Dipu Ahad

What does the name mean to you?

It seriously meant absolutely nothing to me until Sunderland, but then I found out about him and his self-serving and racist ways. He manipulates people for his own selfish cause and often to their own detriment.
You see here is a man who provokes, then plays the victim, here is a man who wants you to believe he is the all-conquering hero, yet once urinated himself (allegedly) and was told by a 9-year-old to stop crying.
As I said, I first got to hear of Dipu in Sunderland, if you know about Sunderland then you will know that the DFLA were there supporting the women and children against an increase of rape and assaults, indeed, even men had been raped. With the left saying things like, “The women are making it up just to promote their right-wing agenda”. We knew from the amount of overt aggression and ignorance that this would be an uphill struggle.
Please bear in mind that we marched with women who had been raped and abused, these brave women had been through experiences none of us will endure yet they walked with dignity and courage.
The Left did not give these women a platform or support of any support indeed one labour councillor saying, “we stand with the victims of Rape” yet cringingly there were no victims in their group, they were with the DFLA and this Labour councillor was protesting against the victims!
But we come back to Dipu. Dipu, the man who thought it would be fun to wear a T-shirt with the slogan:
“look out the muslimaniacs are coming”
and stand in front of the march
protesting against rape. If you think protesting against rape is wrong, then you must think rape is right?
You see Dipu filmed the march and advanced closer before being told by a policewoman, “You are provoking them!”
When doing the research you should always get your information from more than one source. So we have Dipu and his own footage where a policewoman advises him to stop provoking trouble, but we also have sky news who advised that the mood turned sour when the left appeared. Two independent sources that agree on one incident.
But can you notice something else about the footage? See Dipu may be against those who think rape is evil but he is not one to shy away from hiding behind women. I would like to ask why it was he felt the need to advance and provoke but to position himself behind two women? Maybe his sphincter was twitching like a rabbits nose and he felt the need of protection of women.
One will never know.
However, here is the footage:
Listen to the policewoman tell him, “you are provoking them!” Notice he stays behind two women?
Is this just a one-off by Daring Dipu or has he always been like this? Well,l let’s have a look at Dipu and see what a morally upstanding person he is.
We will ignore the drugs farm that was running on full production in his property, it is funny how it caught fire and burnt down his house, but still,l your property and drugs were being produced in it.
But you must admit, renting out your property to drugs dealers, not very smart is it?
There was a proposal made that stated it would be of benefit to the public and to the councillors if all taking public office would take an oath swearing to upholding British values. Dipu refused to sign up, he does not mind signing a contract that says he values British money, but will not sign up saying he values British morals. This is a bit confusing, is he against British values as he is against people who are against rape?
Another subject we need to look at is the idea that Dipu may be racist. He had been arrested by the police over a tweet in which he insulted protestors using a loaf of bread to disguise his racist slurs. Calling them white and thick. Now Dipu thought he was quite clever in this and pulled one over the coppers with his rapier-like wit. So with what we have so far, it may be that his morals are falling far short of what would be expected from a Councillor.
Now you probably think that M.r Ahad is sorely misunderstood and is quite a nice man, and I am just a bully, but you know you are heading into dodgy areas when even the Liberal Democrats are worried by your activities.
Anita Lower, leader of the Lib Dems was worried about his appearance at an event “Not a Terrorist until proven Muslim” she advised him to think carefully about his involvement with such events. Clearly, Dipu is unable to do so. Having your property burnt down by drug dealers that you rent to, protesting against those opposed to rape, provoking a fight with lads and hiding behind women, (watch the footage) tweeting disguised racist comments and now hosting an event against the prevention of terrorism. I think we can clearly state that Dipu stopped thinking carefully ages ago.
Dipu however, does know a bandwagon when he sees one and could not resist jumping on the anti-trump bandwagon when it came to town. With the visit of American ambassador Woody Johnson to Newcastle to cement business links to one of Britain’s most deprived areas you think an economic improvement would be welcome! But oh no, not a bit of it, you see Dipu would rather see the people of Newcastle in poverty than actually accept any business from America. How does that work out for the hard working Geordies? Unemployment high, poverty high, Dipu claims American investment is a bad thing, that the ambassador should not be allowed in the city. Dipu will take English money, but refuses to allow the People of Newcastle to earn English money from business with America, do you know why? Because of Donald Trump’s Islamophobia and anti-Muslim stance.
Hang on Dipu, are you not getting people to use Religious appropriation? I mean the vast majority are not Muslim, so surely they are appropriating a Muslims offence and indignation? Once again, Dipu manipulates people into feeling offence at something that does not concern them and using it for his own agenda. Don’t worry though, the left will justify this, just as they do when they speak out against people who think rape is an atrocity against humanity.
However careful he will try to be a fool will always condemn himself, and Dipu certainly condemns himself with flying colours.
There is a true saying, one that is tried and tested, that saying is “Evil will triumph when good men do nothing!”
This implies that to stay silent is in fact to be allied with evil, and here we come across Dipu Ahad and his confession of staying silent and almost allowing evil to triumph.
Thinking of only pity for himself Dipu Ahad says mournfully, “I could have had blood on my hands because I didn’t consider someone could do this type of this thing but that was the plan.” The headline also states, “The terrorist in my family behind London bomb plot I should have reported to police!”
This is, of course, Omar Latif, who wanted to carry out a terrorist attack the likes seen in Mumbai. But we can see from earlier statements and actions how Dipu is on this, did he not speak out against prevent, a programme designed to prevent terrorism?
Indeed did not Dipu put up on Twitter a picture of Isis with a Newcastle United flag boasting, “Toon Army”?
By his own confession Dipu knew what Omar Latif was up to, otherwise why else does he feel he should have told the police?
Why stay silent? Given your record, I really would think carefully. But his words, “I didn’t consider someone could do this type of thing” are ludicrous in the extreme, seeing as you are opposed to “Prevent” you must know people consider acts of terrorism? Surely 9/11, suicide bombings around the world must make it blatantly obvious that people consider and act out these barbaric actions in the name of their God?
Your nauseating lies are meant for those with an IQ of 4, they do not stand up to careful consideration and examination.  Even your comments on the rape gang in Newcastle are off key, you state, “They are mainly Muslim but it is not a Muslim issue”.
This kind of self-denial Dipu only perpetuates a problem, it allows it to thrive and grow as you refuse to acknowledge there is a problem and it is a Muslim problem. On the subject of Rape gang,s the Quilliam report states 84% of such rape gangs are Muslim men. Still denying that rape is not an issue?
We have to stay in context here and acknowledge the rape gangs of vulnerable children, and not all rape.
Why live in denial Dipu, why say they are “mainly Muslim, but it is not a Muslim issue?”
Much the same way you refuse to advise police on your terrorist nephew, yet feel you should have.
You live in denial, hiding from the truth, hiding behind women, hiding behind your office to promote your own insidious agenda.
See I am a Christian, I can say the church has a deplorable issue with paedophile priests and it needs to be addressed urgently.
That is the truth, it is undeniable.
But you say there is no issue despite factual evidence that it is a Muslim issue?
As you hate programmes designed to stop terrorism, as you speak out against those who say rape is evil, as you protest against those who wish to bring wealth to an impoverished people. So we see you for what you are.
Maybe the most damning case of your lies and racism come from your anti-semitic actions. Oh so common in Labour these days, the hatred of anything Israeli, but let us look at your carefully staged stunts that went embarrassingly wrong for you.
Ramallah 2014, you finally got some kahunas and went out to play with the big boys.
Except what happened? You shouted a bit, provoked border police and was soon arrested. You claimed to have been “observing” but why then did you stand with the protestors and make rebel rousing speeches? It came on top for you, the police moved in. Being dragged into the police station do you remember that little Arab lad yelling at you not to shame Allah by crying in front of the jews? I have it from insider you were crying, imagine being told to man up by a 9-year-old!
Then we had the incident at BGN, Ben Gurion, my sources told me the reason you were delayed was because you broke down and urinated yourself. The border police had to take you aside, calm you down as you were tearful and so apologetic and lend you a hairdryer you could dry your trousers. (of course, they may be telling porkies) Apparently, you were thanking them and saying Shalom and nodding your head so much they got worried you may emotionally break down and defecate yourself.
They were glad you did not. It is true they called you “tembal” (idiot) and were glad to see you get on the plane, but you certainly did not cover yourself in glory on your first away game.
Oh, by the way, the selfie of you in the cell: not a selfie is it? And you think that people will believe you were put in a security cell with your mobile phone?
Word from the wise: The IDF do not mess about, you would have been stripped searched, all items removed, scarfs, laces etc would have been taken off you. Can see in your staged photo you still have laces and scarf oh and mobile phone.
Ask any Military or police if you had been allowed any of those items. They will agree with me.
By the way, the same thing happens in English police stations, so are the Jews being cruel to you.
I wonder how your god feels about your false claims that glorify only you?
Finally, and I am going to love this one more than you: that night you all had the “Die in” where 100 people represented the 100 dead in Gaza. Once again, using the people to promote your lies and anti-semitic views.
It is no wonder Hamas have not invited you back is it mate?
100 died? Really? You see not am only I calling you a liar, but your mates Hamas call you a liar too.
Let us look at what an Hamas official says:
So 62 dead, 50 of whom were Hamas terrorists. Notice that the Hamas official makes no mention of women and children even though invited to?
Now if you are so much for the Palestinians and not just a racist anti-semitic member of Labour why are you not protesting against Egypt who not only bombed Gaza but also destroyed 500 homes along the border?
Allow me to educate you:
So Dipu, is it only bad when the IDF kill Hamas Terrorists, but OK for Egyptians to expel 500 families from their homes and destroy lives?
A bit more for you as Hamas and Allies attack Egyptian troops in Sinai:
So why are you not speaking out Dipu?
This is the man who thinks it fun to mock rape victims, this is a man who thinks he is brave and tough, this is a man who, when it does come on top turns to jelly and claims to be a victim.
We at the DFLA will not condone violence, we ask all members to abstain from sending threats to individuals, this is not the truth of the DFLA or the justice we seek for the victims of Rape or abuse. However, this does not mean we should not expose racists or bigots when we find them.
I can smell your hypocrisy from here Dipu.
Or have you wet your pants again?