Although we haven’t personally heard any racism at football grounds in many years of travelling the country and we’ve thankfully moved on from the very dark days of the 70s & 80s when it was at its height and almost excepted at football and in society, it is clear we can not become complacent as reports suggest there is a worrying trend that needs to be curtailed and must not be ignored,

This link here talks about the 10% rise in antisemitism and other racist incidents in the last year at football matches

Why is it on the rise is the obvious question?

Well “Stand up to racism” and their close allies at “kick it out” along with trade unions will tell you it’s the rise of the “fascist far right” and groups like the DFLA,
yes the DFLA who’s leaflet that’s been handed out a football grounds around the country condemning racism!
the same DFLA who’s many admins and members are from the Jewish community the black community and of Irish heritage.

The study that covers grassroots football aswell uncovers an alarming 10 % increase of antisemitism!

could this be down to the rise of the far left?

A shadow government that preys on and targets the impressionable youth of today, a labour party run by momentum that is riddled with antisemitism?

As in the bad days of the 70s & 80s, football was reflective of society and one thing is for sure our societies are very divided and broken at the moment,

The aforementioned far left groups, the PC brigade and the establishment curtailing debate and covering things up instead of dealing with the issue, has created anger and division in communities, so maybe they need to take a long hard look in the mirror before finger pointing and blaming everyone else.

But one thing is for sure there is no place for Racism in society, let alone football.

We the DFLA even hand out leaflets at football grounds condemning racism.


On social media be it Twitter, Facebook or any of the many platforms there seems to be an alarming amount of racial abuse aimed at players and public figures as people see it as a place where they feel it’s ok to put what they want and use their freedom of speech behind a keyboard, but this just has disgusting and damaging to the person being attacked whether its on a screen or coming from the terraces and something we must definitely not let creep back into our stadia and move back to the dark days when it was sadly excepted.

We will not tolerate any of this type of language on our social media platforms so if you have a problem with us sharing this you know where the door is and piss off back to the 70s and 80s where you clearly belong.

This recent story highlights one example;


What we also find alarming is the bullying culture in the “kick it out” anti-racism organisation that has been uncovered.

What do you expect when working for and associating with hard left groups like Stand up to racism and some trade Unions who operate under the guise of anti-racists and have a bullying culture with the likes of Steve Headly and “Momentum” style intimidation.

Another so-called anti-racism group called “give racism the red card” who you might remember their CEO Ged Grebby who unsurprisingly began in politics as a member of the Trotskyist-entryist group Militant, and was on a panel of far left guest on the Victoria Derbyshire show slating us and he even accuses us of attacking people,
(watch here)

yes the show that we weren’t invited on to defend ourselves!

The only way that racism can be tackled properly in sport is when the people who run these organisations are not doing it for political agendas and for the right reasons, undoubtedly there’s some great work and initiatives going on and it’s not just about educating the young but also the older generation
but I personally think it’s a problem within society and not something that has derived from football


Ex-Reading striker Jason Roberts refused to wear a Kick It Out T-shirt a few years ago and, despite the conciliatory tone being adopted by fellow rebels Rio and Anton Ferdinand, they did not support the initiative until the scheme does more to combat racism. The veteran forward wants more action and less talk from organisations such as the PFA and Kick It Out. But Roberts remains angry that racist behaviour is not already an automatic sacking offence in players’ contracts.

Both Liverpool striker Suarez and Chelsea’s captain and centre-half Terry were found guilty of racial abuse – to Patrice Evra and Anton Ferdinand respectively – by independent panels and received FA bans but remain with their clubs.

Roberts said: “It is indicative of the whole thing that something isn’t already in place so it is a sackable offence.


When is UEFA going to grow a pair and start clamping down heavily on this disgusting racial abuse?

The issue of racism is clearly worse in mainland Europe with sadly far too many instances to mention and the recent abuse of a black Chelsea player who was subjected to vile monkey chants from a section of Dynamo Kiev fans has highlighted it again

The Ukrainian side has previously been fined €15,000 (£10,950) by Uefa for racist behaviour that took place against Everton back in 2015,
Uefa has ordered partial closure of their ground

Also, the Russian Football Union has been fined £22,000 for racist chants by fans in March’s friendly with France in 2018.

June 2008 – Croatian federation fined £10,000 for racism

Sept 2011 Bulgaria FA fined £34,230 for racism

April 2012 – Porto fined £16,700 for racism

December 2012 – Serbia fined £65,000 for racism

These ridiculous paltry fines are a drop in the ocean for football clubs and federations and much tougher action is needed to send out a clear message to eradicate this cancer in football.

There is no clear answer to tackle racism in football as it is a wider issue in the whole of our divided societies, but was is clear is the DFLA is up for the fight to help tackle it.