Monday 25th February 2019, the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 inquest is due to commence.

The actual time of when it is due to begin has not yet been confirmed, however, the families usually meet in St Phillips Cathedral near to our Memorial there (Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QB). We would suggest that you could all meet there approximately 9am on 25th Feb.

The case will be heard in the Family Courts on Bull Street in Birmingham. As long as you can get to St Phillips (Birmingham Cathedral) everyone else will know how to get to the court as it’s literally 3 minutes’ walk away. You will need to get into the court house by no later than 9:40 as there is always a queue to get in for security reasons. So you may wish to meet a little earlier that 9am? We still don’t know what time the inquest is due to start but, once we know, we will put it on FB. The inquest will be heard in Court 6 (I think) on the 6th floor. There will be a separate room available for the press to sit and watch on a live feed, where there will be extra seats available for many of you who may wish to come and listen. However, the first day the only thing happening is the jury selection. Tuesday & Wednesday may be more interesting (& very moving) as we will be reading out our own personal Pen Portraits of our loved ones, which will be very emotional for all of the families. There will be media present from all over the country and beyond, so we would ask nicely that no matter what happens, can everyone please behave with respect on the day, to show the world, in particular, the British Establishment that whilst they have no interest in the murder of their own citizens, the GREAT BRITISH folk DO CARE and will be there standing shoulder to shoulder with us to illustrate JUST THAT! We will not reduce ourselves to their level. Let them see how WE as citizens of this GREAT country of ours, know how to behave when remembering our dead. To all of you who are intending to take time out of your own busy lives and take time off work to be with us on this momentous day, please know that you completely render us speechless by your magnanimity and generosity of spirit.


We are truly blessed xxx