Recently the DFLA have had fun reading the work of Dr Raw Louise, a self proclaimed “History Expert” who was proven to be no such thing, especially not in the subject she chose to write on.
So the DFLA had to put her right on a few things. This we did with real historical facts. We had to fill in a few gaps in her history and tell the truth.

Today the DFLA were shocked to find that yet another “Historical Expert” had crawled out to pontificate to the general public. We sat up and paid attention, this one after all was a professor.


Apparently prof. Andrews is a professor of black studies in Birmingham. He justified the defacing of an RAF memorial by claiming that the statues were honouring war criminals.
He has further dug his own hole by claiming the industrial revolution could not have happened without slavery.


Firstly we must address the issue of the so called “War Criminals”
It is so easy to judge those in the past by the morals of today. The truly ignorant always claim the English were the first to bomb a civilian city in WW2. Of course, any historian knows that Warsaw, Rotterdam, Oslo etc were bombed long before the RAF were in action.
But really, on what level is it right to judge those in the past on today’s morals? Yes, we can have exceptions, but the bombing campaign?


There can be no doubt that the air campaign over Germany was not only one of the longest battles fought in World War 2 but also the largest.
People like to downplay the role of England in WW2 but let us look at facts:
England Fought longer against Germany in World War 2 than any other country alone and for a time on more fronts.
We were at war with Germany from 1939 to 1945.
Compared to Russia 1941-1945 and America 1941-1945.
We fought on several fronts, France, Britain, Africa, Italy The Atlantic Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, The Baltic Sea, The North Sea and returned to France in 1944.
We also fought against the Japanese 1939 to 1945. (America 1941-45)
The war in Africa deserves a special mention as we drew large amounts of men and material and one of Germany’s most able Generals, Erwin Rommel away from the Russian front. There is no doubt that if the German Afrika Korp were allowed to be sent to the Russian front in 1941 that Moscow would have been captured that year.
As it was German units came within 21 miles from the centre of Moscow.


“The humanising of war? You might as well talk about the humanizing of Hell!…… The essence of war is violence! Moderation in war is imbecility!..”
John Arbuthnot Fisher.

From the comfort of our armchairs today it is easy to judge those fighting for their lives in world war 2. You sip your coffee and frown as a man cowers in a shell hole as explosions rock and tear into the ground around him. You worry about your electricity bills as two men scramble in the mud, each trying to find an advantageous position from which they can plunge a bayonet into the body of their opponent.
The list is endless but from such a lofty perch Prof. Andrews judges those on the edge of extinction, those fighting for their lives.

But let us look in detail at the air campaign.

In world war 2 the RAF bombed Germany by night, The Americans by day. The German war machine was fighting on all fronts, nowhere more so than the Eastern front. Huge amounts of men and material were needed but there were none.
The German front line units were crying out for air support, air cover, but there was none. The front line troops called out for artillery support for more artillery, there was none. The infantry units were decimated and called out for more manpower, more men but there were never enough.
You know why?
Well, in order to fight the air war at home the Germans used 1,110,950 men 2,700 heavy flak gun batteries. 10,950 88mm Flak 18/36 and Flak 37 anti-aircraft guns. (deadly anti-tank guns used in the Tiger tanks) 4,200 105mm Flak 38/39 and 128mm Flak 40 guns.
1,612 light flak gun batteries, 30,463 20mm Flak 30/38 and 37mm Flak 43 guns.

Imagine if those forces were available to be used on the Eastern front? Russia would have lost.


We shall look in detail at what was achieved in the bombing campaign:
The Germans lost 57,500 aircraft. 15,400 of these lost in combat and around 18,500 aircraft through bombing. 8000 aircraft were damaged beyond repair and cannibalised.
Also, 97 submarines destroyed (submarines that sunk passenger liners food and troop ships.) 7,400 plus 88mm artillery guns destroyed. In excess of 22,500 motor vehicles destroyed. Between 600–800 tanks destroyed.
We also need to take into account that about 390 locomotives were destroyed and 4,200 passenger wagons (used as troop transports)
and 6,800 goods wagons (used to transport munitions etc…) were also destroyed.

There were 500,000 civilians killed.

Now, you tell me that RAF Bomber command was evil?

As you will no doubt be able to see, 800 tanks, a million men, 57,500 aircraft, over 100,000 artillery pieces? Imagine if that was available to go to the Eastern front, or to meet the allies at Normandy?

Think about it.

So we now have the evidence factually, we now have the grounds morally to really see Prof. Andrews for what he is, an illogical man, not befitting the title or doctorate he has been awarded. We can also claim that he does not know the subject he talks on. His empty words and posturing are without fact, without wisdom. Let the Professor talk from his mighty ocean of reckoning, rather than his shallow pool of knowledge.

I wonder what Herbert Capstick and Aubrey “Sinbad” de Lisle Inniss would make of the professor and his words? 2 West Indian pilots in the RAF in WW2. Both aces, both men fought against the Nazis. Wonder how they feel being called evil?

In total 21,900 RAF Bomber Command aircraft were lost and 79,457 RAF Bomber Command personnel also lost their lives.

These brave men deserve a memorial. They inflicted huge losses on the enemy and shortened the war by at least 2 years.
It seems to me that Kehinde Andrew (sorry mate, you lost the right to be called Dr or professor the moment you opened your mouth) is upset the Nazis lost. You judge.

Lest we forget the thousands of Black and Commonwealth troops who have fought and died for our great Nation.

Or are they evil too?


Kehinde Andrew has also stated “When schools really want to deal with black history, they can integrate it into their doctrine.
For example, instead of learning the industrial revolution as a triumph of British technology alone, teachers must link it to slavery and colonization of Africa, which was essential for British history”.

Well yes Kehinde, agree to an extent, but are you sure you want the truth of “Black History” to be told, or just your race hating and prejudiced version of black history to be told?

Make your mind up Kehinde, for as it is written, “The truth shall set you free”
Kehinde needs to emancipate his mind from the prejudice in his mind in order to be free.

Let us be truthful on this, nobody reading this article chose the colour of his skin, nor the country in which they were born. None of our parents or Grandparents owned slaves, neither did our great-grandparents.

So why should we feel guilt or shame at slavery?


My mother was a slave. Thrown into a convent at the age of 6 she worked under brutal conditions until 16 and was then dumped on the street.
She was not paid, she was beaten, she was abused. Paid nothing and fed badly. Her two brothers were also taken. One sent to Australia to work on farms, the other kept in Ireland, abused by paedophile priests.
Unlike you Kehinde I knew slaves, I know and have experienced the problems it causes at first-hand level. You, what have you apart from some romanticised ideal in your head?
So let us talk slavery.


If we were to look at the history of slavery in Africa, as this is all you are worried about, we have to acknowledge that Slavery existed in Africa before writing was invented. In fact, there were many forms of slavery, from military to criminal, from debt to hareem slavery. All existed in Africa before European, or Arab explorers first arrived. Indeed before the Atlantic slave trade, there was the Arab, then Greek, then roman, then Muslim slave trades. In fact, right up to this day, some slaves are used in ritual sacrifice. Funny Kehinde, should we teach this in schools? This was also carried out in England in 2002:


That surely is part of the history you want to teach?
After all, it is slavery, the truth of what you want revealed.

Europeans did not simply turn up in Africa and enslave people, the people bought were already slaves, and brought from Arab or African slavers. Whilst some slaves were taken from East or Southern Africa, the vast majority were taken from Northern, or Arab owned Africa from Muslim slavers.


The part England played in the slave trade is not as evil as many proclaim or like to believe.
In fact, England was one of the pioneering countries that set out to abolish the slave trade.

I guess that Kehinde would know about Ignatius Sancho, in the 1700’s Ignatius was a British composer and writer. In fact, he was a champion for the abolition of slavery. Remarkably he was also the first black person of African origin to vote in an English election. Wait, black men were allowed to vote before white women???
In fact about England Ignatius claimed: “I love for its freedom and for the many blessings I enjoy in it – shall ever have my warmest wishes, prayers, and blessings”

In fact before Ignatius, in 1706 there was the judgment of Lord Chief Justice Sir John Holt in the case of Smith v. Brown and Cooper that said that ‘as soon as a negro comes into England, he becomes free.’

So whilst the slave trade was a horrid affair England was at least actively addressing the issue and breaking ground in doing so.
In 1807 the slave trade was abolished and the English stopped the trade in African slaves in 1811.
There then followed the war with America in 1812, where English troops invaded America and apart from capturing the White House and burning it down, also set 4 to 5000 slaves free. The English Navy would also board American ships and set the slaves free. Many chose to serve in the Royal Navy and served with distinction at the battle of Trafalgar.

In fact, we know that Black people have lived in England since 125AD. They have lived here and come over with the vikings. So they are certainly part of English history. We have Olaudah Equiano (1779) We have William Cuffley (1788) who spoke out for the English working class, in 1807 we have Ira Aldridge, still considered one of the best ever Shakespearean actors to this day, we also have my favourite, Mary Seacole, braver than Florence Nightingale by far. She would visit English troops in the front line during the Crimean war and would feed soldiers and tend wounds. She would often get caught up in artillery barrages and infantry clashes but would never abandon the English troops. In fact, the soldiers loved her and called her “Mother”.
Long after the war, the Army would raise funds for her to live on.
We have Fanny Eaton, John Eadonstone to name them all would be an endless task but they all came to England before 1807 to live and work, to enjoy freedom not found elsewhere.
Do you teach these facts at all Kehinde?
Have you got anything good to say about the good black people have done in English history?
From Ignatius Sancho to Desmond Dekker, From Mary Seacole to Claudette Colvin, so many vital and important people in black history, yet all you want to do is talk in negative, slavery this, racist that.

This is all you have?


For us in the DFLA we have had black heroes from our school days, For me, Fash the Bash (John Fashanu) Trevor Lee, Phil Walker, Tony Witter, ask any others and they will name black players all day long.
We remember our days as Skinheads, Ska, “Skinhead Moonstomp” “Skinhead a bash dem”.
Incidentally, Kehinde, are you aware that the first time Reggae is mentioned in the song it is mentioned alongside skinheads and London?
The pioneers “Reggae Fever”
If not, some historian you are.


Black people and White people do not need your anger and prejudice. We do not need you giving us your prejudiced views.
We need to be taught the truth, we need to be given facts, not your lies and hatred. We do not need you setting us against each other with your racist speeches.

We know our history, our immediate history.

Without you on one side and the left on the other, we will get on fine.