Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, does that name ring any bells?

Other than it being the name of the recently charged 28-year-old man from Luton, who was alleged to be in the early stages of plotting a terror attack at London’s gay pride along with his sister Sneha Chowdhury as we reported yesterday;

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But cast your minds back to 25th August 2017,

An alleged ISIS supporter who attacked police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’, was named as 27-year-old, Mohiussunnath Chowdhury from Luton.

The Uber driver who was caught with a samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace was cleared of terrorism charges after claiming he was depressed.

Amazingly he was unanimously acquitted by jurors at the Old Bailey of one allegation of preparing acts of terrorism in December of last year, this came after a retrial following the jury failing to reach a verdict in June 2018.

The court heard how Mr Chowdhury had conducted numerous internet searches for Isis beheading videos and the executioner known as Jihadi John, whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi.

Mr Chowdhury told the jury that messages where he declared support for Isis had been “in jest”.

But while in HMP Belmarsh awaiting trial, prison officers uncovered hand-drawn pictures stuck on his cell wall showing a police officer being shot and the 9/11 attacks,

And a routine inspection on 26 September uncovered the image of a police officer being assassinated outside Downing Street, with the door covered in blood.

Also drawn under selected Quranic verses, the attacker was depicted as a jihadi shouting “Allahu akbar” while firing a machine gun.

A picture depicting the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York had the caption “9/11: 3,000 dead, Iraq invasion 1,000,000 dead”.

In a separate search on 2 October, prison guards found another document allegedly written by the suspect on “taghut” – a term that can refer to false idol worship in Islam.

It listed democracy as a cause, and named numerous countries including the UK, US, Turkey, Israel and Russia as the “allies of Satan”.

The document named military personnel and police officers among the “ranks of taghut”, adding: “It is halal [permissable] to fight them”.


When officers approached the car and ordered Mr Chowdhury to get out, they said he reached for the 42in sword.

Prosecutors said Sgt Gavin Hutt and PC Ian Midgley attempted to stop the driver slashing or stabbing them in what was a “desperate struggle”.

The court heard that Mr Chowdhury shouted “Allahu akbar” repeatedly during the fight, which ended when he was overpowered using CS spray and detained.

But he told the Old Bailey that he had not attempted a terror attack and was trying to get himself killed by being shot by police.

Mr Chowdhury said he had been feeling lonely and depressed, and had “so many chances” to get out of the car and kill the officers but chose not to.

The incident, which followed attacks claimed by Isis in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge, was counted as a foiled Islamist terror attack by security services and it was unclear if the acquittal would change their assessment.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said they will not be seeking to bring new charges for other alleged behaviour, which may have been covered by laws against disseminating terrorist material or possessing an offensive weapon.

The 27-year-old, from Luton, raised his eyebrows and then smiled and waved at the jurors after they spent more than 11 hours coming to there verdict and cleared him of preparing to commit an act of he walked free from court!

The sister

A woman in the public gallery shouted “it should never have happened” moments after the verdict was delivered.

Yep, that woman was Sneha Chowdhury, 24, (ring any bells?) she said her brother was;

‘not a trouble-maker, just a practical joker’ whose interests included ‘cartoons, funny stuff and things like memes’.

She said she found it odd when he suggested they watch ‘The State’, a Channel 4 documentary about the rise of ISIS.

Now whilst the police can not be entirely blamed or the CPS, it’s deeply concerning that somehow this clearly radicalised man was found not guilty and allowed to walk free and live among us!

No doubt he was on a watch list as he was stopped for a vehicle check that has subsequently led to the recent charges being brought against him and his sister, but something really doesn’t sit right with this how can it be right that such a dangerous Islamist is given such freedom?

The brother and sister are due to appear at the Old Bailey on July 29th, oh and by the way, she is out on bail?!