So the predictable onslaught has continued since “humbug gate”, with the far-left along with the remain camp who have continued to accuse Boris of using dangerous rhetoric like “Surrender bill’, apart from the fact it is exactly what it is as taking no-deal off the table surrendered any chance we had of securing an exit from the EU with a very good deal, and the word “traitor” which means;

A person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle.

Yep, I would suggest that is quite apt and on the tip of 17:4 million people’s tongues and those who voted remain but respect democracy.

Also, the predictable hypocrisy has been in abundance with the usual protagonist’s failing to highlight the damn right outrageous rhetoric from the other side of the chamber, David Lammy using the “worse than Nazis” comment, being one of many.

Lizzie Dearden of the (Un)Independent took to her keyboard and wrote an article highlighting our post from yesterday;

And condemned us for using the word “foreigner” 🙄 and blaming Boris for fueling the far-right groups like the “Anti-Islam DFLA”, eh? Well, she’s either missed out the “ist” off of Islam or clearly missed us laying a wreath at the New Zealand embassy after the Christchurch atrocity or the fact we welcomed two passing Muslim ladies on to our march in London or could it be she hasn’t looked at all our posts and articles we have put on social media over the last couple of years? Or is it that she just has a political agenda? Hmm.

Doesn’t she and the other commentators realise, whether it’s the BBC/SKY, or politicians who throw this far-right tag about like confetti at a wedding, make people angry and irate when they are nothing of the sort?
They don’t realise they are stirring the pot and causing more division than already exists?

The stories of MPs getting death threats and being harassed along with there families are disgusting and something we don’t condone at all, it’s wrong, these MPs will be dealt with at the ballot box.

But it’s clear the rhetoric has to stop, the debate in parliament is not much different to people trolling on Facebook, what’s next? Are they going to stand up holding pictures of memes about each other?

We have Guardian or daily mail readers all in there own echo chambers hating each other more after every daily edition, we just want the news with no political slant or bias, don’t we?

We have a world leader in Trump whose advisors must hold their head in their hands whenever they get a notification from his twitter feed, then we had Boris’s ill-advised letterbox comments about the burqa, we have Mcdonnell inciting violence and David Lammy basically accusing people of killing not 6 but 7million jews, what’s going on?

But one thing is very clear, to use Jo Cox’s name for political gain is utterly shameful, politics has hit a new low, and it’s time for them all to grow up and do the one thing they were put in a job for, Which is to carry out and uphold democracy, because if democracy means nothing, what are we left with?