Video footage has emerged of anti-fascists  clad in their trademark black uniforms, shouting “up the RA” which is short for “up the IRA”, some with faces hidden behind masks and hoods drawn tight to conceal their identities, whether through shame of being what they are and a type of self-loathing or just that they don’t want mummy and daddy to see that they’re not at uni, we don’t really know?



Now we’re not saying they all have these views but why is no one reacting and pulling them up and condemning those doing it?

But this does not come as any real surprise to us, as it’s quite a regular theme in these far-left groups to be pro-IRA and to show allegiance for a terrorist organisation that ultimately killed 944 members of the British security forces, and more shockingly 644 civilians including one victim as young as 12 in Warrington, and 50 of those killed on the same streets of London the same streets that these terrorist sympathisers chanted those sickening words.

Are they endorsing the recent murder of journalist Lyra McKee?

Ms McKee, 29, was shot in the head while observing rioting in Londonderry’s Creggan estate, albeit the real IRA offered their sincere apologies to her family after admitting she was not an intended target.


Another so-called anti-fascist group called FLAF (Football lads against fascism 🙄) are riddled with IRA supporters as well, one post on their facebook page was a feeble attempt to condemn the letter bombs that were sent to various locations by the real IRA, but was met with more support for the IRA than the angered outrage it should have got, and the post was eventually taken down.


Even one of FLAF’S founders liked a post that was shockingly allowed to be put on their Facebook page talking about “one of OUR hunger strikers”

We then have Union man and FLAFist Steve Headley who doesn’t even hide his admiration for terrorists;

More evidence of the love-in the far-left have with the IRA is no more clear than that of Jeremy Corbyn and his sidekick and enforcer John Mcdonnell’s relationship or should we say friendship?

Mcdonnel, seen pictured here with convicted IRA terrorist Gerry Kelly receiving a hunger strike plaque, that is believed to still take pride of place in his office;

But Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party and god forbid could be our future prime minister, is the biggest culprit of all, what is it with this man?

Why does he always appear or turn up where terrorists speak and share a platform or lay wreaths at some bizarre places, calls Hamas and Hezbollah his friends, attended funerals and even a wedding of convicted IRA men, albeit the latter was released after being wrongly convicted?

One telling link was when Jeremy Corbyn came to the attention of police after becoming involved with Red Action, an ultra-left group that expressed its “unconditional and uncritical support” for IRA atrocities and included members of an IRA bombing team.

Patrick Hayes, a Red Action leader, and another member, Jan Taylor, were convicted of an IRA bombing campaign in England and sentenced to 30 years in jail. A third member, Liam Heffernan, was convicted of stealing explosives for another republican terrorist organisation, the INLA, and sentenced to 23 years.

Corbyn spoke at at least three Red Action meetings between 1985 and 1992 and the group sometimes met at his then constituency office, ex-members said.

It really does beggar belief, we get accused of being fascists because we stand up against Anti-fascist groups, and in fairness if someone independent saw a group condemning anti-fascists they would have the right to say we must be fascist but in reality we hate fascists as much as another sane person should do, but we despise so-called anti-fascists or groups like stand up to racism because they use the cause just for political gain and in antifas case even support terror groups like the IRA.

The DFLA is against all forms of extremism!

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