I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “The gift that keeps on giving”?

Well SUTR are a bit like that, except they are the opiate of the masses, the drug that keeps people placid.
What escapes the attention of many, is the reasoning behind the SUTR counter-protests, its Blatant racist assumptions and culturally prejudiced bias that has me asking are SUTR nothing more than a modern day Don Quixote? Riding forth tilting at windmills and trying to battle enemies that just do not exist? (apart from in their heads?)
So why are SUTR counter protests racist in nature?
Well think about it: in all the RAPE gang cases that we have protested about 84% of the men have been Muslims, followers of Islam (This does not mean all Muslims are rapists by the way) but it is a fact. The other 16% have been white. As I said before, the 16% were not just white, but they had councillors and police included among their number.
So where is the race issue? The answer, there is none. As the figures above show both Muslims and white people have been involved. (Muslims are not a race) The only way the left could accuse us of being racist would be if they themselves think all the rapists are “Asian” Something the DFLA have never done. A quick glance at our page will show that we have reported all colours of rapists and all without fail have had it suggested they should face the death penalty. Asians are a race, Muslims are not. So in no way can this be classed as a race issue.
So to recap: To believe we are racist the left must firmly believe that only Asian men are raping white girls. An abhorrent racist belief that does not stand up to factual evidence.
Another factor that we have to take into account are the victims themselves. “Girls who have been abused should keep their mouths shut for the sake of cultural diversity” retweeted Naz Shah. I wonder if she would have the same viewpoint if she became a victim of rape? ( I pray to G-D this never happens) but would she be sympathetic? She seemed to make a huge song and dance of her own problems enough, surely she can keep her mouth shut for the sake of reality?
But as the Queen of the left Naz cynically advises the victims let us look at the victims:
Recent reports show that the victims were 61% white, 3% Asian and 1% black. Rather remarkably for left-wing councils 35% did not have their ethnicity recorded. A bit puzzling that, but let’s continue. So once again we can see there is no race issue for being a victim of these vile creatures. All races have been abused, all races have been raped.
So where is the race issue? There is none.
The DFLA demand full respect, courtesy, support and justice for all victims.
The only way this could make the DFLA racist is that if all the victims were white. But they are not. We have a mix of races that have been raped. So again there is no race issue.
The issue exists in the mind of SUTR who only think that white girls can be victims of rape, or do they have the nauseating view that black and Asian girls when raped are not worth consideration or justice?
It must be the last option because the plight of these black and Asian girls is negligible to the left, not even worth thinking about because if they did, they would see there is no race issue.
Now I know 1% does not sound much, but estimates of those raped and abused is 1 million. 1% of a million is 10000.
We include those 10000 black girls in our fight for Justice and who we protest for. 3% of 1 million, so 30000 Asian girls have been raped.
We also include them in our fight for justice.
Racist are we?
So why have the left suddenly changed tact and started to care about the victims?
The answer they have not!
Their racist assumptions have been everywhere:
Terrorist attacks: The DFLA have protested against the IRA and Isis and against knife crime.
Again, the left assume in their racist way that only Muslims commit acts of terror and that only white people are the victims of these atrocities. (As Muslims are not a race we have to again scratch our heads at claims of racism)
At every demo they say nothing about the victims, they care nothing about the victims, indeed the victims are lucky if they get a passing comment instead they shout “racism must not divide us! ” oblivious to the fact that the demos are a reaction to rape, to murder, to injustice.
The left seem to think that I could rape a woman and this will not cause division, I could kill people, that won’t cause division. But if I say a comment against rape its civil war, I am evil and its armageddon time!
Where is the rational in that thinking? What point of that forms a coherent sense of logic? It doesn’t, just like Don Quixote the windmills are dragons, and are to be battled.
The Women’s strategic alliance say: “We know that sexual assault and abuse are not isolated acts of violence, rape culture is rampant and Widespread”
In fact, this was then copied by a nefarious group called “plan c” isn’t it cute how they all repeat the same thing?
But here is the crux of the matter: They claim they knew. Yet they did nothing. They claim to have knowledge of events, yet took no action. They are as guilty as the rapists themselves! They could have spoken out, they could have marched but they stayed silent! Thus allowing more victims to be created.
How did their policy of knowing but not doing anything work for the community?
Well, in 2011 there were 5878 reported rapes of children. In 2016 this had increased to, 11947.
Since 2011 rapes have increased 123%.
The horrifying statistic is that for every 100,000 children born 109 will be raped before they are 16.
The women’s strategic alliance make a ludicrous claim, “we do not need protection, we are strong and hold society together!”
Sorry, but the 123% increase in rapes show your statements for what they are, empty happy thoughts of a drug addict.
Staying silent and allowing rape to continue even though you know it’s happening is not strong, that is FEAR!
Claiming you are holding societies together is delusional as child rape increases and you do nothing.
You know but do nothing. You are part of the problem.
Many people use the pathetic excuse “I did not want to say anything, I was scared of being called a racist! “
Where have I heard that before?
Nazis who said, “I was only obeying orders!”
We have to ask, for a balanced view, are the DFLA scaremongering, are they racist and a recruiting ground for the right wing?
A fellow contributor to the DFLA has quite a mixed race family, I remember in Newcastle last year a member of SUTR accusing him of being racist. His reply, “My father in law is Iraqi!”
SUTR States, “oh my god, so you have a Muslim family and you are with the haters of Islam! “
My mate pointed out how not all Iraqis are Muslim, you have Christian, Jewish, even Zoroastrian believers, and atheists. “
He stated that this SUTR view was, in fact, racist, an assumption that a country only has one feature is also prejudice.”
Yet this man is in the DFLA. How could such a racial aware person be part of a racist group?
In the example above we can see that racism only came from SUTR.
So are the DFLA playing up to rape figures?
Why do that? What would there be to gain?
Rape and violence toward women is rampant among the left, it is well documented, Steve Hedley, Martin Smith to name two have raped and abused women within their own organisations. The superb report by Julia Downes details the problems that are rampant among them.
So are they afraid to confront their own abusers? Admitting the DFLA are correct would be like a drug addict admitting they are addicted.
But is there a problem with rape or are the DFLA making it up?
Official rape figures will answer the claim:
Figures from “Statisca”:
Reported Rapes in the UK.
2010/11: 15892
2011/12: 16038
2012/13: 16374
2013/14: 20751
2014/15: 29300
2015/16: 35798
2016/17: 41150
2017/18: 53977
So again we have to concede that there is a massive problem with rape.
Further to this despite the massive increases conviction rates have
only gone up 11%.  For every 100,000 children born 109 will be raped before they reach the age of 16. In 2011 there were 5878 reported cases of child rape, by 2016 this had increased to 11947.
So even with the most biased view. We have to admit that there is something wrong with the thought process within the SUTR camp.
Let us look at the situations within SUTR:
In Sunderland, SUTR protested against the Women and Children against rape group.
A SUTR member stating: “We stand by rape victims! “
REALITY: No rape victims were with SUTR. SUTR gave a platform to Steve Hedley, a notorious woman beater and abuser. (Steve Hedley condemned the burning of the effigy of Grenfell tower) yet shared a platform that day with Emma Dent Coad, who was part of the panel that approved the cladding that led to the deaths of people in Grenfell.
SUTR claimed the Women and children’s group were racist.
REALITY: None of the speeches by the brave women of the North East actually mentioned race or religion of the rapists or abusers.
SUTR Claimed that the Women and children group were racist, yet a SUTR member abused a person as a racist Nazi.
REALITY: The person they picked on was, unfortunately, a German tourist just passing through.
SUTR Claim the DFLA are racist.
REALITY: Our march in London included Muslim girls, black, Asian and Europeans.
When facts are looked into and studied correctly you will see that SUTR are out of touch with reality, they are tilting at windmills in order to avoid the reality. That reality being, they are irrelevant.