You can always tell a journalist is under pressure to produce something, anything to sell a story. Papers usually do this in the wake of a tragedy.

The pressure is on, you have to vent your spleen at what happened. The door to fake piety is open, your destiny of pseudo grief is beckoning. There is the public outrage to ride on, to get sales from. Time to make money.

You need to sell papers and you need a story that appeals.

The pressure is doubled when you only have a football reporter of flimsy quality and suspicious capability.

This is the epitome of hack journalism.

“Hack Journalism” is the name given to journalists who get paid to write a story based on the needs given above. These mindless minions have no opinion of their own, they write at the express opinion of their masters. Indeed they are paid to write their owners opinion. An opinion that is often ill-informed and highly dubious.


I would like to draw your attention to an article written by Sam Cunningham. An alleged journalist who writes for the Daily Mail and recently produced an article for the I.

found here;

In this article, he is quite desperate to equate the rise of the far right in England with the Christchurch massacre. This spurious line of journalism lacks any credible evidence. Anyone trying to draw this equation should seriously retire from journalism or indeed have their qualifications withdrawn. Sam Cunningham wrote a piece that was not just amateurish in the extreme but stole from other articles written by different authors on the same subject. It lacked basic evidence with a view taken for granted that you will believe him.

Serious journalist?


You may be angry about the DFLA being accused of being responsible for the horror in Christchurch, but worry not, Douglas Murray Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Julia Hartley-Brewer and even UKIP have also been accused.

Alongside them, we have our very own Phil Hickin.

Phil, said Sam Cunningham, is our leader. So desperate was he to name someone, anyone. This is where he fell apart though. He gave away his source of information.

Last year the Anti-Fascist network found a loose link to Phil and a semi nazi piece of literature. This was enough to condemn a man as guilty of being a fanatical Nazi. Forget the fact that Phil being a Nazi would truly be an irony of epic proportions the AFN ran with it. Phil’s riposte was blistering and devastating. Having various friends from various racial backgrounds come to his defence left the AFN licking their wounds and running back to their pigsty.

However, such is the lack of actual investigation by Sam that he is ignorant of this he simply ran with part of the story.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that Phil is Jewish!

Coming back a step, there is also the very real and factual error stated that Phil is the “Leader”.

The very real truth of the matter is we do not have a leader. We are a body of individuals who make up a committee that votes and makes decisions based on information and discussions throughout our meetings and opinions and thoughts of our members.

Here however we get the first inkling of a cut and paste commando in action.

Reading through his article you may be thinking, “Hang on, I have read this before!“ You would be right of course. Taking one sentence I used a method of approach called “Form Critic”. I found the date this sentence first appeared. Using this date as a baseline the sentence followed on another 18 different occasions in articles all about the DFLA. Written by differing Journalists for different papers on different articles. Once or twice can be excused, but exact and 19 times in the same context? (This is not a generic sentence either but quite precise).

Another search, another sentence from Sam’s article, 16 times. Same structure, same context.

If these journalists are so well educated and unbiased why all come from the same angle and steal articles from the same source?

Just to make sure, I took a sentence from one of these journalists and searched. To my surprise, the sentence from this female journalist appeared in 13 other articles on the same subject, including Sam Cunningham’s latest. (a year after originally being printed) Why are they all snooping around stealing from each other if they are as great as they claim?

I then looked at Wikipedia and found about 85% of his article there. (bloody form critic)


In his rather incorrect article Sam comes out all guns Blazing, he is firing blanks.

You see, good journalism states that a good journalist will act independently. Considering that Sam is writing a hack piece and stealing from other articles we can safely conclude that he is not acting independently, ironic really considering the paper he is writing for. The second reason this article is poor is because it not only withholds truth but distorts in order to deceive. This is nothing but propaganda.


In his article, Sam sets out to say that the DFLA are Islamophobic. (Sam is drastically wrong here) The DFLA is against Islamic Terrorism. It is not a phobia to be scared of real events or groups. With numerous Islamic terror attacks since 2005, 85+ people killed and 900+ injured and over 100 plots foiled, in England alone, we have to ask: Is it an irrational fear?

Maybe Sam Cunningham can visit the families of the victims and explain how they are irrational?

This is the rub of the matter, Sam in his cosey office, waxing lyrical not knowing or facing actual facts, yet he accuses the DFLA of having a phobia?


Someone should explain the concept of irrational to Sam. This month alone there have been 269 Islamic terror attacks throughout the world. This is for March alone. This means on average there are 14 Islamic terrorist attacks a day.

Irrational is it?

Sam will not mention this. Sam will also avoid telling you about the thread declaring sadness for the attack in Christchurch. He ignores all the messages of condolence and insults toward the attacker. If he explained this it would balance out his claims of Islamophobia and show we are anything but.


Of course, Sam’s article is ignorant of fact and truth, it is an embarrassing lie. I think the editor of I should seriously reconsider this cut and paste jockeys approach to journalism.

Sadly lacking in Sam’s report were facts that the Polish Nazis he refers to were expelled before his article. A DFLA team investigated these people and they were roundly condemned and told to leave.

A quote from his article: “Over the weekend, they published a post outraged at Sky News linking them to the Christchurch terror attack, which prompted hundreds of equally outraged messages.”

Sam what did you expect?. If I was to make claims with an incredibly tenuous link to your involvement with the Hillsborough disaster would you not be outraged? If I said you were responsible partly…… You would be outraged too. Whilst running to your solicitor. Or are you saying speaking out against inaccurate news reports is wrong and offensive?

Do you need your safe space sweetie?

He next makes dodgy comments about the Finsbury Park mosque attack. He ignores the condemnations of the attack that were by far in the majority.

The ignorance factor here in Sam Cunningham’s report is on display, like an advertising billboard on the Somme Battlefield for Anne Summers.

The DFLA was not formed until after the event. Are you confusing FLA with DFLA?

The DFLA page was not up when the attack took place.

Tommy Robinson is not part of the DFLA, so why try and constantly pin him to us?

The answer is simple, Sam did not have enough to write about, so he tried clumsily to fluff out his report.

Sam acted like the now defunct West Midlands Regional Crime Squad. He withheld the truth that was vital to the case.

They were described as immoral, corrupt, without scruples.

The same can be said of Sam. He held off our condemnation of the IRA, our support for Justice for 21 campaign, he held off our work with the Homeless, our support for Victims of rape and abuse, our work with Veterans groups, speeches we have and continue to write for campaigns including PTSD and Rape.

He ignores the charity work.

Sam also ignores the debates that rise up between the occasional Racist who pops up, or the Leftist who try to make us see things their way to influence us. They quickly get overwhelmed with accurate and logical argument.

Hello Dr Raw, still sore are we?

Been quiet lately love.

So, as we can see, Sam’s report is unbalanced, it is biased away from fact.

It is fair to say that Sam is to truth what the nuclear reactor in the Ukraine was to house prices at Chernobyl.


I would dare anyone to read Sam’s article and then read the Wikipedia article on the FLA, you spot the difference?

Neither could I.

The Wikipedia article was written by rape defending SWP members I heard. Embarrassing when your source of information may be rapists and defenders of rapists.


Yellow Press is a style of reporting very much used by Sam Cunningham. This is where one remains oblivious to facts, but goes purely for sensationalist reporting.

Any unbiased reader with a grasp of facts would be able to spot this a mile off. I also mentioned “Thumbnail cheating” This refers to those ads on YouTube where a handsome guy or beautiful woman appear in an add and you click on it only to go to a video where they are not, just another video. It’s a thumbnail cheat.

Sam uses plenty of these in his report. He lures you in but nothing is there.

“The pen has always been mightier than the sword but sadly in today’s journalism the ink is sponsored.”

Amit Abraham


For further information on how the media manipulate you and to see how much of a Charlatan Sam Cunningham is read the book: “Trust Me, I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday.

Ps Sam if you are reading this and want an answer to your ridiculous question about female paedophiles then read this article, it may be above you, being actual journalism.