One of the main reasons the DFLA (FLA) started was because of our fear of returning jihadists the threat of terror and the continuous attacks we were seeing and a lack of action to combat it.

We have to commend our special forces and intelligence services for thwarting 18 attacks in the last 2 years but today Neil Basu, Scotland Yard assistant commissioner, who is in charge of anti-terror policing in Great Britain, said when asked about the threat of returning jihadists, is he worried?

“Absolutely, it’s one of our main threats,” Basu said, as quoted by Sky News.

report here:…/201901231071741473-uk-syria-retur…/

But he doesn’t exactly instill us with confidence when just last October he said something completely different.

“Returning jihadists are not the biggest threat”

One thing we all know and the government’s terror threat level which is at severe suggests that a terrorist attack is likely to happen,

So we have to ask why are these complete loons on the far left encouraging complete strangers to enter our country?