had responded by threatening legal action and accusing Yaqoob of running an identity-focused campaign against her that “drove me to feel suicidal”, Sorry Naz, but you didn’t show much empathy for the victims of abuse who should shut up for the sake of diversity, eh? I would imagine their lives didn’t feel like living after what you retweeted?

Yaqoob, pictured here with fellow alleged antisemite, Labour MP Richard Bergow ironically at the recent ‘stand up to racism’ conference (yep you really couldn’t make this shit up)

Yaqoob herself has a curious political background. Her activism began with the ‘Justice for the Britons in Yemen campaign’, an organisation which proclaimed the innocence of eight British men who had been arrested in Yemen on terror charges in 1998. The group, which included Abu Hamza’s son, were later convicted of plotting to bomb a number of Western targets.

Ms Yaqoob was also widely condemned for refusing to join a standing ovation for a British marine and sat with arms folded.

Salma did not stand when the marine who had been awarded the George Cross, entered the council chamber

Ms Yaqoob said she did not stand as she was against the war in Afghanistan.

Liberal Democrat Martin Mullaney posted online that she would have applauded a suicide bomber. She denied the claim.

She also wrote an article for a youth magazine published by Inayat Bunglawala, a man who praised Osama bin Laden as a “freedom fighter” just five months before the 9/11 attacks, imagining Britain being transformed into an “Islamic state”. This hypothetical society is portrayed glowingly, with crime falling “dramatically” after amputation is introduced as punishment for theft, while “doctors have more time to be sympathetic to their patients” following an alcohol ban. The article ends with Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, sneaking out of Britain in disguise.

Just the sort of Mayor you want in this country, Not.

Another heavily backed Momentum candidate in Boris Johnson’s seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip has already been selected, Ali Milani, once the vice president of the National Union of Students, sees himself as part of a “wave of young progressive thinkers around the world.” Yeah ok, mate.🙄

He has previously suggested he would like to go to war with Israel, argued “Israel has no right to exist” and on Twitter once posted “Nah u won’t mate it will cost you a pound #jew” – in fairness to Milani, he has at least taken steps to make amends, including visiting Auschwitz, but what he’s reasons were for going… Who knows😏.


Momentum can now be found campaigning on University campuses indoctrinating young people’s minds, they have also jumped on the extinction rebellion bandwagon with a clear political agenda, they have many councillors in targeted areas and candidates lined up in safe seats to gain access to parliament, although Corbyn is their ally they won’t care if he is removed or stands down as they have a secure foothold in the Labour party a party that is now rotten to the core,

The smoke has cleared for everyone to see Momentums political firebrand and what they really are and stand for, their fire needs putting out, their bullying and hardline approach need extinguishing, just don’t ask Doreen Lawrence to ring the fire brigade to do it.

The Labour party that used to represent the working class, needs to take back control.