Monday 25/2/19

J421 Inquest Birmingham Supporting J421 in their quest for justice 0900@ Sq Peg Pub Birmingham

**Friday 29/3/19**

Day for Democracy London The day we should be leaving EU but will we! meet points TBC

Date TBA

Telford revisit After last years visit what has Change????

Date to confirmed

Lee Rigby memorial London Supporting Lee Rigby Memorial Day, date and meet point TBC

Date TBA

Rochdale revisit Again, after last year’s visits what has changed????

Date TBA

BBC day of action BBC Corruption and lies and Persecution of the DFLA six Locations same day same time!!!

London Birmingham Manchester Leeds Cardiff Newcastle

Date TBA

Sky Day of Action Sky’s persecution of the DFLA is there for everyone to see time to Kick Back!

Sunday 10/11/19

Remembrance Day events TBC

One Big March London Against all extremism and racism TBC

When the time is right! *Meet and Greets at Regional and Club level throughout year *Flash and Counter Demos throughout Year

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