Neo-Nazi paedophile jailed FOR LIFE after plotting to murder MP.

NEO-NAZI Jack Renshaw, 23, has been jailed for life after plotting to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper — and gave a Nazi salute as he was sentenced.


Renshaw’s plot was foiled after he announced his plan to murder Cooper at a meeting in a pub among National Action members.

The alleged member of the neo-Nazi terrorist group was arrested after whistle-blower Robbie Mullen heard him talking about the murder plot during the pub meeting.

The whistleblower and ex far-right activist who gave evidence said:

‘I know I had no other choice. Jack Renshaw was days away from trying to kill an MP, Rosie Cooper.


An analysis of his internet history, which included searches of how long it would take someone to die from a wound to the jugular artery and research into his political target, proved his intent but, what secured his detention was the discovery of the very same 19-inch sword that was stashed in an airing cupboard.

Part of his admission included buying a gladius sword – described on the internet as ’19 inches of unprecedented piercing and slashing power’ – to carry out the attack on not only the detective but also a local MP.

He pleaded guilty to plotting to kill a British MP for ‘white jihad’ and making threats to kill a police officer in June 2018.


Jack Renshaw, is already serving a 16-month sentence after being convicted for grooming two underage boys online last year.

The child sex offences were uncovered after his phone was seized in 2016 – the investigation that led to him being convicted for stirring up racial hatred in Blackpool and Yorkshire and was handed a three-year prison sentence for calling for the genocide of Jewish people.

He claimed the officer had fabricated the evidence in an attempt to stitch him up and justified his fatal plan as revenge.

It was later revealed that he had set up two fake Facebook profiles in order to groom two boys aged 13 and 14.

He boasted to the youngsters he was rich and offered one of the boys £300 to spend the night with him.

He also requested intimate photographs of the pair but was reported to police when one of the boys told a teacher what was happening.

Renshaw has denied being a member of the banned extreme right-wing group National Action,

but the judge said you are now branded as a terrorist and will forever be remembered as the vile and malicious individual that you are.

He will serve a minimum of 20 years before being considered for release.