Its the 20th of October 2018 when VETS and patriots march through the streets of London eventually stopping outside the ministry of defence, The stage has been set for vets and family members to make their voices heard, the day was chosen as the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson was in town.

It was a day full of emotion as stories were told of heartbreak due to the loss of brave soldiers who had given their all to their country, soldiers that had taken their own lives due to suffering¬† from PTSD, that was the day that the organiser a vet himself Norman McGuigan told us to ‘watch this space’ calling out combat stress and Help for Heroes, Norman is actively the first response to these soldiers and assures safe refuge or treatment when the desperate call comes.

Moving forward to the 24th Oct and the charity Minds @ war is born in the four months that it has been running 11 soldiers lives have been saved! there are currently three vets in therapy, Minds @war have been working alongside the 1968 foundation where respite beds are made available they have four actively working therapists who volunteer their time, at present they have five veterans who they communicate with on a regular basis providing weekly support, they also have one veteran undergoing intensive treatment for alcohol dependency, also a further vet undergoing the same treatment at Chris’s house in Scotland where there is no funding at all, they will also be working alongside Shropshire city council.

Let this sink in last year alone 75 vets took their lives and sadly 6 this year have already,

There are very few if no emergency shelters for vets, although it will be claimed there is, and there is no guarantee a place will be found.


After acquiring a fantastic space the minds @war charity are hoping to create a working space for vets suffering from PTSD.

The centre will include

Group therapy

Training inc.






There will also be available:

Arts and crafts therapy

Tennis /Badminton

5 a side Football

Abseiling/ climbing wall

Recreation area for veterans visiting children.


This can only be achieved with help, your help! So here’s a list of what help is needed


But before that, they need boots on the ground for the


SKIPS and volunteers to fill them gardens to be tidy up, hedge trimming, sweeping and general cleaning.

For more information please contact Norman at

or go to