Coventry DFLA helping the community yet again.

👏🎄👏🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄 We have just delivered the second batch of toys, Books. Selection boxes and other gifts to the haggerd in Willenhall, we also handed in toiletries and clothes to the Willenhall food bank, they were very appreciated, the organisation that handed the gifts bags out for Christmas, said the children were very happy with there presents but their parents were even happier , now that’s what it is all about Merry Christmas , hope all you people that have donated, have a warm feeling ❤️, there should not be food banks or homeless, but I am afraid there is , it’s happening in your area. If you want to donate any toiletries and toys, feel free to get in touch , for all you good people that have donated already 👏👏 you have made a lot of families very very happy , for Christmas 🎅🎄