Subject: Investigation into Justice for the woman & children group.

I recently watched the BBC Newsnight programme on BBC 2.

I settled down with my usual foreboding thinking, “well this is going to be unbiased reporting then”.
My sarcastic thoughts were not far off.
Now I know that others have stated the news night article was balanced. I can only shake my head in wonder. Just because a reporter dribbles out of both sides of her mouth at the same time, it does not make her balanced.

Reports or articles are the personality and insight of a reporter, they should not only include an opinion by the reporter but this opinion must be based on facts to hand from good and reliable sources.


Purpose of this article is to show that the BBC report was biased, wrong, Ill-informed and lacked credibility.
Further, it will highlight past failings of the BBC and with examples from other leaders to show the very real bias of the BBC.


Before I begin to show the failings of the BBC report I have to first show why there was bias in the report and indeed where that bias lies. It is also necessary to explain the failings of the BBC in order to cast doubt on the validity of the broadcast.


The BBC is not the paradigm of virtue that it makes out to be. Indeed Newsnight itself has been grilled on more than one occasion. In fact on the 12/11/12 News Night was accused of “basic journalistic errors and a lack of coherent management with inaccurate reporting”. Tim Davie was forced to take disciplinary action after News Night had wrongly accused a Tory Peer of child sex abuse.
There then followed another Scandal where they refused to broadcast an investigation on the scandal involving Jimmi Saville. It was pulled. The reason for this? The BBC had a tribute programme going out on him.

Is it just News Night or is it more sinister?


There have been many reported cases of fake news at the BBC, let us look at some examples of BBC bias:

BBC programme Panorama faked child labour footage in a report on Child labour.
BBC fake story about a dog being sentenced to death by stoning by an Israeli court.
BBC used the wrong photo to describe a massacre in Iraq in 2012. The photo was from 2003.
BBC in 2012 Panorama “Stadiums of hate” claimed masses of racist chants by football fans in Poland. Black, Jewish, and Polish anti-racist groups criticised the BBC for its one-sided sensationalist reporting. Many claiming chants had been mistranslated.
BBC reporters at a Brighton football match reporting Brighton fans chanting “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil!” in fact, Brighton fans were shouting “seagulls, seagulls” (team nickname).

There are many more, but these set a fine example.


It must now be obvious that the BBC ran an institution of Paedophile activity and rape that was covered up for a minimum of 20 years to a maximum of 40 years. Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, and Alan Freeman to name a few. There was even an episode of the Tweenies where one of the characters was wearing a blonde wig and sat with children saying, “Now then boys and gals”. The meaning was clear and mockery was intended. So there is no doubt the BBC protected and allowed peadophile activity.


The BBC has a subtle form of racism and a distinct anti-semitic edge to its reporting.

Apart from a report above the BBC has consistently shown a very anti-Israeli bias in their reporting. The reporting of Orla Guerin is as biased as it gets. However, the BBC reported Palestinians were being gassed by Israel. Israel was putting birth control pills in the Gaza water supply. There was a scathing attack on the BBC and an internal report was made. Fearing the worst, the report was hidden away and not released.
We also have of course the demonisation of the British working class and failure to report on the rape cases of 30000 Sikh girls and 10000 black girls by the Predominantly Muslim rape gangs.
The BBC will only cover the white girls as this suits their Islamic bias.

We must not forget Tsutomu Yamaguchi who survived the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The year he died the BBC mocked him and the Japanese prompting fierce rebukes from the people of Japan and the Japanese ambassador in London.


Yes, I did and it is not just me saying it. You only need to watch the BBC to see how factual it is. When crime is committed by a Muslim they are classed as “Asian” when anything good happens they are called, “Muslim”. This is full bias in action and I challenge any legal body to prove to me otherwise.
It is not just the white people who feel aggrieved at this, the Sikh and Hindu communities have long complained about the bias the BBC have for Islam. They complained to the BBC that the Asian networks spend too much time dedicating programmes to the Muslim faith.
They were arrogantly ignored.
Even on its GCSE “bitesize” website the rabid bias for Islam continues unabated. Islam’s section still protests Islam is a religion of peace and for the rights of women with quotes from the Koran tenuously thrown in to support this whilst quotes from the Bible are chosen to illustrate how sexist Christianity is.


No, I said that the BBC portray Islam as loving, but Christianity as sexist. Though now you come to mention it, yes, the BBC is very sexist.
We need not forget the pay gap in the BBC on an exact like for like basis. Men get paid more than women for doing the same job.
That is sexist.
Let us not forget the sarcastic comment on the News Night programme that the brave women of “Justice for women and Children” were simply “poster girls for the DFLA” is the epitome of a sexist and a racist institution showing its contempt for a real and justified movement.
Also to be remembered is the BBC also sacked Moira Stewart for being old. They warned Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly to watch her wrinkles. Why are only women advised and sacked because of age and wrinkles?


I am calling the news report for News Night for what it is. FAKE.

It was inaccurate, biased, sexist and racist in the extreme and I will explain why.

I am not going to follow the report step by step but will explain why the BBC failed not just in journalistic integrity but how they manipulated and like earlier examples failed in “basic journalistic errors and a lack of coherent management with inaccurate reporting”.

My heart and soul goes out to all rape victims and only a fool would stand against those protesting against rape and child abuse.

The BBC reported in their article that 4 rapes had taken place. Only 4? This is factually wrong and a blatant lie. I am no qualified researcher or journalist, yet in a brief search, I found 8 rapes. Twice the number the BBC claimed.
14/08/16 Ayoub Khalifa, rape of a Sunderland man. 25/04/2018 Stephen Unwin and William McFall, the horrific rape and murder of Quyen Ngoc Nguyen. 28/09/18 Adam Martin, 14 years rape of a child. 18/08/2016, Kevin Thorburn rape of a woman. 17/09/16 Serial rapist Omar Sharrif jailed for 37 years after three victims. 6/12/18 Sheed Razooli and Araz Abdullah for rape on a girl.
In fact, the Justice for women and Children campaign do not differentiate on the race of the criminal, and the BBC did concede on this on their programme, But why did they lie and say only 4 rapes?

Factual evidence: they declined to state the evidence that included fewer than one in six rape prosecutions by Northumbria police result in convictions. The ministry of justice revealed that in 2017 only 15% of forces prosecutions for rape were successful. Last year Northumbria police brought 152 rape cases to court (this equates to 1 rape every 3 days). Only 23 of these cases resulted in a conviction.

Now taking all those facts into account how is the Justice for women and Children campaign far right?

If Newsnight had actually addressed the issue correctly and factually they would have ruined their own agenda and not able to air their biased report.

There is a growing problem with rape in this country that is not being addressed. Let us look at the cold hard facts:

Figures from “Statisca”:

Reported Rapes on Women in the UK.

2010/11: 15892
2011/12: 16038
2012/13: 16374
2013/14: 20751
2014/15: 29300
2015/16: 35798
2016/17: 41150
2017/18: 53977

The fact, that since 2011 rape has increased 123% seems lost on the BBC. So lost are they in fantasy racist land that they ignore the real facts and figures.

Nationally 53977 rapes means 1 rape was committed every ten minutes. Whilst rapes have increased conviction rapes are way behind, they have only gone up by 11%.
Raps is now one of the safest crimes to commit.

What about child rape, how has that gone? Well in 2011 there were 5878 reported cases of child rapes. In 2016 there were 11947. In 2017 according to official police figures, this was 30000. This means that one child is raped every 3 hours. (do the math).

The Justice for Women and Children campaign rubbished by the BBC?

I challenge them to state their moral ground!

So why did Newsnight not report this?

We can only assume that Newsnight assumes only White women or Children are raped by brown skinned men. Why else would they slander Justice For Women and Children as racist?

This view in itself is racist. Therefore we must call out the BBC report as Racist.

This must be their view. According to News Night, Matthew Collins, Graeme Miller, and Sara Khan only white girls are raped by Muslims. How else do they think that Justice for Women and Children are racist or Far right?

We know for a fact that 10,000 black girls have been raped. We know for a fact 30,000 Sikh girls have been raped.

How can rape be a race issue?

The BBC and the left make it so.

I attended the march in Sunderland for the Justice for Women and Children. I listened to the speeches these brave women made. Not one mentioned race or religion, they spoke about the abuse they spoke about rapists.
Yet not one spoke about religion, colour or race.
So where is the racism?

There is none.

Meanwhile, SUTR stated: “We stand with rape victims” yet they had none with them. They gave a platform to Steve Hedley, a notorious beater of women, and gave a platform to Emma Dent Coad who was part of the scrutiny panel that approved the cladding that killed civilians in Grenfell Tower. Why was this not reported?

News night deliberately and blatantly ignored the facts to slander and devalue a legitimate and noble cause to satisfy its own bias.

As they and the BBC have done before.

I have my personal views on the Jewish question and racism the BBC allude to, being directly affected by this and having spoke to Sharon, I a man with a Jewish family will side with Sharon Binks any day of the week.


On the News Night report they spoke about racism and racist posts, yet out of over 250,000 posts they could only find 3 that may be racist.
Let that sink in. 3.

How many anti-semitic outcries have there been over the BBC or Labour?

If we look at facts we can look at this in reality and admit to frustration and expression. For example, Jeremy Corbyn calling Theresa May a stupid woman. Does that make Corbyn a sexist? No, it does not. It merely shows what Corbyn was thinking, she is a woman, she is stupid. What if he said, “Stupid goat” or “Stupid lesbian rimjaw” would he be doing anything other than expressing his frustration?
Of course not. So how come BBC give him more apologetic reviews than critical?

Well, that is a truly baffling question. Yet they give the Justice for women and children campaign more critical appraisal than positive appraisal.

Now we have seen for fact, statistically and verbally that the Justice for Women and Children campaign is not racist or Far right we need to ask why the BBC push the race issue.


In a brilliant book by Kevin Jackson called “Race Pimping” he argues that there is a huge amount of money to be made from pushing race issues.

Now let us get things in perspective. It has already been pointed out in the BBC flaws but we can clearly see the Justice for Women and Children are in the right factually and theoretically.
So, no flaws.


Which mother or father would not draw on all resources to save their child from harm?
Which mother or father would not kill to save their child?

Diane Abbott once stated that West Indian mothers would go to the wall to defend their children. Is this racist? Of course not, it is a statement of fact.
So are Justice for women and Children making a statement of fact or are they racist?
No, they make a statement of facts as proved by logical use of figures.

The Government and the BBC are playing on race and ignorance. They play the race card and hope that you ignore the facts.


Yeah, I heard the plebs on The News Night Report. But were they factual?

Let us look at facts: they only interviewed two women (sexist why no men?) These people were asked to give an opinion without any justification. This is an equivalent to me being asked: “Do you believe all BBC journalists hang around Soho wearing stockings and soliciting sex from dogs?”
And me replying “Yes”.

There was no justification of opinion, there was no clarification of reason, just a stupid opinion…
It is clear that the two lefties had no real answers, just an idiosyncratic and stereotypical answer fueled by political identity.

How does that compare to our facts, reason, and logic here?

It does not.


Well let us look at what the experts (and I severely doubt they were experts)

They were presented with a BBC view. They repeated almost verbatim BBC lines. Constantly repeating “far right” is not how an expert should perform.
If protesting against rape is “Far Right” then what the hell does that make the rapists, “Far Left?”
So rape is now a political thing.

In Islam rape is jihad.

To the political class, it is political

To us, the working class it is fucking evil..

In reality, it’s a moment of brutal control where the ultimate act of sharing and love becomes the ultimate act of taking and violence.


There is none.

Whilst politicians turn it into a political issue in order to win votes.
Whilst the BBC turn it into an issue to justify licence fees and to gain public support.
Whilst the left turn it into a racist issue to gain support for themselves.

It is clear the victims are forgotten, only the mothers and fathers, who can be neglected by the media and political classes can be ignored.

The only groups actually looking for justice are the Justice For Women and Children and DFLA.

They will be slandered they will be demonised. They will use every trick in the book to make us seem irrelevant.

When this all started a social worker said, “I did not want to speak out in case people thought I was racist.”

How did her silence work?

Her silence led us from 5878 child rapes to 30,000 in the space of 6 years.

We can see where silence gets us, another 20,000+ raped children.

We will not be silenced, we will not be afraid. We will not tolerate children being raped.
We will fight, as Shakespeare said:

To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

We choose to be Justice for Women and Children.

We choose to oppose rape in all its forms.

We choose to accept the outrageous claims against us and meet them head-on.

We will end the brutal tyranny of rape.

Is it not funny how the immoral BBC and Government lecture the Moral and Just on the morality of rape?

Something to ponder there.


Funny is not that The Newsnight Programme did a report about rape but did not care about the actual victims who as proven are off all colours.?

Justice for Women and Children were the only ones in that sordid sequel who did.