An observation
By The DFLA.
Basic Betrayal of the working class.
An honest look at the Labour Party from a voter.
I do not profess to be an articulate political writer, I am merely a working class bloke writing about my observations on the Labour Party.
Where the rot set in.
FOR me I remember in the 70’s being with my Grandfather and father, and my Grandad saying “That’s it, labour have lost their way a betrayed the values of the working class!” My father nodding and saying “I would rather die than let those pervert bastards get to me son! ” he rubbed my head and gave me a smile.
Total Recall
It is only now after looking back on things that I can put things together and understand what they must have been on about.
In the 1970’s Labour created the NCCL, the National Council of Civil Liberties. One of their unsavory projects was PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange).
It was founded in 1974 by Michael Hanson. It was protected by Labour and was even given a place on the council who then protected Paedophiles from newspaper articles and as they claimed were “Hysterical attacks” from the media. Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah, and David Lammy would have all known about PIE and its protection under Labour.
More evidence for consideration:
I have stated this before, and will state this again: during the 1970’s and 1980’s Jeremy Corbyn was advised about a number of children’s care homes in his Islington constituency where child brothels were being operated and films for child pornography were being made. Corbyn remained suspiciously Silent. Even in 1992 when abuse victim Demetrious Panton told Jeremy Corbyn about it, Corbyn remained rather silent.
Did Labour actually help Paedophiles?
This question has to be answered yes, even if indirectly.
Peter Righton was one of Pies founding members, he was a prominent social worker convicted of importing child pornography from Holland was given the job by a Labour Council of training courses on which council staff learned how to care for vulnerable children. Indeed Righton boasted: “Every care home manager in Islington knows I like boys aged 12”
Michael Taylor, one of those who knew about Righton, was put in charge of several care homes in Islington. In a later court case, it was revealed he was a member of PIE. He was jailed later for 4 years for abusing a child. He seems to have got away with his alleged crimes  in Islington.
Both men received jobs by approval of the Labour controlled Council.
Fast Forward to today:
In almost every council where recent child abuse has occurred, it has happened under a Labour controlled council. Social workers saying, “I did not want to be considered racist!” as if this would excuse them for their silence, like the Nazis who said, “I was only obeying orders! ” it is no excuse, like the 1970’s, like the 1980’s like the 1990’s and to date, Labour are the party for PIE activity, they are the party for Paedophiles. They have even attempted to cover up the recent Rape Gang epidemic.
They are still at it:
Next Week The DFLA, will march on several issues, rape of children amongst them.
Is Labour still defending peadophiles and rapists?
The Main unions, all Labour controlled, Unison, Unite, and RMT are all mobilising against us. Why would you protest against those who hate peadophiles and rapists unless you yourself are in support of rape and Paedophilia?
So here we see the Labour Party in mass mobilisation to protect peadophiles. The so called “working class” unions are coming out in force to oppose working class values, to oppose those who do not want children raped and abused.
We know about the cover up in Islington, we know about the mass cover ups by mainly labour councils, we know of their support of PIE.
We know of Jeremy Corbyn’s support for Weyman Bennett who threatened witnesses against Comrade Delta in his rape of a 17 year old girl. We know Jeremy Corbyn defended a known Peadophile.
This is not a joke, nor is it a bit of fanciful propaganda, it is truth, it is elementary dear Watson.
Unless we get our act together your children and Grandchildren will be the next victims.
2011 5878 child rapes. 2016 11947 child rapes. 2021……….?