Why am I part of the DFLA? and why will I be in London on Friday 29th March?

Is a question I’ve been asking myself in recent days…

Let’s go back to May twenty seventeen,
Just a family man watching a tv screen,
The news came through of a terror atrocity,
Children among the dead I couldn’t think properly,

22 died the youngest was eight,
my mind was a mess I couldn’t think straight,
I thought of my young daughters who were asleep in their bed and this was when something went click in my head.

So I went on a demo with the FLA,
Through London we marched, oh what a day,

70.000 football lads from far and wide with Gurkhas and veterans marching with pride.

As we walked down Whitehall towards the cenotaph, I could smell some people who needed a bath,

But then I thought oh, its the press and the paparazzi, but no I was right it was SUTR shouting Nazi!?

The very next day I read the papers and watched the news,
but no mention of us, that left me bemused.

The FLA evolved and became the DFLA,
so I headed to Birmingham to support J4T21 for the day.

Got called a fascist and racist again,
And no MSM reports on this much-needed campaign.

I travelled to Telford and Rochdale too,
To highlight CSE and the coverups that ensued.

It was then I realised our establishment is corrupt,
And the complicit far left the media have helped cover it up.

As I walk around my once great city of London, I see hundreds of shop fronts that the homeless sleep on.

I see big concrete boulders protecting government buildings and MPs abodes,

And blood-stained pavements where kids ventured into wrong postcodes.

Our veterans are suffering in a silent war,
This PTSD epidemic has come to the fore.

Well at least we had brexit with us leaving the EU, but I quickly realised it’s not going through.

Our political establishment does not represent us,
So it’s time for the working class to kick up a fuss.

I’ve made many new friends and met some amazing people,
Mates for life, like-minded souls and we treat each other as equals.

So March the 29th is now on the horizon,
its time to come together and stand up to this poison.

The traitors in parliament are out for themselves,
They don’t listen to us as they’ve got all the wealth.

We may all be a little rough around the edges,
But we make sure we stick to our pledges,

We are definitely not fascists or Nazi far right,
We’re just football lads that want our children’s futures to be bright.

It’s time to stand up for our kids and their futures.
Get off your arse and stop tapping keys on computers.

We’ve had enough we must stand tall,

The DFLA are out tomorrow for one and all.