“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone”
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.


In order to move forward from any conflict or personal, one needs to address an issue in all honesty and with a clear objective.
This cannot be done without truth.
Truth provides clarity of vision and clarity of drive, it motivates and cultivates peace. The truth is something lacking in today’s world. Being politically correct is not being true. It curtails words, it cages emotions. Being politically correct is only there in the false hope of not offending. Anything false cannot be true, hence political correctness is a lie that hinders progress.
So no PC terms will be used in this article. If this offends you then I am sorry, but you need to check your moral compass if the death of innocent people is less offensive than words.

SRI LANKA 21/04/19.

If we take a religious perspective we see the Islamic terror attack slightly different from how an atheist would view it. Undoubtedly we will all react with horror, we will all react with anger and indignation, but from a religious perspective, it holds a new dimension.
Easter Sunday is also called Resurrection Sunday. It is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Christians celebrate this as a triumph over death. They say that death has lost its sting.
So the Islamic attack on Sunday the 21/04/19 was not a random date, it was meant as an insult to the Christian faith, a mockery of the Christian belief of the resurrection of the dead.
To those of the Christian faith, it fell short of the intended target. The celebration of Jesus resurrection is something that they hold in their hearts. Mohammed is still in his grave, Jesus risen from the dead. Something Muslims will not change with their bombs and guns.
There were no calls for a minutes silence, no calls for extra security, no message of condolences for the hundreds killed and wounded.
Only the Muslims are afforded such luxury.

Incidentally, in 1973 on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, when Jews pray to their God for forgiveness of their sins, the Arab Armies attacked Israel. It was as if they were saying, “You ask your God for forgiveness, but Allah will punish you!”
Much the same in Sri Lanka, those Muslims were saying, “You say Jesus has conquered death, we will bring you death”.


Yes, I did. I will say it again throughout this article. You see those who carried out these atrocities were Muslim. They prayed, they lived as Muslims. They were Muslims. They quoted their religion to justify what they did, they read their Koran to justify what they did. They called themselves “Muslim”. Who am I to contradict them, to call them liars? Who are you, Muslim or not to say you know better than them, and can judge them accordingly?
The problem with the current political climate is that we do not call it as it is. We skirt around subjects tip-toeing our way through so as not to offend anyone. We hide from the truth and in doing so we become users of lies.
One of the greatest lies is when our politicians and religious leaders tell us Islam is a religion of peace. They will quote a part of the Koran that says, “If anyone kills a human being it shall be as though he killed all mankind whereas if anyone saves a life it shall be as though he saved the whole of mankind”
Koran 5/32.
Does the Koran actually say that?
No, it does not. The Koran actually says, “Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind. The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and his messenger (Mohammed) and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified”
Koran 5/32-5/33.
Worshipping other gods, not believing the Koran or Allah counts as corruption.
So the Koran is misquoted by leaders the world over.
In the Koran the Arabic word for corruption is Fasad. This means, “Rottenness, corruption, or depravity” From the Islamic viewpoint it can be used for any number of purposes, from spreading false rumours or moral corruption against Allah.
Think about it, Saudi Arabia has recently declared atheism as terrorism. It was on the 23rd of April this year that 37 Saudi Nationals were executed for “for adopting terrorist and extremist thinking and for forming terrorist cells to corrupt and destabilise security”, a statement by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.
So we will call them Muslim, acting by decree of the Koran.


At this point, we have to step back and refrain from getting caught up in anger and hatred.
Do Christians forgive those who carried out these atrocious acts?
Yes, they do. They will not pass hatred on.
It will be for G-D to judge them, not us. We mourn those who died, we are sad for those wounded. We feel pain for their families and loved ones.
We also have to acknowledge that not all Muslims commit acts of violence in the name of their god.


They go about their daily lives with very much the same concerns and fears we do. As Roger Waters sang: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we were all equal in the end”.
So we have to not stray into the realm of the killers, the belief they act by divine right, they are gods judgement. If their Allah was all powerful and all wise, why would he need humans to do his dirty work?
They also have the delusion of this great hedonistic paradise awaiting them when they die, 72 virgins? Even if we consider that Mohammed said that there was more women in hell than men, this means there are more women in heaven than men too. A ratio of 72 women to one man. (Such levels of hedonism are only found in Greek or Viking mythology)
This bizarre level of mathematics falls short of what actually awaits the expectations of these so-called martyrs. If we are to believe the Koran, and why not, then the word interpreted as “Virgin” was “Hur”. The Koran was not written in Arabic but a mixture of languages then compiled into Arabic. The word “Hur” is Aramaic and means “white”. It was largely applied to white grapes. In fact, all holy pictures or portraits around this time showed angels feeding white grapes to those who had died. Those so-called martyrs may find a bowl of fruit as a letdown.
So should I feel anger? No, I feel pity. They died for nothing, they killed for nothing, they believed in lies. But then in the Koran, it does say “Allah is the master of all deceivers” Koran 3/54 and 8/30.
They were deceived.


  • If we are honest we have to look at the deception of the media and their biased approach to the realm of killing in the name of Allah.
    In many cases, they refuse to say Islamic or Muslim. At a push, they will say isis or jihadi. There is very little mention in comparison of what they are. They even misquote the Koran in order to carry on the deception.
    On the other side of the coin, we have the media blackout of the victims. The media will not say “Christian”. They called them “Easter worshippers” or “People celebrating”
    One has to also look at the fact that Easter is being wiped out, Easter eggs are being replaced with “Chocolate eggs” Easter is being replaced with “Bank Holiday weekend”.

  • It is certainly looking that anything Christian is being erased.
    What purpose does this serve, what can be gained from it all?
    In reporting as they do the media are lying to you.
    Withholding facts is exactly the same as lying.
    Masters of deceiving?
    What does it gain in doing this?
    In not being honest, in hiding facts, the media perpetuate the problems.
    They hope to keep you in the dark, you don’t know who killed who, you just know they did.
    This act of deception was practiced in world war 2.
    We would not say where bombs fell or gave very limited information. We blacked out place names so the Germans would not get information on what they were hitting or where. We gave out false numbers.
    The media are running the same programme today, they are keeping you in the dark of what is really going on. They do this to keep you quiet, keep you complacent. They are misleading you.
    Why run the same operation of war if we are not at war?
    Much the same with “Asian Grooming gangs”
    No, they were “Muslim rape gangs”.
    Much the same as “Jeremy Corbyn did nothing about Paedophile gangs” (He did plenty as he actively defended them).
    Time and time again the media lie. As the problems get worse, so the lies have to become more bizarre. It is going to end up at the point where lies are no longer going to suffice, where propaganda is falling short. They will then have to silence groups, remove them and stop them speaking.
    Incidentally, have you noticed that of all the pages that Facebook removed, EDL, Britain First, the BNP and Tommy Robinson amongst others they still allowed “Hezbollah arms of Allah” page to remain open?
    Yep, a prescribed terrorist group.


The problem with the media lying is that it does not provide a way forward. It does not allow for sincere and meaningful discussion on the real issues. The atrocities are only going to get worse, the constant appeasement of the media and of world leaders toward Islam border on the condescending and purely patronising.
Imagine a drug addict needing treatment. Imagine him being told that he may need to see someone or that you leave it up to him in order to sort himself out.
What is going to happen?


What we should be doing, is confronting the followers of Islam with the truth and engaging in conversation with them. We should not patronise or appease. Islam has a huge problem and you will not erase that problem with false headlines and fake platitudes. If Islam is as real as its followers claim then surely it is real enough to face itself and confront its weaknesses and address them accordingly.

“And here’s the problem with a sharia law that punishes same-sex intercourse: there’s no punishment for homosexuality in the Quran, nor did Prophet Muhammad ever punish homosexuals or trans folks in his community. It is actually that simple, and the first Muslim country to understand that was Turkey when the Ottoman Caliph decriminalized homosexuality in 1858.”
That was taken from the MPV website, “Muslims with Progressive Values.
You can find more here:


These are the Muslims we need to encourage and to an extent defend.

We cannot continue with this limp wristed snowflake approach to religious fanatics that are defended by the media and public figures.
It is time for the media to step up and do the job they are supposed to do, inform and tell the truth.
Currently, they are saying Islam is not to blame, that we are all wrong and have to give more and more ground.
Something tells me we did this with Hitler and because of this 85 million people lost their lives.
Speaking as equals means that you are treating people with respect. The media and our world leaders are anything but respectful. They lie to us, they patronise Islam and allow murders and terrorism to continue. This does not create an atmosphere of peace, it creates tension, anger, hostility and finally war.


It must be clear to even the most devout follower of Islam that violence is now one of the most active parts of the Islamic religion today. Murders are committed on an almost daily basis and there is very little protestation by the religious leaders or followers of this religion. The victims are piling up, the acts of violence are committed and the numbers of dead increase.
How can you allow this in the name of your god, how can you stand by and allow people to claim your god is a murderer by proxy?


Either Islam is a religion of peace, or it is a religion of death and war. There can be no hiding place.
Same with our media. They either start to tell the truth or perpetuate the lie and compound the problem.
We throw the same questions at our so-called leaders. Address the issue. Bring the problem to the table and realistically address it.
To do otherwise is to allow murder, it is to allow death at the hands of religious fanatics it is to create the breeding ground for war.

Have no doubt about it, either the truth be told and we thereby confront and end the problem of Islams making or we continue to lie and appease and create fresh victims.

Look back at 1938 and see where your appeasement got us.

Or look at Rotherham. See where your fear of being called racist and your appeasement got us.


85 million agree with me.