Abjol Miah antisemitic election candidate.

This man should be nowhere near our political system, but I guess he would fit in nicely with all the other wrong’uns!

Mr Miah is the second Shadwell by-election candidate to apologize for liking and sharing offensive content on social media.

Labour candidate Asik Rahman liked the pages of Dr Zakir Naik – who was barred from the UK in 2010 for praising Osama Bin Laden and saying “all Muslims should be terrorists” – on his Facebook account. Mr Rahman also followed and shared posts by Mufti Ismail Menk, who has called gay people “worse than animals”.

Last week he unliked both sites and said he was “wholeheartedly sorry for liking these individuals’ pages”.

Mr Miah has stood for four different political parties in the borough. He first served as a councillor in 2006 for George Galloway’s Respect party and was later a member of disgraced former mayor Lutfur Rahman’s administration before standing as a People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlet’s candidate last year.

The now Lib Dem candidate also featured in a 2010 Dispatchers documentary where it was claimed he was a leading figure in the Islamic Forum of Europe – an organisation which has been linked to extremism.