On Friday 29th March we all came together as one again, past and present rivalries were put aside for the greater cause.

The day was about the biggest political injustice and betrayal of democracy this country has ever witnessed and parliament going against the wishes of not only the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU but many of those who voted to remain and expect democracy to be upheld.

The DFLA and many of its followers gathered in various establishments near Leicester sq and left on mass to join up and head to another huge gathering of like-minded souls of DFLA at Covent Garden.

We all set off and headed down the streets towards Trafalgar square, shaking hands with many bystanders and onlookers who agreed with what it was all about, black cab drivers and car drivers tooting their horns in support,
The police did their best to keep up and then guide us down Whitehall towards the small extreme far left “stand up to (selective) racism” counter demo near the cenotaph full of the usual deluded hate filled suspects who would no doubt try and goad us into a reaction while hiding behind police lines, nice try🙄,

But we weren’t there for that, we moved on via horse guards parade to Parliament sq where we were met by applause from normal like-minded people who’ve had enough of the establishment and self-serving politicians and demand democracy to be upheld.

The day wasn’t about the DFLA and it wasn’t about the various speakers, it was about everybody coming together and standing up for what’s right as one.
Did the day’s events have any impact on the majority of the treacherous inhabitants of parliament?
did we really think it would?
They do not care or want to listen to us, they’re all out for themselves.

Have we made new allegiances and gained many new followers who previously had a misguided view of us?

Until the masses stand up together and get off their arses and do something nothing will change,

Oh, how we can’t wait for the next general election when these elitist selfish bastards are out of a job.

We will continue to fight this for our children and future generations and no doubt we will be back out very soon.


Together We Are Stronger