Saturday is coming, the 13th of October and Owen Jones, the man who has plenty to do now his show was cancelled due to lack of interest, or as I call it, “I got so fucking bored with his self importance and spoilt brat like ravings I covered my testicles in fish paste, dipped them in a piranha tank singing “here fishy fishy!”” to alleviate the painful boring whinge tone of Jones.
So Owen has delved into the world of philosophy to ask a vital question:
“Fascism is on the march and we will be asked what did you do to stop it?”
Now, this intrigued me so I went up to Huddersfield University to ask.
So I asked the same question to various students and here are the replies I got:
Who sorry?
“not heard of him”
“I think songs of praise is brilliant and the snowman song was brilliant” (interviewers note Aled Jones did snowman)
“does he play upfront for Cardiff? “
“from a Student who was 19 “He prefers men, why would you prefer men to what I got baby? “
just wow, she was foxy to be fair.
“yes, he was the baker in Ivor the Engine”
So I decided to change tact and ask specifically “Owen Jones, journalist in the guardian said Fascism is on the march and we will be asked what did you do to stop it?”
What do you think?
Guardians of galaxy was awesome, but never heard of Owen, was he the Racoon? “
Yeah mate, cool, power rangers and that!” (not sure about that)
“I got a mate who sells shit that will blow your tits off” (just oh my)
“We are new to town and do not want to get involved in nihilistic neo-fascist politics.”
“Isn’t he the gay bloke on crime watch?”
“My nan is called Jones!”
“Mate, I got munchies severe, need a kebab”
“you manarchist! I will call police, enough of your sexist questioning! “
Now I did find 4 E in a bag outside bus station and dispose of them responsibly. Honest, I did, but as to Owen and his raving question about fascism, sorry mate, but no one knows who the fuck you are.