She has been quiet for quite a while.

Do you remember Dr Raw?
The one who thought she could out-think the DFLA and yet not only got proved drastically wrong but was schooled in history and learnt a thing or two?
The one who tried a brave but clumsy riposte, only to end up on her arse after being out thought and unable to reply to Solid facts.

Well, the Dr is back. Back with a vengeance, it would seem. She has learnt her lesson though, rather than tackle the DFLA, she has gone for a children’s charity, The Amelia Mae Foundation.


In 2013 a brave and courageous little girl, Amelia Mae passed away in July suffering from Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive child cancer that affects over 100 children per year in the UK alone.
It is a cancer that knows no boundaries for race or gender.
It kills black, white and Asian children.

Following her death, the Amelia Mae Foundation was set up.
Their only aim in life: “We strive to support families; creating laughter, smiles and empowerment during the strenuous battle which neuroblastoma causes”.

For all families involved it is an horrific time.
No parent should suffer the agony of cancer in their child, the powerless feelings, the pain, the guilt and suffering.
No child should be taken so early, the suffering and fear are beyond the comprehension of many.


Moved by her plight, in 2013 funds were raised by the EDL for the Amelia Mae Foundation. The money was given to the charity to do with as it pleased. There were no conditions, it was to be used on any children, be they black, white, Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Sikh.
Cancer does not differentiate, so why should Humans?

Yet in their ignorant and self-righteous pomposity Stand Up To Racism decided to politicise cancer, turn children suffering from a terminal illness into pawns in a game to be used for self-glorification.

Led by Dr Raw the charity was forced to return the money.

Her tweet has drawn many comments from people who are understandably outraged at her actions;

Who lost out in all this, none other than the little known charity and the Children. That is all.
Dr Raw and Stand Up To Racism did not care.
They had scored political points using typical snarling left-wing tactics.

Just like they do when you protest against 30,000 child rapes.
They call you racist. Forget all the facts that all colour of children are raped.
You are not allowed to protest against child rape, despite the victims are all colours and religions. Forget that those who protest are all colours and religions.
Who is allowed to protest?

No one.

No one is allowed to protest. You have to remain quiet and allow children to suffer, to be raped.
Much the same with cancer. You are not allowed to donate, you have to allow children and families suffer and let children die.

This is the mentality of Dr Raw and SUTR.


You may be forgiven here for thinking that Dr Raw sounds rather familiar.
Let us think, can you think of another Dr who was oblivious to facts and emotions, another Dr who cares nothing for children, just his own vanity and image. Like her, this Dr thought nothing of the suffering of children, thought nothing of their pain and misery. All that mattered was that they advanced their own career that they glorified their own egotistical needs.
That Dr was none other than Dr Mengele. Him and the Barren Dr Raw, another Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.


Not content with using children dying of cancer as a political tool, not content with being with an organisation that protects rapists, not content with supporting race play, Dr Raw feels she is entitled to say who can and who cannot give to charity. Forget the fact that she had not heard of the charity before TR got involved, forget the fact she never donated to them, forget the fact that the charity is not racist and forget the fact that this non fecund woman who is childless and devoid of any empathy does not give a damn about the charity we are left with only one conclusion, She only cares about herself.

I watched my mother die a slow and painful death with stage 4 breast cancer.
The horrible thing is that you cling to any hope, you beg for any help from any quarter.
You find yourself in dark rooms at night crying, the pain in your chest is overwhelming the 4 walls and ceilings stare back cold and unfeeling as you suffer alone.
If I had a chance to save my mother by raising funds for an operation in another country I would go for it. I would accept money from Blair, Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Stalin, even Hitler.

If you are shocked at those comments then judge me after you have been through a similar ordeal.

Yet the Raw Louise in her childless and empty life thinks it is right for her to deprive parents of hope, she thinks she should dictate who can give money to children. So full of her own importance she would deny children with cancer a chance to have a life-saving operation.


Since when has Cancer Charity been in the realm of racism?
Why are Stand up to racism depriving a charity of much-needed funds? Why are they denying parents and children precious moments together in the last moments of life?
Why do SUTR insist on making terminally ill children a political tool just to get publicity?

None of them care about the children, they could not give one shit about the charity. All they care about is themselves.

The hypocrisy is astounding, the callous and calculating evil ideology behind their actions is diabolic in its approach.

Loathsome are such creatures who use children for their own gain, how much more loathsome are those who use dying children?

But this is Stand Up To Racism all over.
30,000 children of all colours and religions raped last year?
To speak out against this is racism let them be raped.
53,977 women raped last year?
To speak out against this is racism let them be raped.
To speak out against knife crime, acid attacks, racism, an increase in teenage suicides is all racist.

They remain silent on it, they say nothing about it.

Yet the moment we raise it with politicians, the moment we demand something be done about it: We, the people, are castigated, we are condemned, we are called racist.


There is nothing more going on here than the oppression of the people.
We are being denied our basic human right to care for each other, to protect each other, to focus and act as community.
It’s not about race. SUTR are just a tool for middle-class Labour to oppress the good people of this country.