A major inquiry into the abuse of children in care has said that both the city and county council failed to stop what was taking place despite “decades of evidence”.


The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has today (Wednesday, July 31) published its report into historical abuse in residential and foster care across Nottinghamshire.

It concluded that the sexual abuse of children was widespread during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and that victims were failed by Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, and Nottinghamshire Police.

The report stated that the 350 people who gave evidence of abuse to IICSA – which is also looking at areas like the Roman Catholic Church and Westminster – was largest number of specific allegations of child sexual abuse in a single investigation that the inquiry has considered to date.

But the actual number of victims locally is “likely to be considerably higher”, the report says.

The report decided that:

* At Beechwood, staff were threatening and violent, physical abuse was commonplace and children were frightened. Sexualised behaviour by staff was tolerated or overlooked, allowing abusers to thrive. The home should have been shut before it finally closed in 2006.

* In foster care, there was too much willingness on the part of council staff to take the side of the foster carers and to disbelieve the child. Sexual abuse was compounded by poor decision-making in cases where children had revealed what had happened to them – some known perpetrators were allowed to remain as foster carers and then went on to abuse children again.

* Neither of the councils have a satisfactory approach to addressing the issue of harmful sexual behaviour between children in care.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse says there are still weaknesses

The report has made two recommendations around assessments of the potential risks posed by residential staff and foster carers, and the evaluation of practices concerning harmful sexual behaviour between children.

What does Melanie say happened to her in Beechwood?

Melanie said that she was raped in the basement of the Lindens unit at Beechwood in Mapperley, and was physically and sexually abused.

When she left, she overcame drug problems, started doing voluntary work.

In an interview broadcast in 2015, she described how she was a full-time mother for 24 years before she decided to speak out about what had happened at the children’s home.

In 2010 she went to the police to report what had happened to her at Beechwood and was one of the first people to do so.

She has spoken about one particular member of staff who she said had threatened to kill her ‘like the others’ if she spoke out over abuse. She said he told her that he had already murdered and buried two children in the grounds of Beechwood.

And she also said that, while she had never been abused by a politician, she was aware of;

Young boys from Beechwood being taken by minibus down to London to be abused by ‘the rich and elite’.

Could it be that Melanie’s alleged gift of having a photographic memory that enabled her to remember everything including number plates of cars meant that she was silenced and treated so badly by the authorities?

No charges have been brought against anyone who she alleged had assaulted her at Beechwood. And she has said she has a fear that she is going to be found dead.

Melanie is currently in Rampton, a high-security hospital unit.

This is what one of our DFLA followers has written, and we totally agree,

On this day 31st July 2019 the findings of an enquiry into sexual child abuse in Nottinghamshire care homes have been released to the public, 350 victims no less, one is too fucking many, gave evidence to the enquiry.
It is proven that this abuse has been allowed to go on unchecked since the 1960s FFS and still to this day the respective councils do not have a system in place whereby abused kids can report their abusers is out fucking ragious.
Melanie Shaw was the original whistleblower from Beechwood care home and she is currently a political prisoner, held without charge or trial she was then sectioned under the mental health act to two years imprisonment just so the Elite can bury her evidence  poor woman has had her life taken away because she has evidence of paedophiles in  Government, business personalities and Sportspeople, another travesty of justice. She is the only person in prison as far as I know because not one person has seen a courtroom to answer for their crimes against at least 350 known victims.
This Shit has to be rectified and fast, Melanie Shaw should at the very least be a free woman by the morning, but I won’t hold my breath  share and make the world aware of the depravity harming our kids and help to put a stop to this once and for All!”

Now, whilst we are always suspicious of the many conspiracy theories and what with the recent conviction of Carl beech who it’s ‘alleged’ depending on who you believe, made up the Westminster paedophile ring, this all really stinks, as many of those who have been abused in these care homes in Nottinghamshire have come forward and given evidence but why is it that Melanie has been silenced?

Melanie has been either convicted  or found to have carried out, offences on five different occasions since 2014 leading up to April 2, 2019 (Leeds Crown Court)

Where she was finally being sentenced for the arson charges, Melanie was given a section 37 hospital order, meaning that she will be sent to hospital for treatment, rather than to prison; and a section 41 restriction order.

Under the section 41 order, which has no fixed time limit, she can only be discharged with permission from the Secretary of State for Justice.

Why has she been silenced? Is it her accusations of children being driven down to London?

The mind boggles.

We welcome this report and the IICSA’s ongoing inquiry into historical cases even though Boris Johnson once famously said its just “spaffing” money up the wall in regards to spending millions of pounds on not actually convicting anybody but until this whole process is finished we won’t know if he’s contentious statement holds any water,

But I’m sure the victims don’t agree with him.