You may have read an article recently by an esteemed colleague regarding racism in football.
I will quote from his article:

Former Dundee United player Andy Mclaren told BBC Radio Scotland, “Football, in my opinion, has become middle class, it’s an absolute disgrace that kids are being priced out of football in this country. It’s meant to be our national sport. It’s meant to be all-inclusive. At the moment it’s not.”

Recently a DFLA member in Swansea laid on a Soccer school for working-class kids, something he has done for many years, It was to last over the Easter period.

The man himself would pass an enhanced criminal records check, he has been cleared on every level to work with children, in fact, he was cleared to go to 10 Downing Street and hand deliver a letter outlining the DFLA’s concerns over knife crime, returning jihadists, cuts to the police force and the treatment of our veterans.

Yet a certain individual, from the left, who would fail an enhanced Criminal Records Check, decided it would be good to slander our Lad and put an end to the soccer school. The only people this affected were the working class kids, be they black, white or Asian. All were involved in the school, all were pushed away.


Martin John Shrewsbury is the man of the hour, the man who lied about his dead mother, and being a typical woman bullying leftie, has been harassing at least one female anti-racist campaigner and being the true Socialist he is, went bankrupt and lied about the money he had.

We shall back up our claims about this man later. Actually, the funny thing is, his address is in the public domain, so we could easily drop it into this article.

Here is one on Martyn’s (or whatever his real name is) vile posts, its great to see people defending Reeco although these have been deleted and the posters are blocked from Martyn’s Facebook page if they dare to question him.

Incidentally, the far right watch page is run by.. Yep, you guessed it, Martyn.

Here’s one of many supportive messages, this is from a Nigerian family friend;



Now Martyn John Shrewsbury is a bit of a Charlatan of the nastiest sort. He once used a fake profile in order to harass a veteran, “It’s not the most honest way to deal with it, but sometimes you have to do it,” he said as if to justify himself and his habitual trolling.
Martyn is the main alias he uses though he has been banned from groups before. He describes himself as a “Member of Momentum”. Sajid Javid said about Momentum, “Yesterday there was a meeting of the hard left neo-fascist Momentum group in Wandsworth.” So are Momentum a racist group?
In an open letter to the momentum camp, a black group stated: “This appears to reflect the existence of a clear, white-dominated hierarchy of oppression that we believe continues to exist within Momentum.”
They continued with, “It‘s a level of disrespect British black organisations are used to from the right wing, however, it was with great sadness, shock, and a little anger, that we soon realised this is precisely how we are viewed by Momentum.”
This fits with earlier claims that an increase of racism at football in the premier league has followed on from an increase of Labour members. Both Sajid Javid and black groups were right about Momentum. Actually, the group further state: “fact that Momentum lacks African and Caribbean descent representation, on its national committee and wider structures, we believe has led to the Black voice being entirely marginalised within Momentum.”
This is nothing but racism, and yet our buddy Martyn John Shrewsbury is happy to display he is a member of this racist group. As established the Author of Socialism was racist, the author of National Socialism was racist.
So Martyn, racist?
Well, he claims to be a member of Momentum. Described in detail as white-dominated Neo-Fascist lacking diversity.
Martyn was also once a leader of the Welsh Green party and a candidate in local elections.
Now you know you are an arsehole of such magnitude when Vegans and Vegetarians get riled up enough to criticise you. They said, “Former WGP leader Martyn Shrewsbury has crawled out from under his stone hoping no-one will remember his fraud conviction and charlatan hypnotherapy practices. He is also a vicious internet troll who hides behind a range of names and persona”
Now the Fraud conviction came about as Martyn, being the total socialist he has had no concept of money.
To explain this we need to look at the hero of Martyns brain and author of socialism Karl Marx. Now Marx never worked a day in his life and understood money as “Something you got from others”.
Indeed Marx cared about the exploitation of workers so much he took money off Engels who exploited workers in a family factory! Go figure.
Anyway, back to Martyn “Bankrupt” Shrewsbury. Caught bang to rights as any total amateur would be, he admitted twice making false representations to creditors about the true state of his finances. (as did Marx which led to the deaths of 4 of his children). Mr Bankrupt was also found guilty of Fraudulently disposing of £75000.00 worth of assets. He did this within 12 months of petitioning for bankruptcy. Shortly after this, he inherited £75,007.00 from his departed mother (RIP) but still pretended he could not pay his debts, at one point he had assets of £114,000, including £32,000 in six bank accounts. This is how consciences this man is, he would rather not sell his assets and pay tax and then pay off his debtors.
A greedy man who tried to excuse his behaviour as “Trying to feed my family”
This does not wash at all, considering his deceit at trolling and bullying, something he continues to this day.
Oh, dear Mr Shrewsbury, who got their priorities wrong?

Martyn is joined on social media by some of his momentum activists and hate-filled people who post nothing but unfounded slanderous lies


You would have thought that being a tax avoiding Fraudster, and creating false accounts to troll people would be enough for most, but not for Martyn, he also has to make dubious claims in regards to his qualifications and his ability to treat people. A real Professor commented about Martyn:

“I see that “amateurs” are allowed to become Fellows of RAI, presumably those with no academic qualifications at all. Shrewsbury has no known valid academic qualifications apart from an apparently valid undergraduate degree. His qualifications appear to be of the type that can be purchased and have no academic validity. What class of degree is unknown. In order to gain a Masters or Doctoral degree one normally has to obtain a first or upper second”. In respect of the attached complaints, it is also claimed by “Martyn Shrewsbury” (real name unknown) that he is a member of the Counseling and Psychotherapy Society and the New England Institute of Forensic Hypnosis. The only e-mailing addresses I can find from google pertaining to these claims lead to a contact in New Zealand (mail] at [ and the Special Event Amateur Radio Education Group of the R.A.F. In my opinion as The British Civil List Scientist (trained in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, but not in psychology) the term “forensic hypnosis” is obscure. It does not have any immediate meaning unless it is some kind of hypnosis procedure used by the police’s forensic experts. This could only be done with the consent of the patient by a person with genuine qualifications. I have never heard of this procedure. There are many scams on hypnosis that can easily be found on google. The person Shrewsbury claims to be a member of both of these societies, assuming they exist. The evidence against him is on the blog as per attached. His abuse of the electorate of Gower, especially the people of Mawr Community, is very deeply resented.
Myron W. Evans, The British Civil List Scientist.

So there you have it. A convicted Fraudster,


A Charlatan an abuser of the electorate and a spurious qualification that may mean he is deceiving people regards treatment.
Is it obtaining money by deception?

We have him as a member of a highly suspected racist group, momentum, who according to a Muslim are a Neo-Fascist organisation.

To think this convicted criminal and Charlatan abused working class children by depriving them of a football school by a qualified and innocent man is nothing short of criminal.


But then as we discovered, that is what Martyn Shrewsbury is, a bullying criminal troll of a man who deceives and commits Fraud.

But seeing as he is associated with Neo-Fascism, let’s see what a real anti-racist campaigner has to say about him:

Reeco is a man who gives so much to his community and is a well respected and a kind-hearted human being, a man who at the drop of a hat would help anybody in need, in fact, he even asked the local Iman if there was anything he and the Swansea DFLA could do to help!

Swansea DFLA has been on the streets to feed the homeless, no matter what the ethnicity of people, they will help all.

The depths Martyn and his ilk will stoop to was highlighted in Cardiff when a team of DFLA followers who most certainly saved a mans life whom they found to be in very bad health whilst feeding the homeless,

Kevin was found in a hypothermic state and was saved by the quick thinking of our guys who got the emergency services to attend and followed up by making sure he had a place to stay on his recovery.

But Martyn and his far left extremist comrades soon took to social media and blazed a trail of hate and untruths and slandered everyone as far right, fascist, Nazis, how dare these good people come into this town and feed and clothe the homeless and give something back to the community?

It is clear these vile tactics are being used by a momentum led campaign in Wales, a place that was a labour stronghold but after the many local labour MPs went against the electorates wishes to leave the EU they result to smear campaigns to protect their positions in parliament.

This disgusting and relentless hate camping against Reeco just shows the lengths that vile people like Martyn will go to, to push their extreme far left political agenda.

Martyn John Shrewsbury,

Momentum activist,

A fraud,

A charlatan,

A bully.