There is nothing more telling of the absurdity of a political party than an election leaflet that fails to address issues directly.

One such leaflet came through my door recently on behalf of the Labour Party.

I thought I would read through it and see if they were speaking any sense.

It did not take long to see how out of touch these people are.


This is the first section in the Labour Leaflet that made me roll my eyes.

Now any political party that has 863 cases of racism levelled against it, that has members demanding a march upon synagogues or calling for the deportation of millions of people can hardly be said to be “Bringing unity”.

The real absurdity though is that Labour cannot even unite their own party. Under Corbyn 47 of his MP’s have resigned, the most recent being Bridget Prentice who blamed the “Cult of Corbyn”.

She tweeted;

I joined the Labour party, not a cult. Singing ‘oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ might be mildly amusing, but the inability to countenance any criticism of The Leader is not.

Here’s her resignation letter;

So apart from Labour Mp’s resigning because of the inherent racism in the party, according to Chuka Umunna, we now have criticism of Corbyn not being allowed.

They sound more and more like the Nazis every day.

We then have the fact that far from bringing unity our politicians are bringing division. The Majority 51.89% voted leave or 17,410,742 people. Our politicians have dragged out the vote and caused those 17 million to become disenfranchised. There has been nothing more stark a warning of the arrogance of our politicians than the Brexit procedure.

Labour has been part of the division of political action from the will of the people and from democracy from Parliament. They have happily taken part in the division of these vital components of a fully functioning society. Once again the Labour Party claim to be promoting Unity yet have been practising division.


They go on to claim, “The Tories chaotic handling of Brexit has left our country in crisis. UK jobs and industry are at risk”

I am not going to insult the Labour Party intelligence by suggesting they actually believe the stuff they write, but seriously?

The Labour Party has been part of this chaotic handling of Brexit all the way. Calling for General Elections, voting against every government proposal, voting to remove the No Deal scenario of the table, against the will of the people and democracy.

We then have their own bizarre approach toward Brexit. After the referendum, they declared that they would honour the vote and carry out Brexit. They lost the election of course and since then Labour has revealed their true colours. They have not only hampered Brexit every step of the way but far from carrying out and honouring the Brexit vote they have dishonoured it, not just as shown above but are now talking about a second referendum.

Labour, of course, does not expand on what “A better deal” means.

During the referendum, it was leave or stay. There was no talk of deals, there was no talk of customs unions etc…. So Where have talks of deals come from?

They come from politicians who want us to remain if not in the EU, then as closely aligned to it as possible. How is that accepting the will of the people? How is that honouring the referendum result?

It does not.

Once again, Labour lie.


“Nearly a decade of reckless cuts have devastated our communities”

Again, we have Labour lying to make themselves look good.

As we have seen time and time again, for any cut to go through it has to be voted through by a majority. Labour politicians have voted for these cuts themselves. The absurdity spreads further in that Labour supporters march against cuts that Labour MP’s have voted for. Labour MP’s will bewail the cuts, yet vote in favour of them.

Can any of this “Leaflet” be trusted?


“The Tories have recklessly savaged local communities through nine years of unnecessary cuts.”

We again have to say that Labour has played their part in these cuts.

Let us look at the Police though and see how the cries by Labour do not stand up under scrutiny of facts.

In 1961 the police had 1 officer for every 807 people.

In 2017 it was reported by the Office of National Statistics that there was 1 officer for every 462 people. This is despite the fact that the population has also increased.

To this, we need to add the fact that in 1961 there were 806,900 crimes reported. In 2017 there were 5.2 million crimes reported.

So are cuts really the issue?

We shall focus on London and Sadiq Khan.

Khan has shouted long enough about cuts to his police force whilst spending lavishly elsewhere.

In 2016 Sadiq Khan used £770 million pounds to improve cycle lanes. In 2018 Sadiq Khan spent £6 million on toilets for bus drivers. We also have of course the online crime hub costing £1.7 million where Khan believes that nasty words are more hurtful than stabbings.

In December 2018 Sadiq Khan advised he would raise council tax in London by 46p a week and this would raise an extra £84.8 million for the metropolitan police.

We will gloss over the money Sadiq Khan donates to various mosques throughout London.

So if we look at the facts of the matter we can see that in a Labour controlled area, cuts are not the problem. Mismanagement of funds, irresponsible spending, a massive rise in crime stretch the police to breaking point.

Yes, we need more police, yet, as given in the example above cuts are not the full story.

Labour state that they will place another 10,000 bobbies on the streets.

There are 48,956 towns in the UK.

So in all actuality, 10,000 new police are not going to make much of a difference at all.

So once again Labour are in complete denial of facts.


“Our country has never been more unequal. Labour will make this country a fair one where everyone gets a share of the rewards”

Now forgive me for beginning to doubt the sanity of the author of this leaflet.

“our country has never been more unequal” They claim.

Well, this raised eyebrows as the Labour Party must consider the Feudal system to be fairer than we have today, with peasants, Serfs, Slavery and of course everything being owned by a Local Baron. Witches burnt at the stake, trial by ordeal, confession by torture, no free speech.

The people had no votes, no say, no politicians. According to Labour, this was a more equal than today.

For Labour to talk about a fair future is for Jack the Ripper to say that next time foreplay will be a bit more passionate.

Labour has never been fair, racism, hatred of anything not Labour orchestrated by Momentum, political correctness, closing down free speech. Groups run by Labour, Socialist Workers Party covered up 9 rapes, friends with Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn donating money to Holocaust deniers, Friends with Hezbollah who run a concentration camp at Madaya, friends with Hamas

who fired 700 Rockets into Israel. Naz Shah who retweets that white girls raped should keep their mouths shut for sake of Diversity. Of the majority of towns and cities where Rape and abuse of young girls were covered up and justice denied were run by Labour Councils.

Jeremy Corbyn’s own constituency was a hotbed of a child pornography claims were made and children’s homes were used as Brothels.

When an investigation took place Corbyn not only demanded the investigation stop but also that he received a public apology. Years later when the scale of the abuse became known Jeremy Corbyn remained silent and protected by the media continues in his role as the potential next prime minister.

Is that fair?

Is that a fair future for all, Corbyn who led an active defence of Peadophiles in a position of power whilst the victims are tossed aside and forgotten?


Obviously, the Labour Party leaflet is nothing but lies sugar coated with lies and sprinkled with lies.

Maybe they believe in the Nazi maxim, “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes a truth”

Or maybe Labour supporters will believe in the lies.

After all, the hypnotised never lie.