“When you are in a glass house”, so the saying goes, “you should not be throwing stones!”

It’s a truism that has stood the test of time. Well, the time since glass and houses were combined that is.
You would think that a group like Stand Up To Racism would understand this, having lectured us on what it means to be racist down the years. I usually look to them for guidance for when I write stuff just to make sure I am not being racist. Although it is always wonderful to look at your opponents before a march or a demonstration to gauge their mood and optimism too.
So I went looking and found that all is not well in Toy Town and that groups do not like each other one bit, and are even accusing each other of going against the cause.
In a fascinating article written by Julia Downs titled:
She points out that violence in left-wing groups is more common than many think. She states:  “Widespread doubt and disbelief of women and non-binary survivors who disclose, speak out and demand accountability for the violence they have experienced within social justice movements in the UK Left reveals a painful impasse and persistent barrier in movement building.”
So when not beating women just what are the men doing, raping? “(Sorry Comrade Delta, just a joke don’t get Weyman Bennett to threaten me)
Julia explains: “For instance, performances of ‘militant masculinities’ within anti-globalisation social movements and ‘manarchists’ in anarchist groups routinely excluded and marginalised
women, transgender and non-binary individuals”.
In her article she covers the Steven Headley assault issue and notes how he still boasts a healthy relationship with the Socialist Workers Party and is idolised by the left. Indeed, even Comrade Delta was given an honorary PH. D by one rapist fawning University. Don’t be angry Martin Smith, sorry, Comrade D. (we can edit that out later, your secret of raping a 17 year old is safe with me)
This has prompted one feminist group to ask why is Steven Headley being given a platform at all? “This just goes to show that misogynistic evil is alive and well.” Another claimed, “what message are we sending out to domestic abusers, all is forgiven? This is not what we should be doing! “
Ironic is it not that a man who beat one woman, insulted her and tortured her mentally then goes on in public to insult another woman and patronise her. He gets given a platform to speak out against the DFLA. Beating and insulting women is good, protesting against rape and abuse of children is bad.
That is Steven Headleys ideology and it goes down well with SUTR.
Another speaker that SUTR will be having on their books is the enigma that is Emma Dent Coad.
Now you may be forgiven for asking who she is, but this shadowy figure, who was a Corbynista with groupie like tendencies before he became famous, is one of those people who suffer from Cognitive Dissonance in a rather grand style.
Let me give you an example, following the Grenfell Tower disaster where 71 lives were tragically lost Emma was very vociferous in condemning the Conservative council and blaming them for the disaster.  However, what Emma will avoid telling you is that she was on the Scrutiny Panel that oversaw the refurbishment of Grenfell. In fact, ex Tory MP Victoria Borwick advised that Emma Dent Coad shares “collective responsibility” for the work. Emma would rather you kept her part in the deaths of 71 people quiet.
Apart from forgetting her part in the disaster Emma also likes to throw around the occasional racist remark tinged with a bit of hatred for the working class.
She referred to Shaun Bailey, a promising politician as a “Token Ghetto boy”.
Now in case SUTR are unaware, the term “boy” to a black person in this sense is ultra offensive. The term was used by white people to denote inferiority to them, a term used widely by slavers and many racist groups to this day. This is why Dr Martin Luther King proudly stated, “I am a Man!”
With her experience and education you would think Emma would know this, yet here she is using carefully selected words to insult and to cause offence to a man who speaks the truth. She even went so far as describing him as a lost person, “will he ever find a place that he fits in?”
Luckily it seems that the racist phrase using Emma has found a place among SUTR who think nothing of her racism. Emma did apologise to Shaun, and that seems enough.
But is it?
See both Steve and Emma are continuing in their beliefs. We can understand Emma, whose forebears were fascists, but can we forgive Steve who despite knowing we will have women and children on our march, still uses his platform with the RMT to issue veiled threats of violence? Meanwhile, Emma who could afford a house of her own takes up a flat with a housing association, depriving a homeless person of a home, who in her bitterness makes snide remarks about the royal family. In fact, so bitter is she that her first marriage only lasted 4 days.
So why do SUTR give a platform to a violent woman abusing and girlfriend punching man and a bitter racist who deprives the homeless?
I really have no idea.