Protest against Sadiq Khan’s negligence in office and dereliction of mayoral duty

LONDON 22 FEBRUARY 2018: DFLA activists staged a demonstration against London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Globalist poster boy Khan is more concerned with posturing on the International stage rather than addressing the genuine concerns of ordinary Londoners.

The Brownshirt Left will no doubt try and silence us accusing theĀ DFLA of racism in their usual well worn and predictable manner as they’ve done to the working class for decades but we refuse to bow to these state funded fascists. This action is about dereliction of duty by a prominent politician in a high profile public position. Whilst the Mayor is obsessed with a war of words with the leader of our biggest ally and trading partner, knife crime in the capital is rising at an alarming rate, moped robberies on the rise, an alarming spike in acid attacks and Khan’s reaction so far has been to close 37 police stations putting out frontline police officers at risk. As if that wasnt enough, there is a social housing crisis and homelessness is increasing.

Time for Mr Khan to address the issues he was elected to deal with and stop damaging Britain’s foreign relations, especially in light of Brexit and as Britain prepares to embrace and trade with the world. Or perhaps that is this globalist puppet’s real role.
We stand with the concerned citizens of London. We will not be silenced, we certainly will not be bullied.

We are the DFLA, expect us…