Over the coming week, you will see some changes and new editions to the set up of our Facebook pages and media platforms,

Our new fantastic website will be going live, and although this page will stay the same our other public page which you may already be a member of will have a different focus and content which we believe is much needed and something we have been wanting to do for some time.

Please follow it if you do not do so all already:

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This page will now be called the official DFLA “unity in our community” TWAS

We need to make it clear we are a patriotic group of proud people who love the United Kingdom, but we believe our communities have never been so divided and broken and that the feeling of a community spirit has disappeared,

We welcome anybody who buys into our way of life and culture and integrates and we will stand in unity together.

It has become abundantly clear the far lefts “alleged” anti-racism groups have an agenda and do not highlight many issues because it doesn’t fit their political brief, so we will highlight ALL forms of racism and those that are persecuted in our society whether people are black, Asian or white,

We will support apostates who are persecuted and give them a platform to speak out, just because they choose to leave a religion should not see them live in fear,

We will integrate our knife and gang crime page into this group as well as it is the purge of our towns and cities.

We will highlight community projects and great causes that are working tirelessly in our society,

We will continue our great homeless work and strive to build on what we’re doing already in other parts of the country.

We just want what’s best for our children and future generations.

The answer is obvious: