Official Statement


It has been an interesting time since the DFLA was formed in January 2018, we have faced many challenges and many lessons learnt however we are still here and not going anywhere, our strategy may have changed somewhat but we are stronger than ever and with our focus not all about marching we are going from strength to strength, we are currently touring the country with a team of good people facilitating meet and greets where we spend time engaging people from our football community also strengthening our countrywide communication structure, we also have been working hard on developing our media platform so as to further our reach getting our message out to as many people as possible, recently one of our posts reached 322,000 people indicating we are most defiantly on track.

Our message is simple; We want a voice, we want the establishment listening to its people and their concerns: Terrorism, Extremism, Child abuse in all its guises, Social injustice, Knife Crime, Homeless, unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

Soon via our Website we will have a mailing list for people to subscribe to and in turn, we will be introducing our monthly Newsletter, also watch this space on new initiatives in the pipeline some really worthy causes we will be getting behind.

Our support which is drawn mainly from the football community coming from all walks of life,and as such share a very varied range of opinions on life, politics and viewpoints in our short life span we have been asked to support many groups inc street movements and politics, one of the lessons we have had to learn the hard way is that in supporting groups outside of the DFLA, particularly those with very specific politics or viewpoints has isolated sections of our supporters which is very regrettable, so this all said we are making a clear statement that with immediate effect the DFLA will be a completely Autonomous movement we will follow our own paths and goals and not straying onto the path of others, this does not mean if you follow the DFLA you cant follow other groups everyone is their own induvial and free to make their own minds up on the paths they take but we as the DFLA will be sticking to our own path and not that of others.

It is our aim to give our people a voice to be listened to, be able to help others that can’t help themselves.



Is this such a bad thing to want?








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