A very interesting day was had by all that attended, it has to be said we did not get the numbers we were hoping for albeit the short time frame likely played its part, a big shout must go to all the individuals and those from other groups who showed up, true lions one and all.

Now if you have read or watched the leftist Propaganda machine you may have thought they were reporting on the Battle of Waterloo, they had already set the headlines the day before with cries of “far-right rally highjack to brexit” this coming on the back of nearly three years of continual slanderous rhetoric of brexiteers being racist or worse than Nazis if you listen to David Lammy, but unfortunately people believe everything they are told or read.

So let’s take a look at the events of the day:
Midday people start gathering on the green, very much spread all over 1230 some of our lads have a bit of banter and I say banter as later that day they did a shout out on their PA thanking the DFLA for keeping humorous and that it goes along away, something they decided not to mention in an interview the next day 🙄

13:00 pm, the police come onto the green to force Brexiteers into one corner of the green, this is carried out without much incident and very much expected as the remain demo starts at 14:00 pm approx.

13:15 pm Police enforce a kettle on the Brexiteers on the green, no one in no one out from then until 15:30 pm approx. people outside of the kettle were all over the place and yes involved in very heated verbal exchanges with Remainers, but to be fair no different to the intimidation and attacks the Brexiteers had endured all week at the hands of Remainers.

Here’s some footage;

UK is now divided intoThose who voted Leave, understand Democracy and have respect for others.AndThose who voted Remain, who have spent 3yrs redefining democracy just so it can suit their intention to thwart democracy and have no respect for others.

Posted by Vita Semco on Friday, 30 August 2019


So now it’s 15:30 pm, no real major incidents but people have been Kettled for over 2 hours without food, drink or toilets, the atmosphere starts to change people wanted out, attempts were made to break out leading to violent clashes with Police, a group on the outside then run up towards Whitehall to lure police away to free the kettle this escalated and continued up towards the second remain demo leading to a standoff with police, by 16:00 pm it’s all over, the kettle finally was opened at approx 18:00 pm, which is utterly DISGUSTING!!!!

There is plenty of proof of the unnecessary kettling of the group of brexiteers on YouTube.

Now, to all the media outlets and you know who you are, hang your heads in shame you are a disgrace to your profession a profession that has lost the respect of the people.

We have never once called for violence and disorder, but the fact a demo in the same Sq and another 300 yards down the street was allowed to happen could have been a recipe for disaster especially with the footage of brexit supporters being targetted a week previously and bullied as shown earlier.

We honestly think the establishment has completely misjudged the anger that is simmering in this country and it’s very apparent that the people who are responsible for this clear division in our society are those in Parliament, the majority of them have not even listened to there own constituents let alone the 17.4 m who won the democratic vote to leave the EU,

People are sick and tired of being called far-right, fascists and Nazis by those in prominent positions who are ultimately feeding fuel to the fire, the fire that is starting to get out of control and potentially spread, all because of a blind ignorance to not accept that we voted to leave or to push a political agenda to take control of no 10.

The blame lies completely at the feet of the incompetent political parties and their leaders along with the media who have stoked the fire with bias agendas.

The blame does not lie with the working-class people, people who have simply had enough of being ignored, not listened to and pushed into a corner.

The complicit establishment has brought this on themselves!



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