Kane Walker was just 31 when he was found dead on the streets of Birmingham near the place he usually slept. He was believed to have been physically I’ll for 3 years and suffered emotional and mental problems due to his circumstances.
Myself and others that volunteer for Outreach Angels, a non-profit organisation in Birmingham, had the privilege to speak to him when helping the homeless in the city centre on a Tuesday evening. I say privilege because that’s exactly how everyone’s experience of this young man was.
 Although upsetting to see him when despair took over at times, he was always very kind and polite and grateful for whatever could be provided for him be it clothes, hot food, snacks, bedding, or simply someone to talk to. The death is made even more tragic because he had refused permanent help including the days building up to his death.
We are unsure of the reasons why but this is just another example of what happens when a situation is left to get out of control. Although authorities are slowly but surely beginning to address the problem, there is much more to be done and this is where you can play your part. Just a few hours a week of your time by volunteering to help those affected by homelessness can and will save lives.
Kane will be sadly missed by those that volunteer for Outreach Angels and his fellow homeless brothers and sisters whom he had many friends with.
Rest in peace friend.