The nation’s human rights watchdog today launched a full statutory inquiry into the Labour Party.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will probe whether the party

“unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish”.

It comes after Jewish groups launched complaints about the party’s handling of anti-Semitism claims.

The EHRC has been handed “compelling” evidence over Labour’s failure to tackle Jew-hate among its members.

The watchdog asked Labour to respond to concerns about the allegations in March.

The party provided its response last month, but it has been claimed that the EHRC was “deeply unimpressed” by the submission, in which Labour reportedly ascribed the problem to a “small number of individuals”.

There have been an alleged 863 cases of racism reported in the labour party since Corbyn had become leader, and amazingly they and many of their far left supporters have the brass neck to call anyone who questions them, a Nazi fascist or racist!

A spokesman said:

“Labour is fully committed to the support, defence and celebration of the Jewish community and its organisations. We are determined to tackle antisemitism and root it out of our party.”


Momentum activist Ms Ellis was suspended in 2016 after writing a blog defending former mayor Ken Livingstone’s bizarre claim that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist. She claimed it was “an outrage” to suspend Mr Livingstone and accused her party of “seeking to curry favour with… the pro-Zionist lobby in and beyond the media”. 

But they welcomed her back into the party!

How many examples do people need to see this blatant persecution?

This is not the first time we have written about this widespread antisemitism in the Labour party;


We can only hope this investigation roots out this campaign of hate and bullying amongst the Labour party and that the most draconian measures are taken.