Here we have a recent article by Riaz Khan on the irrelevant FLAF Facebook page promoting his book..err oh no sorry it’s an article about us the DFLA and about how we only focus on Muslims and don’t tackle all forms of extremism, and he goes on to claim

“The FLAF do not have this problem and it addresses all forms of extremism and does not blame ALL Muslims for crimes committed by a tiny minority of them”

Well it doesn’t take long to discredit this by looking back through months of threads on the FLAF page where they fail to highlight any terror attacks be it Islamic or the recent IRA car bomb in Derry, in fact, it’s failed to mention the alarming rise in racism and anti-semitism in football and on a political level, what’s even more alarming is that we have done more in highlighting the arrests of national action activists and other neo-nazi groups,

So what do FLAF actually stand for Riaz?

Have a read here of Riaz’s hollow selfish piece;

So now you’ve read it lets pick some more bones out of that piece and highlight more things that are his own words.

He’s been out of the football world a long time. Since 1989. A lot has happened in those 30 years. He is writing based on a world that no longer exists. And let’s remember too that this is a man who has a book out and theatre, this is a man who has things to sell and any publisher with a 1989 mindset will jump on one trend or another to shoehorn their PR into something remotely relevant.
This is a man who feels he was an important acquisition for the DFLA because he is Muslim. His words. I’m not sure what he thinks parading a token Muslim with outdated views and a book to sell would achieve for the DFLA.
1989 is not 2019. Here is a man living in the past, the DFLA doesn’t need daydreamers, the DFLA doesn’t need a dated pile of cliche. The DFLA needs people who understand the world today.
A man with a book to sell assuming tag lines such as ‘token Muslim’ and ‘Millwall and Everton scuffle’ and ‘the young joining EDL’ might gain some PR with the unwashed but won’t endear himself to the everyday working class man who doesn’t recognise this Unionesque party line.
It’s 2019. The real working class, football fans or not, young or old and whatever shade or belief they hold is facing an everyday battle that’s very real and not to be dressed up with fake spin and PR fluff and flaf.
The real battle is not Amazon book sale ratings it’s a safe future for our children and grandchildren.

I would make it clear he’s using the Baby Squad name to sell for his own gain. I’m sure the baby squad aren’t getting a cut of his profits and I’m sure his views are not the views of the baby squad