A former member of the of a banned far-right terrorist organisation who wanted to train an army to fight a “race war” has been jailed for three years

Daniel Ward, who joined National Action, also had an interest in weapons and explosives and took part in a number of the group’s demonstrations.

Ward, 29, of Highmore Drive, Bartley Green, had previously admitted being a member of National Action.

Birmingham Crown Court was told that National Action, formed in 2013, was a small, select and secretive organisation which had a number of cells across the country and which held racist, anti-semitic and homophobic views.

The group was banned and by the Home Secretary on December 16 2016.

Ward joined National Action three months prior to the ban describing himself as a “fanatic” and that he was “ready to fight.”

He told a fellow recruit they were;

“pissing in the wind” by “waiting for a war with the Jews which will never come in our lifetime”.

Jews and their puppets are the cause of all evil and unrest in the world.”

He told them;

As much as I’ve been told all my life Hitler was this and that – he was right.

In December 2016 Ward left National Action after becoming frustrated at what he perceived as a lack of action saying he “needed to fight for my people.”

Naomi Parsons, prosecuting, said;

however that four months later Ward came back to the National Action fold as he had felt at a loose end.

He then was a “vocal member” in chat groups in which he talked about recruitment, issues of security and training.

He also said in his application that he was;

“100% committed ” and  “All I have to offer is my thirst for gratuitous violence.”

As well as expressing his admiration their military-type actions.

His internet searches revealed an interest in explosives and how to make them and also in obtaining weapons.

Ward suggested the setting up of a training camp under the guise of a fitness group so that he could;

“build an SS and prepare for a race war.”

He said he was “desperate for action” and that the goal was to cause conflict between different groups of people, the collapse of society and to become agitators.

The defendant was not arrested until September 5 last year and when police searched his home they found evidence of his extreme right-wing views as well as recovering an air pistol and ball bearing firing one and two air rifles.

He also said in his application that he was “100% committed ” and  “All I have to offer is my thirst for gratuitous violence.” as well as expressing his admiration for military-type actions.

In passing sentence Judge Melbourne Inman QC said:

“Your violent and racist mindset is reflected in the evidence of your interest in weapons and explosives.”

“Others in the organisation looked at you as someone who would be prepared to act.”

He said;

“You threw yourself into the membership of National Action heart and soul.

At sentencing, Ward was also ordered to spend a further 10 years on licence, once released.