DFLA MARCH, London 13th October 2018


It was the kind of day that a disciple of “participant observation” would have been in heaven over and would have them declaring that it was the best thing since sliced bread.
For me, it as an interesting day on many levels not least to say because on so many of those levels l was proved correct.
However, before I go into one let us learn some basics:
1: Napoleon said “An army that sits behind its defenses is already defeated”
2: Einstein said that Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again the same way and expecting a different result.
3: The Duke of Wellington. Said: “They came in the same old way and we beat them the same old way”
Saturday promised to be a great day but not to put too fine a point on it, we almost fucked it up.
If any truth is to beĀ found in the day we have to look at ourselves honestly.
I say almost because I think that we had reasons to be cheerful and have reason to be proud.
I guess you would say I enjoy a spot of participant observation, to watch how things unfold, to see how people act and react to events around them.
The march started pretty badly with the generator starting then cutting out and refusing to work. We marched until we got to the flashpoint. Now, this seems to occur time and time again and our lads respond the same time and time again. The left appears behind rows of police, and do a bit of shouting, our lads run up toward them, do a lot of shouting and the police push and beat our lads.
The Left safe behind police lines giggle and laugh and watch whilst eating popcorn.
It would be hilarious if it was not so true.
We have to turn to our first point:
1: Napoleon said “An army that sits behind its defences is already defeated”
You have beaten them already! They plot up behind their defences every time (The police) and goad you and you respond. What are the results? NOTHING!
You don’t get to them, they sit there behind the police laughing at you.
That is the result and if you look at yourselves honestly you will know this is the case.
Why the hell do you want to fight a cowardly enemy that hides behind a police line?
As Napoleon said, they are defeated already.
No honour in this at all.
From a Rational point of view you have to question your own actions and thinking behind this, so we look at point 2:
2: Einstein said that Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again the same way and expecting a different result.
So you are repeating the same actions and expecting different results. This cannot continue, you cannot continue to think this way or behave this way, you are all far bloody better than this, capable of so much more.
The police are laughing their balls off as they have seen it all before so we turn to point 3:
3: The Duke of Wellington. Said: “They came on the same old way and we beat them the same old way”
We do the same thing, time and time again. It is predictable, it is easy to deal with.
So, we have looked at ourselves and been honest, but let us look at other elements equally as honest:
Firstly we need to question the police. I know in my mind the reasons for their actions but let us see if you agree with me:
The policing starts as it always does, they are very friendly, and jovial, willing to help and always ready with a smile.
But what about the flash point, the point where the two groups come face to face?
Well, end of the day the left could not have got to Trafalgar square that quick that the police did not know that they had blocked our route. This would have been impossible. 1: Police had the helicopter, this gives a tactical view over the whole area. They knew where the left was.
2: CCTV. Monitoring continues as police view every street and route possible and they too would know where the groups would have been.
3: Spotters. We know these people are everywhere, they would have known where groups were.
4: Contingency plans. Any competent police force will have a plan in place should things go wrong. This is the
called into action before the crisis develops too far.
So my conclusion, the police are guilty of aiding and abetting the confrontation on Saturday.
They had full view of what was going on at all times and are better informed than the situation allowed. They would have known where the marchers and left were, alternative routes could have been made sooner, roads blocked earlier, action taken quicker.
So what explains the situation?
The only logical explanation can be that police allowed the situation to occur. They knew that (and allowed) the left had got to Trafalgar square well before the two groups got face to face, they knew that the left would not bother to try and fight, they knew our lads would Swallow the bait.
Objective? Discredit the DFLA.
It worked to an extent.
We have to question the methodology behind the police actions on this and that only helps us reach that conclusion.
The police know that when the left appear violence ensues. So why allow them to appear on the route?
The answer for this is that the police need to discredit the DFLA and they need a tool to do so. Enter the left who work with the police to produce the results that the authorities need. Funny is it not how that as we get stronger and stronger the police and left have worked together to produce instances of violence?
Worth thinking about. Once the police realised that they were not getting the results they want they produced a magical route that appeared from nowhere. I could have found that route in seconds and before the flashpoint. Police incompetence or police collusion?
For me, the police knew what they were doing and were happy to accommodate the left.
Ah, the left!
I am sure that along with me you will be chuckling heartily at their predicament. Not only are they as Napoleon would describe as a defeated army, but they work with the police. How else do they appear on route, far enough away to be seen, but far enough away hiding behind police not to get hurt. There is your evidence against them. It is a true observation too.
Now let us look at truth here on Saturday we pulled in around 2500-3000 and I know this because at start of march an older copper stood on-ramp going up to stage and said into radio, “We have about 2000 here” a reply came back to which the copper said, “That will take it up to 2.5 to 3000 then”.
So obviously more groups were coming in.
However, the left? What a joke. Despite the fact that 3 major unions were involved, all offering cut-price travel to hundreds of thousands of members what was the best you could come up? 2000, and according to one copper on a bike who explained to me after the march: “We were expecting more but it seems that a lot got of the coaches and were off to London zoo or had tickets for London Eye and such”
“They could have just been just messing you about” I suggested.
He shook his head and said, “No we checked, they had tickets, most had brought kids or friends with them.” he then added with a grin, “Sod being in that union some on the day trips were not even members”
So if all you could manage was to turn up, with such a pathetic amount, being used as a cheap day out, hiding behind police and working with them then you really do have trouble. You claim a victory but did not stop the march, you were sidestepped. We simply bypassed you, not very effective were you?
Our speeches completed, petition handed in job done. Goodnight left side.
It was rather a difficult day for the MSM too, you see on the very day that there was one arrest (notice how they did not say it was DFLA member?) they were suspiciously silent on this arrest, normally they can’t wait to say far right or a DFLA member.
I wonder if it was one of the great unwashed?
However what is factual and what they will not tell you is that three of the left were detained and given dispersal orders. In fact, on the evening standard comments one person claimed to have video evidence of lefties being detained, one-day tripper commenting, on the same page they were caught up in the demo that some counter protestors threw bottles at the marchers and let off smoke bombs.
We also have to question the Media and their reporting: I counted that the same story written by the same Journalist in six newspapers. This is not a joke, one reporter working for 6 papers? How will this give a balanced unbiased view? It cannot.
But on the same day two people in London were murdered, three people were hospitalised in violent fights the MSM can only talk of one arrest during a demonstration. Where is the media outcry against this? Where were the reports?
They ignored these, much the same as they ignore injustice and rape figures.
The MSM was an abject failure.
So that was Saturday. All in all, I think the DFLA came out of it the best, looking at it factually this can be the only conclusion.