In response to this open letter that has come from “stand up to racism” and their comrades in the antisemitic ridden labour party.



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Initial signatories:

Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham
Unmesh Desai, London Assembly Member, City & East
Lyn Brown MP, West Ham
Stephen Timms MP, East Ham
John Biggs MP, Mayor of Tower Hamlets
Jon Crudas MP, Dagenham and Rainham
Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Poplar and Limehouse
John Ratomski, Chair West Ham United Independent Supporters Club (personal capacity)
Rob Ferguson, Convenor, Newham Stand Up To Racism

Open letter to Board of Directors, West Ham United FC

To the Board, West Ham United FC
26 March 2019

After Christchurch, we must all play our part in ensuring that Islamophobia, racism, antisemitism and hate crime have no place in our communities and no place in football.

The terrorist atrocity in Christchurch on 15 March, sent a wave of horror and grief across our communities. In the wake of this appalling crime, we all need to take a stand. Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate cannot be tolerated in our communities.

In Britain, the far right has targeted football as a recruiting ground, under the banner of the “Democratic Football Lads Alliance” (DFLA). The DFLA are promoting anti-Muslim hatred and organise demonstrations marked by racism, anti-Muslim, anti-migrant rhetoric and violence.

Football has a proud history and West Ham United FC has been part of that tradition. Football is a place where those of all backgrounds and faiths can come together in celebration of sport. Unfortunately, that is now under threat as the DFLA promote racism and division.

We welcome West Ham United FC in condemning racism and Islamophobia, such as that directed at Liverpool player, Mo Salah, recently. However, we also need to isolate those who promote such poison. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has recently recognised the positive community role West Ham United FC has played but stressed that he thinks “it’s really important that clubs call out their fans” when their behaviour and actions are unacceptable.

Throughout its history, peoples from all over the world have made east London their home and made their own unique contribution to our community. Diversity is our strength.

On Saturday 30 March West Ham will be playing a community event game with Everton FC. This is an ideal opportunity to assert the true values of our community game. We ask that prior to the event, West Ham United FC issue a clear unequivocal statement that the DFLA form no part of the West Ham family; they are not welcome at West Ham and never will be.


We the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) would like you to hear what we have to say.

The open letter above states that the DFLA should not be made welcome at football clubs,

This is in reference to the DFLA and its followers the same DFLA who unequivocally condemned the Christchurch attack on our social media platforms with an official statement the same DFLA who laid flowers at the New Zealand embassy the DFLA who speak out against racism in football and hand out a leaflet highlighting the issue, who speak out against all forms of child abuse, who let Muslim women join their demo and welcomed them with open arms, the DFLA who are out on the streets of Birmingham every single week assisting in feeding and clothing the homeless and in Coventry and South Wales and are looking to expand this to London and beyond and help any one no matter what ethnicity or creed, the DFLA who praise Muslims who sell poppies and a mosque that provided help and shelter for the homeless in Birmingham, who have spoken out about the Windrush scandal and will continue do so, the same DFLA who campaigned tirelessly to get justice for the families of the IRA pub bombings in Birmingham and have helped raise over £100k to help fund the cause,

We are the people who have handed a letter to 10 Downing Street asking for more to be done about the knife crime epidemic and the cuts to the police, we are people who campaign for our veterans suffering from PTSD, people who are appalled by the antisemitism in the political arena, people who have spoken out about National action a far-right extremist group, we are the people who commemorated national holocaust day, people who have had enough of our media who are biased and certain newspapers who make things up or stigmatise black players and are complicit in the fight against racism, people who are amazed that a politically motivated group like stand up to racism (SUTR) are allowed to spread lies and slander and support the identity politics that certain MPs use,
SUTR are using the shocking events in New Zealand to attack normal working class people like us, SUTR who are selective in what they stand up against and hand out leaflets at football grounds that are full of lies about us and we have clear proof of this being the case,

We have people that are proud union members but are dismayed at certain leaders actions and agendas,

This far left consortium of SUTR, union leaders, the socialist workers party who cover up rape allegations and ‘momentum’ the bullies and brains behind the antisemitic labour party work together with groups such as football lads against fascism (FLAF) who are riddled with IRA sympathisers, and they have the gall to call us racist and Nazis!

But let us make it clear the people of the DFLA will not shy away from speaking out about Islamic fundamentalists and returning jihadists and our borders being breached by people that we have no clue where they’re from or what their intentions are, that is not being anti-Muslim or racist its called not being complicit and having major concerns for this countries security and well being.

we do NOT tar everybody with the same brush.

We just want our children and grandkids to grow up in a safer environment within a less divided society.

We have proof of all of the above and would welcome a chance to come and sit down and answer any questions you may have, we have no hidden agenda unlike SUTR who are nothing more than a political pawn and do more damage to the anti-racist cause than good and are obviously the main instigators of this slanderous letter.

We the DFLA are passionate about our country, we are against racism and extremism in all its forms and we stand up for what is right,

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.