All we have heard over the last few years is a constant stream of slanderous rhetoric,

“the far-right have hijacked brexit”,

“the far-right is on the rise”,

“racist brexiteers”,


It’s been a relentless conveyer belt of falsities churned out on a continual industrial-scale like production line, from the likes of MP and identity politics connoisseur David Lammy to momentum poster boy Owen Jones with their merry band of social media foot soldiers on twitter led by Mike Stuchbery all whipping up hate and division by ultimately shutting down debate by using the now overused and almost completely  redundant and diluted race card that has caused harm to the real issues of racism.

We have seen Momentum link up with a network of stealth political groups like the political assembly, note the Palestinian colours of their logo 🙄

Other groups like ‘stand up to racism’ the fake anti-racism group or the socialist workers party as it’s the same shit but with a new name, unions like Unite, Unison and the RMT although their relationship is somewhat strained due to there pro brexit stance as will be explained later in this article, these groups together have been spreading lies and diatribe about us at every given opportunity, so it should come as no surprise they are all involved in this coup in some way.

One of the main organisers of stop the coup is Michael Chessum a former Momentum activist.

.Mr Chessum told the BBC at the time: “I don’t think I’m going to wade in and condemn violence from protesters,” explaining that the “vandalism we’re seeing from the Government outweighs 10 times the vandalism that we saw on famous public buildings, on statues”.

He was also instrumental in disrupting Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in 2017, setting up a Stop Trump Coalition Ltd business at Companies House that supported the “Trump Baby” blimp – depicting the US president as a giant wailing baby – to fly over London.

Mr Chessum, from Edinburgh, was also found by the Electoral Commission to have broken the law over a failure to report a union donation of £10,000 to Momentum, the far-left group that supports Jeremy Corbyn.

He was also a controversial figure when he was president of the University of London students’ union and decided to boycott Remembrance Sunday because “we regarded the ceremony as a political statement”.

This new type of middle-class far-left champagne socialist or Momentum for short has become so overconfident and brazen that they now say “we speak for the nation!” with their stop the coup protests over the weekend and with more planned in the coming days and weeks, they have already infiltrated the once working-class labour party and now seem to pull all the strings, which is shown by the way they have targeted old school councillors and MPs and replaced with their own type across the country.

They have even now turned on RMT union officials because they dare to be brexiteers and support a no-deal, Eddie Dempsey of the RMT is the latest to be shunned and has even be called a racist by some which is rather ironic as him and his buddy Steve Headley have slandered us at every given opportunity, not very nice is it, Eddie?

While we find it hard to sympathise with Eddie, we do agree with the RMTs stance of the fact that wages have been driven down and working conditions have been weakened due to cheap labour from abroad albeit this is not the fault of the migrant workers as most of us would travel to earn more and give our families a better life.

We’ve even seen Paul Embury suspended from the fire brigade union because he spoke at a pro brexit rally thus upsetting momentums agenda.


We hear Owen Jones crying, “Democracy it’s what our ancestors fought for” which is rhetoric that OJ would normally accuse people of being nationalist and far-right for using.

How dare he speak of democracy, our ancestors would be spinning in their graves if they could see this far-left coup in full swing going against democracy!.

We also the have champagne socialists like Z list celebrity Terry Christian, you know the man with the wobbling head who continually informs everyone he’s working class, which is usually a sign you aren’t, coming out with hate-filled tweets and statements like these;



Now, we’re most definitely not against people demonstrating and protesting about Boris meeting with the Queen and delaying the opening of parliament, that’s their democratic right to do so, BUT as we see it there are three types of remainers, there are those who voted remain but have excepted the democratic result of the referendum and have respectfully got on with their lives.

Then you have those who voted remain but will not accept the result until the decision is ultimately overturned, you know the ones, they continually turn up clad in EU berets and waving the EU flag dragging their kids around London with bollocks to brexit written over little Tarquin’s back then sit down on a picnic blanket sipping champagne whilst dipping kettle crisps and carrots sticks into Waitrose humus,

Leaving with a deal or no-deal is irrelevant to them they just refuse to accept the result of the DEMOCRATIC referendum in June 2016.

Then you have the ones who just want the Torys out at any cost and are hell-bent on pushing their political far-left Marxist agenda, they are joined by a load of anarchists and young middle class entitled students who have been coerced by the student unions, the one’s who was out a few weeks ago screaming “fuck Boris” and “fuck da police” and calling for a class war whilst carrying Palestinian flags and after being brainwashed into feeling so guilty about our British history that they desecrate historical monuments and statues and even set fire to the union jack flag in one incident over the weekend! (Not to be confused with the fake photoshopped picture doing the rounds)

We have IRA sympathiser John McDonnell threatening to go to Buckingham Palace “in a taxi” to ask to form a government if Mr Johnson is given a vote of no confidence.

Who the hell do these people think they are?

They say they speak for the nation, all we saw the weekend was entitled middle-class white people looking down their EU face painted noses at the rest of us mere mortals.

You do not speak for the nation you do not speak for us and the 17.4 million people from all walks of life.

We are most definitely NOT calling for violence on the 7th September or confrontation outside parliament at noon so stay away if that’s what your intention is as you are no better than the fascists of the far-left, we are showing support for Boris and the Queens decision to assist in getting us out of the EU just like we democratically voted for.

We are not championing the Tory party before anyone suggests it, as brexit has never been about right or left-wing which has been proven by the rise of the brexit party, we will be there to shout loud and clear that Momentum and the EU biased media do not speak for us!

See you at noon on Saturday the 7th September and show your support for the 17.4 million who voted leave and those that have respectfully accepted the vote to leave.