I understand that you are an MP and you will only ever want the best for your country and for your constituency. I believe this about you as you are as British as I am and would expect nothing less for you.

I am writing to you in regards your speech on the Andrew Marr show in which you stated quite strongly that ERG members had taken to calling themselves “grand wizards” – arguing: “KKK is what it evokes to me when I think of that phrase and the deep south.” You also compared them to Nazis and yet you said that this was not a strong enough comparison.

I think, in all reality, you have got your facts wrong. Are you aware of the reality not just of history but also the present?

If we were to run a comparison then the dial would clearly be pointing in the direction of the Labour Party.

According to the Sunday Times, there have been 863 cases of Anti-semitism in the Labour Party. What I know is that there were 146 members who had received the first warning over their conduct. A further 220 were claimed not to have evidence enough to constitute a breach of party rules. 307 who suspended or pending an investigation and 44 left the party.

The startling fact here that you seem to be blissfully unaware of is that antisemitism is racism.

Even the Premier League watched by 18 million a year has fewer claims of racist slurs than the Labour Party. 540,000 members and 863 cases of racism. The Premier League 18 million fans, only 111 cases of racism. You do not have to be a mathematician to work out that these figures are shocking.

I find it incredulous that you are not up in arms tackling this issue within your own party, rather than throwing mud around claiming others are Nazis.

Your ignorance of the activities of your own party and stunning in the extreme.

I remember your very own leader, Jeremy Corbyn being openly praised by a Grand Wizard in the KKK. David Duke, a member of the KKK stated upon Corbyn’s election: “It’s a really good kind of evolutionary thing, isn’t it when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power and ultimately the Jewish establishment power in Britain and in the western world.”

So I would like to ask why it is you can complain so bitterly about the ERG yet you ignore praise from the KKK for your leader?

Whilst we are on the subject can you also explain why you detest Nazis so much and yet, Jeremy Corbyn donated money to a holocaust denier, but you remain silent?

Further to this, we have regular praise from a blog called the Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi page for Jeremy Corbyn.

So let us look at the reality here:
Your party had 863 claims of racism in one year.
Your leader gets praise from a Former Grand Wizard of the KKK.
Your leader gets praise from a Nazi daily blog called the Daily Stormer.
Your Leader attends meetings over a ten year period, presided over by a holocaust denier.
Your leader donates money to said, Holocaust Denier.
Your leader knowingly places a wreath on the shrine paying homage to the terrorists who killed and castrated their hostages.
He claims the IRA, Ham, s, and Hezbollah, an outlawed terrorist group are his friends.

Finally and rather Ironically I remember your comments during the election in 2015.
You claimed that if it came to it you would be able to deal with with the SNP.

The SNP, a party of National Socialists.

The SNP, who claim that Gaining independence from Scotland is what proud Scottish people want.

Yet both you and they claim that England wanting independence from the EU is racist?

Reality is knocking on the door of your fantasy political career.

Let me think, there was another party, based on Marxist ideals that called themselves National Socialists…………..